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A chart of relationships in Detective Conan, from the promotional website for Movie 10.

Relationships between characters, especially romantic ones, figure heavily into the plot of Detective Conan, more-so than the average shōnen manga. Many of the characters have some connection with a number of the other characters, sometimes in the past. Childhood sweethearts, childhood friends, and childhood connections are particularly common. Romance triangles and personalized conflict between mutual enemies are also frequently used plot devices. Fans often support certain character pairings whether or not there is canon evidence for mutual or one-sided attraction. For a list of existing articles about particular character relationships see Category:Relationships. Relationship info can also be found on individual character pages.

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Childhood sweethearts

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  1. ^ On page 239 of the official Conan Drill guidebook, there is a diagram of the relationships between various Black Organization members. Gin's feelings towards Shiho were listed as "abnormal attachment" (異常な執着) and her feelings for him were "hatred" (憎しみ). It also stated they may have had a love affair or relationship (恋愛関係?) and that perhaps Shiho and Vermouth were love rivals. (恋のライバル…?) Vermouth and Gin's love relationship arrow was labeled "sexual relations" (肉体関係) so if Gin was in a relationship with Shiho as well, Vermouth would have been love rivals with Shiho over Gin.