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Movie 21

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Title: The Crimson Love Letter
English Title: The Crimson Love Letter
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン から(くれない)恋歌(ラブレター)
(Meitantei Conan: Karakurenai no Raburetā)
Original airdate: April 15, 2017
English airdate: December 8, 2019 (CharaExpo USA)
November 19, 2020 (Digital)
December 29, 2020 (Blu-ray)
Broadcast rating when aired on television: 10.8% (aired on April 20, 2018)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Momiji Ooka
Kogoro Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Sonoko Suzuki
Makoto Kyogoku
Heizo Hattori
Shizuka Hattori
Ginshiro Toyama
Goro Otaki
Fumimaro Ayanokoji
Muga Iori
Koji Yatsukawa
Hideo Akagi
Ryusuke Higo
Kamen Yaiba
Hirofumi Kogure
Case solved by: Heiji Hattori
Conan Edogawa
Director: Kobun Shizuno
Chika Nagaoka (asst.)
Screenplay: Takahiro Okura
Storyboard: Kobun Shizuno
Iwao Teraoka (co-op)
Jiro Kanai (co-op)
Chika Nagaoka (co-op)
Takamitsu Kudo (co-op)
Technical Director: Kobun Shizuno
Yoshihiro Sugai
Atsushi Nigorikawa
Keisuke Shinohara
Animation director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Nobuyuki Iwai
Yoshiharu Shimizu
Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Hiroyuki Notake
Nariyuki Takahashi
Yuko Iwasa
Chiemi Hironaka
Kiyotaka Iida
Yumenosuke Tokuda
Kyoko Yoshimi (asst.)
Masako Miura (asst.)
Akiko Motoyoshi (asst.)
Ayu Imoto (asst.)
Tomoko Fukunaga (asst.)
Rie Nakajima (asst.)
Mina Otaka (asst.)
Kosei Takahashi (asst.)
Iwao Teraoka (action)
Jiro Kanai (action)
Yoshinobu Ando (action)
Yousuke Kabashima (action)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Design Works: Hiroshi Ogawa
Theme song: Togetsukyō ~Kimi Omou~
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "The Crimson Love Letter" Original Soundtrack
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The Crimson Love Letter (から(くれない)恋歌(ラブレター) Karakurenai no Raburetā?) is the 21st movie of the Detective Conan franchise. It was first released during Golden Week of 2017 on April 15th. Directed by Kobun Shizuno and written by Takahiro Okura, it was released following movie 20. It is the second movie focused on Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama, particularly on Kazuha. Its main theme is the Japanese card game of karuta. It is also the introduction of Momiji Ooka, a karuta champion from Kyoto and Heiji's self-declared future wife, and her butler Muga Iori. In Kyoto, the incubent karuta champion of the high-school Satsuki Cup Toshiya Yajima is killed in his mansion by a black figure. Later that day, Conan, Ran, Kogoro, the Detective Boys, Heiji, and Kazuha attend the filming of a karuta TV program in Osaka along with Kazuha's friend Mikiko Hiramoto. They meet the organizer of the Satsuki Cup Kensuke Achiwa. However, they are the target of a vicious bombing, which they narrowly survive. In these two crimes, the culprit left a mysterious karuta card, hinting to further crimes. At the same time, Satsuki Cup finalist Koji Sekine is seen in front of Yajima's body. Moreover, Togo Kaieda, Achiwa's secretary is moving in the shadows. Heiji and Conan are ready to solve the crime, but it takes more than brains to go against a very calculating serial killer.

Characters introduced





In his mansion of Higashiyama, Kyoto, Toshiya Yajima watches a recording of a karuta match played of Momiji Ooka against Sayoko Wachi, while also playing the game karuta himself. Amused, Yajima notices that Momiji has the same favorite cards as her master. Meanwhile, a black silhouette grabs a sword in the hallway of the mansion and opens the door to Yajima's room. Yajima notices this and turns to the door, recognizing the person and reacting in shock as he is attacked by the intruder. With two blows to the head, Yajima dies in a pool of his own blood and a pile of scattered cards.


Movie21 Case1.png

Location: Yajima Residence
Victim: Toshiya Yajima
Cause of death: Blunt trauma to the head
Suspects: Koji Sekine, Kensuke Achiwa, Togo Kaieda, and Shikao Nagoro
While Yajima is watching the match of Momiji Ooka, a mysterious man went to his room and killed him with a katana.

Introduction to the tournament

Mikiko playing against Momiji.

Meanwhile, Conan, Ran, Kogoro, Heiji, Kazuha, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta are visiting Osaka's Nichiuri TV station, where they are watching a rehearsal for a karuta program. Sonoko cannot assist, since she is bedridden with a cold. On the film set, Momiji Ooka is playing a game of karuta against Mikiko Hiramoto. Mikiko is Kazuha's and Heiji's classmate and a member of her school's karuta club. She also brought Kazuha into the club as a mock-member, as it was about to be disbanded due to a lack of members.

