Hiroshi Yagisawa

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Hiroshi Yagisawa

Hiroshi Yagisawa Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 八木沢 浩
(Yagisawa Hiroshi)
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Manami Yagisawa (wife)
Coeur (pet)
Occupation: unknown
First appearance: Anime: Episode 434
Appearances: Episodes: 2
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Tomohiro Tsuboi

Hiroshi Yagisawa (八木沢 浩 Yagisawa Hiroshi?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


[edit] Background

Hiroshi Yagisawa is Coeur's owner. He is a young man from Beika City, Tokyo, who lives in a two-story house with his wife Manami in a residential district. He is an avid animal lover in particular with dogs. He trains his own dog Coeur many times per week and take care of her. He likes to take walks in the district and brings her when he goes shopping. His work gives him enough money for him and his family's needs. He also likes to go to the park with Coeur, so she can meet knew dog friends.

[edit] Personality

Hiroshi is a pretty cool guy who likes to chill in the park with his dog and doesn't have problems with anyone. He answers correctly and even adding some proofs to back-up his stories. He talks politely to Conan and his friends and likes to make them happy by showing them his dog and accompanying them in their investigation.

[edit] Appellations

[edit] Plot overview

[edit] The Great Dog Coeur's Triumph (Anime: 434)

Conan and Ran arrive in a dog park, where they befriend two couples who own a dog, including Hiroshi and Manami. A murder occurs the night after and involves one of the two couples' dog, but Conan's skills and Coeur's flair prevent the dog of being injected a lethal dose and another person is arrested. In the aftermath, everyone's happy.

[edit] The Great Dog Coeur's Triumph 2 (Anime: 664)

As Yagisawa and Coeur take a walk by Beika Metro Station after going to the store, Coeur finds a dead man that fell in the stairs. The next day, the Detective Boys are trying to find the culprit and stumble upon him and his dog and quickly become friends with him. With their determination, they solve the case and bring some snacks to Coeur in honor of her intelligence in solving the case.

[edit] Relationships analysis

Hiroshi Yagisawa with his wife and dog.

[edit] Manami Yagisawa

Manami Yagisawa, age 30, is his wife.

[edit] Coeur

[edit] Conan Edogawa

[edit] Eisuke Tsutsumi

[edit] Misato Tsutsumi

[edit] Tsuyoshi Udayama

[edit] Different looks

Hiroshi Yagisawa's "Before" Appearance (episode 434).
Hiroshi Yagisawa's "After" Appearance (episode 664).

[edit] See also

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