Drama Episode 6

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Drama Episode 6


Title: File. 6
Broadcast rating: 4.8%
Original airdate: August 11, 2011
Characters: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Miwako Sato
Wataru Takagi
Suspects: Masato Mine
Kyoko Sakurai
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Director: Shi Shirakawa
Screenplay: Yoshikazu Sugiyama
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The Twenty Ladies' Magnificent Killing Kiss! The Killing Intent Hidden in the Murder Equation! (美女20人の華麗なる殺しのキス! 殺人方程式に隠された殺意! Bijo Nijū-nin no Kareinaru-goroshi no Kisu! Satsujin Hōteishiki ni Kakusareta Satsui!?)


Episode Prologue: The Sixth White Room



A few cast members of Cristiano cabaret club confront and fight with Kyoko Sakurai in the backroom about her getting too close to a regular guest of the club. Angry, Kumi Amagi confronts Kyoko as well and teases her about how she'll always be stuck as the #2 cast member. Kyoko then screams at Kumi saying she'll kill her and lunges at Kumi only to be stopped by the manager of the cabaret club. Kumi then proclaims to the rest of the cast members that no one will come between her and that particular guest, because he is her "trophy". Later on, Kumi is entertaining the guest, Masato Mine, and flirts with him. Kogoro is in the booth next to the two accompanied by Kyoko, clearly jealous of the attention Kumi is giving Mine.

Kyoko then flirts with Kogoro as Ran and Shinichi in disguise spy on them from across the way. Shinichi asks Ran why on Earth they bothered disguising to come into the cabaret club when it was already apparent Kogoro was quite the cheater to begin with. Ran explains that Eri had asked them to do this for her. Takagi appears and Shinichi apologizes for making him come with them since they wouldn't have been able to get into the club otherwise. Takagi begs the two not to get them involved in anything since he's worried what Sato would think if she saw him in a place like that. The hostess Kazuyo Andou joins their table as Takagi asks her about Mine, remembering that Mine used to be a variety show host. Kazuyo smiles while looking towards Mine and agrees that's he's become quite popular.

The manager of the cabaret club suddenly comes out revealing it's "Game Time". The game for the day is the "Kiss-Kiss Derby" in which the competitors, Kogoro and Mine, select between 1 and 3 of the 20 hostesses each round while collecting wine and kisses on the cheek in hopes that they'll select the final girl, Kumi, on the last move and receive a kiss on the lips from her. Mine and Kogoro begin playing the game and it becomes apparent that Kogoro is really enjoying the kisses much to Ran's dismay. Takagi mentions he feels a little envious of Kogoro and Shinichi agrees, causing an irritated Ran to elbow the two in the stomach. When Mine reaches the 16th girl, Kyoko, he only chooses her. Kyoko, much to everyone's surprise, kisses Mine full on the lips to irritate Kumi. As Kogoro prepares to take his turn, he suddenly realizes that he's lost the game, no matter how many girls he chooses. Kogoro as the loser drinks the large amount of wine he's gathered while Mine gives his glass to Kumi. Kumi drinks the wine and prepares to kiss Mine only to collapse to the floor dead from poison.



Location: Cristiano cabaret club
Victim: Kumi Amagi
Cause of death: Poison (components of wolfsbane)
Suspects: Masato Mine and Kyoko Sakurai
Upon Mine winning the game, Kumi drank the decanter of wine and collapsed to the floor as she was about to kiss Mine. How did someone ensure Kumi would be poisoned in the game of chance?


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: Trapped in the Sixth White Room


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