The group is at the studios because the famous detective Kogoro Mouri was invited for an interview with two important personalities of the Karuta world. The Detective Boys, accompanied by Ran, wait in a dressing room until Kogoro can start the interview, while Conan stays with him to watch over him. Kogoro, however, has little knowledge about his interviewees, which is why Conan, Heiji, Kazuha and Mikiko enlighten him. The first interlocutor is Kensuke Achiwa, the president of a real estate company and also the president of Satsuki-Kai (皐月会), a karuta group to which both Mikiko and Momiji belong, and which also hosts the Satsuki Cup, an annual karuta tournament. Achiwa is a very good karuta player, but prefers to act as a reader at tournaments. The Satsuki-Kai was founded twenty years ago by Achiwa's wife, Satsuki Achiwa. She was also the first president of the club before she died three years ago and her husband took over. An important companion of the two is his former secretary Togo Kaieda, who was also reportedly responsible for managing Achiwa's shady real estate business. He is known for wearing a large, conspicuous diamond-encrusted silver ring around his thumb. In addition, before each game of karuta by Satsuki, he washed the family's car, as an auspicious ritual. The second interviewee is Toshiya Yajima, the current champion of the Satsuki Cup and a member of the Satsuki-Kai.

The legendary cards.

Meanwhile, studio employees bring a deck of karuta cards to the studio. Mikiko explains that these cards are the treasure of the Satsuki-Kai, which are now kept in a museum and are only used in the finals of the Satsuki Cup. It is the dream of Mikiko and many karuta players to be able to play a final with these cards one day. The cards are to be introduced to the public as part of a TV special during the karuta broadcast, which will also feature a game of karuta played by Yajima and Momiji. While they are explaining the story behind the cards, President Achiwa arrives, and is greeted by Mikiko and Kogoro. Yajima, however, has still not appeared, which surprises Achiwa, since Yajima came up with the idea for the television program in the first place. Achiwa instructs his secretary to call Koji Sekine, another member of the Satsuki-Kai, and ask him to come here so that he can stand in for Yajima due to the latter's absence.

In Kyoto, said Koji Sekine is seen in from of Yajima's body and is holding the murder weapon in his hands. Hearing the ringing of his cell phone, he wipes his fingerprints off the sword in panic when he realizes with horror that Yajima is holding a karuta card in his hand.

Kazuha angry at Heiji for flirting with Momiji.

Kogoro and Achiwa leave to prepare for the interview. Conan, Heiji and Kazuha also leave the studio and meet up with Ran and the Detective Boys. Together, they are about to go buy some food when Heiji bumps into Momiji in a hallway of the station. Momiji tears up at the sight of Heiji and says that it must be fate that finally allowed her to meet her future husband again. This shocks the entire group, especially Kazuha, who blushes embarrassingly. Momiji snuggles up to Heiji's arm and practically invites him on a date when the assistant director calls her over, as they must finalize some details before the show begins.Momiji then says goodbye to Heiji and wants to meet him later. Blusing with a big smile, Heiji waves goodbye to Momiji before being cornered by an angry Kazuha. Kazuha wants to know how he knows this girl, but Heiji insists he has never seen her before. He then adds that Momiji is memorable for her beauty, unlike Kazuha, which angers her even more. Ran and the Detective Boys quickly say their goodbyes and head towards the station's gift store. While Kazuha continues to pester Heiji with questions, Conan looks up information about Momiji on his smartphone and shows Heiji and Kazuha his find. The Wakipedia articles states that Momiji is a gifted karuta player who has won the Satsuki High School Cup two times in a row and is already being talked about as a future "queen" of the game. Despite this, Heiji is not able to remember meeting her.

The bombing of Nichiuri TV

Meanwhile, the Osaka Police headquarters receives a bomb threat by e-mail, which Goro Otaki presents to his superiors Heizo Hattori and Ginshiro Toyama. The target is Nichiuri TV, and the mail also contained a picture of a karuta card. Even though it can be a false alert, Heizo is convinced that the threat is real and orders the evacuation of the broadcasting building.

As a result, a voice on the speakers announces that the station must be evacuated by order of the prefectural police. Conan and Heiji head to the studio to look for more information, while Kazuha makes her way to an emergency staircase on Heiji's instructions. In the hallway, however, they encounter Kogoro, who grabs Conan and carries him out of the building, but Heiji manages to get past Kogoro unnoticed. There, the staff, Achiwa and Mikiko just learn of the bomb threat. Achiwa says that they should all flee first to be on the safe side, despite the chance that the threat is just a fake. Everyone leaves the studio while Mikiko looks anxiously at the old karuta cards before Heiji grabs her by the arm and drags her out of the studio.


