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Opening 24


Original title: Mysterious
Artist: Naifu
Episodes: 515~520
CD Info
Release date: November 19, 2008
CDs: 1
Tracks: 2
Original Cost: 1,050円
CD Number: GZCA-7129
Record Label: GIZA studio
Oricon chart peak: #36
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Mysterious is a single by Naifu that was released on November 19, 2008. The titular song is the 24th opening of the anime.

Detective Conan opening info



Case references (Detective Conan)

Conan's opening speech



("The curtain rises on a mysterious new era, the Monday 7:00 reasoning show.")

Catalan (Catalonia)

"S'obre el taló de l'era dels misteris. No us perdeu l'espectacle de les deduccions!"

("The curtain of the mysterious era rises. Don't miss the deduction show!")

Indonesian (subtitled version)

"Permulaan era misterius.Pertunjukan detektif, Senin, pukul 7.00 pm."

("The start of the age of mystery. The detective show on Monday at 7.")

Indonesian (NET version)

"Awal Mula Sebuah Misteri" ("The beginning of a mystery.")


Episode 515

"Khúc dạo đầu mở ra một kỉ nguyên bí ẩn mới. Màn trình diễn vào 7 giờ tối thứ Hai."

("The prelude ushers in a new era of mystery. Performance on Monday at 7pm.")

Episode 516

"Bức màn bí ẩn được vén lên vào lúc 7 giờ thứ Hai."

("The curtain of mystery was lifted at 7 a.m. Monday.")

Episode 517

"Bức màn vén lên một kỉ nguyên mới bí ẩn. Chương trình suy luận lúc 7 giờ thứ Hai."

("The curtain rises on a mysterious new era. The deduction show on Monday 7:00.")

Episode 518 - Episode 520

"Bức màn của kỉ nguyên bí ẩn sắp được hé mở. Suy luận lúc 7 giờ thứ Hai là gì?"

("The curtain of the era of mystery is about to be revealed. What is the deduction at 7 o'clock on Monday?")


Episode 515 - Episode 517

"เรื่องลึกลับคือการเปิดม่านสู่ยุคใหม่ ในคํ่าคืนนี้คือเวลาแสดงการไขคดี"

("The mystery is to open the curtain on a new era. Tonight is the time for the case-solving show.")

Episode 518 - Episode 520

"เรื่องลึกลับคือการเปิดฉากสู่ยุคใหม่ ในคํ่าคืนนี้คือเวลาแสดงการไขคดี"

("The mystery is the opening of a new era. Tonight is show time.")


  • Performer: Naifu
  • Lyrics: Naoki Kojin
  • Composer: Siyon Morishita
  • Arrangement: Siyon Morishita


Song Info

Chart placement

  • #36


Shinichi and Ran in the school play (Episode 190-191)
Kogoro, Eri, Sonoko, The Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, and the police
Shiho, Ai, Jodie, and Kir
Gin, Vodka, Vermouth, and Conan

CD info

CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Length
1 Mysterious Mysterious Mysterious 4:35
2 I'm still on my way I'm still on my way I'm still on my way 3:24





  • "Mysterious" is the 3rd shortest song in the anime Detective Conan lasting for six episodes, same as GO YOUR OWN WAY and Sadame. However, including DR, then it is processing for 8 episodes. Plus, dividing whole special episodes, it is used for 13 episodes.


  • Lyrics
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  2. English translation by Thaerin Philos on Lyrical Nonsense: Mysterious - Naifu | ナイフ - Lyrical Nonsense. Retrieved on August 4, 2015.

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