Drama Episode 9

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Drama Episode 9


Title: File. 9
Broadcast rating: 5.9%
Original airdate: September 1, 2011
Characters: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Miwako Sato
Suspects: Kazuo Fujimaru
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Heiji Hattori
Director: Masato Ibe
Screenplay: Yoshikazu Sugiyama
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Heiji Hattori and the Locked Room Unseen Weapon Murder Mystery! The East-West Detective Reasoning Battle (服部平次と密室殺人見えない凶器のナゾ! 東西探偵推理バトル Hattori Heiji to Misshitsu Satsujin Mienai Kyōki no Nazo! Tōzai Tantei Suiri Batoru?)

Characters introduced


Episode Prologue: The Eighth White Room



Shinichi is juggling a soccer ball with his feet when Ran comes up behind him and asks if he's really just going to go home from school. She's surprised because the high-school detective from Osaka is going to be visiting and she thinks Shinichi would be interested in meeting him, but Shinichi declines.

At the same time, two high school students, a boy and a girl, are walking around looking for the bus stop to take them to Teitan High School. The high-school detective, Heiji Hattori, is saying how he doesn't feel like meeting Shinichi either to his best friend, Kazuha Toyama. Kazuha points out that Heiji is actually probably worried about meeting Shinichi and that recently the saying "East is Kudo, West is Hattori" has been floating around. Heiji, annoyed, tells Kazuha to say "West is Hattori, East is Kudo" instead. Kazuha remarks that Heiji really is worried and rubs some of Shinichi's popularity in Heiji's face. Heiji comments how he's going to be raising the tension in Tokyo and Kazuha asks him if he has his lucky charm, commenting the one time he forgot it that he really got hurt.

At that moment, Heiji spots a man on a bicycle in a hoodie wearing a bandana over his face stealing the purse of a lady walking down the opposite street. Heiji hands Kazuha his kendo gear and runs after the thief. Shinichi and Ran continue to walk home from school when they're suddenly passed by the man on the bicycle and Heiji. Shinichi uses the soccer ball he's been carrying to kick the ball and knock the man on the bicycle off. The ball bounces so hard off of the man that it ends up bouncing into and breaking the window of a nearby house.

As Shinichi walks towards the house to apologize, he hears music, a dog barking, the sound of even more glass shattering, and a woman's scream. Shinichi tries to open the gate to the house but it's locked as Heiji notices him from a distance while keeping the thief from running off. Kazuha finally catches up to him and Heiji then puts her in charge of the thief and he runs off towards Shinichi. The thief tries to escape but Kazuha flips him using her aikido. Kazuha sees Ran waiting in the distance and yells at her to call the police.

Shinichi is about to jump over the gate of the house when Heiji stops him, telling Shinichi to leave this up to him, and starts to climb over the gate first. Yoshino Fujimaru, one of the owners of the house, arrives and asks the two boys what's going on. Shinichi starts to explain when Heiji interrupts him and tells Yoshino that they heard a scream coming from her house. Yoshino leads the two to the detached house in the back of the property, but the door is locked and she's unable to get in. Heiji is about to break down the door when Yoshino's composer husband, Kazuo, finally answers the door. He says nothing and seems to be in a state of shock. Yoshino runs past him into a room and is shocked by what she sees, backing away into some of the controls for the sound systems in the room.



Location: Fujimaru residence, detached house
Victim: Hideko Nakajima
Cause of death: Stabbed by glass in neck
Suspects: Kazuo Fujimaru
Hideko was found on the couch with a shard of glass protruding from her neck. Kazuo claims he doesn't know how it happened, so then who is responsible?


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: The Ninth White Room


    • Shinichi's made-up name for himself is "Toiru" according to his explanation of how to write the kanji for it, but when spoken it sounds like "Doyle".
    • Although Heiji has his signature cap, he doesn’t put it on or turn it around until after he has solved the case and is explaining his deduction.


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