Movie21 Case2.png

Location: Nichiuri TV Station, Osaka
Victims: Heiji Hattori, Kazuha Toyama, Mikiko Hiramoto, and a security guard
Age: 17 years old (Mikiko Hiramoto)
Injury: Explosion
Suspects: Koji Sekine, Kensuke Achiwa, Togo Kaieda, and Shikao Nagoro
Bombs planted in the building exploded, making it engulfed in flames. A bombing threat was sent, of which content is about karuta.

Outside, Kogoro and Conan are meeting with Ran and the Detective Boys when some bombs explode inside the station. Conan immediately sneaks away again and gets his skateboard from Kogoro's rental car. Inside the building, Heiji and Mikiko meet Kazuha by the emergency stairs. Together they go down the stairs, but Mikiko turns back after a short while and goes back to the film set. Shocked, Heiji and Kazuha follow her. There, Mikiko puts the karuta cards back in their box and takes them with her, not wanting the cards to be destroyed in an explosion. A security guard notices the three teens and escorts them to the emergency exit, but when the ceiling collapses, Heiji and Kazuha are separated from Mikiko and the guard. Mikiko and the guard are able to leave the building, while Heiji and Kazuha can only escape to the roof of the building due to a fire in the staircase. As Mikiko leaves the building, she is observed through binoculars by a black silhouette among the onlookers, wearing Kaieda's thumb ring, who with a smile detonates a bomb that was placed in the TV studio in a gym bag next to the display of the karuta cards.

Conan ready to save Heiji and Kazuha.

Conan uses his telescopic lenses to locate the GPS on Heiji's cell phone and decides to rush to his aid with his skateboard. When he arrives on the roof of the building, he rappels Heiji and Kazuha down using his elastic suspenders and brings them to safety, but another explosion prevents him from rappelling himself. Conan tries to jump his skateboard into the nearby river, but he cannot pick up enough speed on the half-destroyed roof. The smoke almost causes Conan to faint, but when he thinks of Ran, he regains his strength and finds the solution. Using the suspenders as a rope substitute, he skateboards in circles inside the broadcasting station's satellite dish and picks up enough speed to jump over the flames, but it is not enough to reach the river. Heiji notices this and jumps from a tree onto Conan, giving them both enough momentum to land in the river.

In the hospital and second meeting with Momiji

At the ambulance, Conan and Heiji drenched in water meet up with the rest of the group. Otaki is also on the scene and gives Heiji some information, while Conan and the rest of the group go to the hospital to check on Mikiko, who has already been taken to the Naniwa Police Hospital (浪速警察病院) along with President Achiwa, who was hit in the head by a glass shard during the ordeal.

At the police hospital, Conan, Ran, Kazuha and the Detective Boys wait for Mikiko in a corridor outside examination rooms, along with Momiji and Achiwa's staff, who are waiting for the president, when the latter comes out of one of the rooms. Achiwa has only a minor injury overall, but he is very sad about the loss of the valuable karuta cards. However, Momiji informs him that Mikiko managed to save the cards, which is why Achiwa grabs her by the shoulders in complete surprise and frantically asks if this is really true. Momiji confirms it again and Achiwa's secretary tells the president that he can calm down now and not to worry anymore. At that moment, Mikiko comes out of an examination room with her arm in a sling. Achiwa thanks her, but Mikiko is devastated because she cannot participate in the upcoming Satsuki Cup with her injury. Achiwa's secretary reminds him that the police want to talk to him, so Achiwa wishes Mikiko a speedy recovery and leaves.

Kazuha tries to cheer her classmate up by saying that she can participate in the Satsuki Cup next year, but Mikiko explains that despite the fake members, without a good result at the Satsuki Cup, her school's karuta club will surely be disbanded soon. Other than Mikiko, Kazuha is the only truly talented player, which is why Mikiko quickly comes to the conclusion that Kazuha should participate in the Satsuki Cup instead. Kazuha isn't sure, especially since the tournament is already the day after tomorrow, but Mikiko is able to talk her into it. Momiji overhears the girls' conversation and makes fun of Kazuha, suggesting that they could switch to just poetry in the tournament so that Kazuha has a chance as well. Momiji also inquires how Kazuha feels about Heiji. Kazuha replies that she's known Heiji forever, but she Kazuha hesitates to say more. The Detective Boys then say, to Kazuha's horror, that Heiji is definitely her first love, which is totally obvious. Momiji proposes a bet to Kazuha: whichever of the two wins the Satsuki Cup gets to confess her love to Heiji. Mikiko and Ran advise Kazuha against it, but she accepts Momiji's bet.

Conan and Ran joke about Heiji marrying Momiji.

