Drama Episode 2

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Drama Episode 2


Title: File. 2
Broadcast rating: 5.4%
Original airdate: July 14, 2011
Characters: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Suspects: Jiro Washimi
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Director: Shi Shirakawa
Screenplay: Takehiko Hata
Mami Oikawa
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The Live Broadcast Locked Room Murder! Expose the Secret of the Psychic's Curse (生放送で起きた密室殺人! 超能力者の呪われた秘密を暴け Namahōsō de Okita Misshitsu Satsujin! Chō Nōryoku-sha no Norowareta Himitsu o Abake?)


Episode Prologue: The Second White Room



Shinichi is a secondary guest on a live TV show called "The Showdown" hosted by Takayuki Harada and Asako Mizutani. The main guest is Jiro Washimi, a psychic who claims his abilities are not the result of magic and contain no secrets, tricks, or gimmicks. The show decides to pit Washimi's abilities against Shinichi's deductive reasoning to prove whether ESP exists or not. Washimi proceeds to demonstrate his abilities by bending a spoon's stem backwards. Shinichi, unimpressed, demonstrates himself by seeming to bend a spoon sideways with his mind before revealing that anybody can bend spoons with their fingers given time and practice. Washimi becomes frustrated and Harada eggs him on by suggesting if he really wants to prove his psychic abilities, he should try killing him.



Location: TV stage set
Victim: Takayuki Harada
Cause of death: Strangulation by psychic powers???
Suspects: Jiro Washimi
To all onlookers, it seems Washimi used his psychic powers on Harada to strangle him to death. Did he really die from psychic powers or is there more behind this murder?


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: The Third White Room



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