Drama Episode 1

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Drama Episode 1


Title: File. 1
Broadcast rating: 5.7%
Original airdate: July 7, 2011
Characters: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Miwako Sato
Wataru Takagi
Suspects: Burglar
Yuuhei Tsubouchi
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Director: Shi Shirakawa
Screenplay: Takehiko Hata
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The High School Detective Before Becoming Conan, Uncovering the Murder Affair Mystery! (コナンになる前の高校生探偵が、不倫殺人の謎を暴く! Konan ni Naru Mae no Kōkōsei Tantei ga, Furin Satsujin no Nazo o Abaku!?)

Characters introduced

Episode Prologue: The First White Room



Cameraman Yuuhei Tsubouchi and model Momoko Aida are making out when Momoko suddenly breaks away and tells Tsubouchi they need to stop. Momoko explains she feels guilty for betraying her older sister who is Tsubouchi's wife. Tsubouchi, convinced that Momoko is leaving him for another man, grabs two plastic grocery bags to cover his hands and strangles her.



Location: Beika City Court apartments
Victim: Momoko Aida
Cause of death: Strangulation
Suspects: Yuuhei Tsubouchi
Momoko was strangled to death in her apartment.

Frantic to cover up his deeds, Tsubouchi throws the room into disarray to make it look like a burglary. Tsubouchi's cell phone rings and Kishi explains that he'll be arriving at Momoko's apartment soon. Tsubouchi then leaves Momoko's to meet up with his partner and disguise the fact he was there earlier. The men go to Momoko's to get her for a photo shoot and to Kishi's surprise the door is unlocked. As Kishi opens the door there is a flash of light and he yells.

Meanwhile, Ran has just finished getting decals on her nails at a nail salon and shows them off to a complaining Shinichi who had accompanied her. On their way out, they hear a man shout and run towards the sound. They find Tsubouchi and Kishi on the ground outside of Momoko's apartment holding their heads in pain. Tsubouchi explains that a robber did this to them and ran off. Shinichi runs into Momoko's apartment only to find her dead on the floor and the room in shambles. It's up to Shinichi along with Sato and Takagi to figure out the truth behind the incident.


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: The Second White Room


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