Momiji leaves because she has an appointment at the nail salon. In the process, she bumps into Kogoro and loses her wallet unnoticed. Shortly after, Conan notices the wallet and follows Momiji together with Ran to return it to her, but it is too late, since Iori opens the car door for Momiji and both leave the premises. Trying to find out Momiji's phone number or address, the two look into the wallet, first finding a photo of a man in a kimono and then a photo of a young Momiji and a young Heiji making a pinky promise to each other. Jokingly, Conan and Ran speculate that Heiji promised to marry Momiji at that time, before realizing that Heiji could have been actually naive enough to promise such a thing at that age. At that moment, Heiji arrives on his motorcycle. Ran and Conan decide not to say anything about the photo to Heiji and Kazuha; Conan secretly takes a picture with his cell phone of the man's picture in Momiji's purse. Ran goes back to the hospital, while Kogoro and Achiwa are just coming out when Achiwa receives a call from the Kyoto Prefectural Police: the body of Yajima has been found. Together with Achiwa, Conan, Heiji and Kogoro set off for Kyoto.

Discovery of Yajima's body

Once there, Conan and Heiji are initially denied access to the crime scene by an officer before being greeted by their long-time acquaintance Inspector Fumimaro Ayanokoji, who grants them access. The murder weapon was a sword used to beat Yajima to death, since it had rusted solid in its scabbard and could not be drawn. Conan and Heiji notice that Yajima has bloodstains in his hand, indicating that he was holding one of the numerous bloodstained karuta cards scattered on the floor when he died and it was then removed by the killer. Conan takes a picture of the hand and all the cards on the floor with his cell phone. After putting on gloves and asking the forensics officer on scene, Heiji straightens the fallen TV and turns it on. On it is a recording of the game between Momiji and Wachi. In the DVD player was a DVD labeled "15th to 20th finals of the Satsuki High School Cup." Noticing Achiwa's curiosity over why the two are there, Kogoro grabs Heiji and Conan and drags them out of the mansion.

Haibara investigates for Conan.

Outside, Koji Sekine arrives, who supposedly drank too much and did not notice that his smartphone batteries had run out, which was why he could not be reached. He learns about Yajima's murder and calls it a tragedy, especially since he had lost to Yajima three times in previous Satsuki Cups; he wanted to finally beat him the day after tomorrow. Achiwa mentions that he wants to cancel the Cup because of the death of the reigning champion, but Sekine strongly disagrees, saying that Yajima would not have wanted this and that otherwise he would have been knocked down for nothing. Ayanokoji asks Sekine for an official interrogation. Conan and Heiji are pretty sure that Sekine is Yajima's killer, but they want to gather more evidence first to prove him guilty of the bombing.

Conan calls Haibara and sends her the photos of the karuta cards, Yajima's hand, and the man from Momiji's purse, asking her to find out who the man is and which card Yajima was holding. Heiji and Conan fear that Achiwa and Momiji are also targeted by the culprit, which is why they split up: Heiji guards Momiji in Kyoto, while Conan guards Achiwa in Osaka, who is staying at Hotel New Otani Osaka (ホテルニューオータニ大阪) with Conan and the others. Meanwhile, after checking in, Ran, Kazuha and the Detective Boys go in their hotel room. Kazuha and Ran begin karuta training.

Heiji calls a certain someone.

After a while, they wonder where Heiji, Conan and Kogoro are, so Kazuha calls Heiji. She tells him that she is participating in the Satsuki Cup and asks him to help her train, since Heiji once spontaneously participated in a karuta tournament when he was young and won. Kazuha had also thought of that when she became a mock member of her school's karuta club. Heiji does not understand what's so special about it. The two argue and hang up in frustration. Heiji then calls someone and asks for a favor.

Kazuha's training

A little later, Kogoro and Conan are back at the hotel in Osaka. A tired Kogoro, who later assisted to the police briefing, falls on the tatami and sleeps. At the reception hall of the hotel, Conan spies on Achiwa and attaches a transmitter to him when he passes by with his secretary and bodyguards. Then, he notices Shizuka Hattori in the lobby, whom he takes to his room. Shizuka was once a karuta "queen," which is why she was asked by Heiji to help Kazuha train. Kazuha and Shizuka train all night.

Heiji and Ayanokoji guard Ooka Mansion.

That night, Heiji stands guard outside the Ooka family mansion, along with Ayanokoji, who was also concerned for her safety. From the estate, the butler Muga Iori comes to them, thanks them for their hard work and brings them tea on a food tray. Momiji watches Heiji with an affectionate look over a security camera.

When Conan and Ran wake up the next morning, Kazuha and Shizuka are still training, so Shizuka orders a break. Kazuha wants to continue, but immediately falls asleep the next moment because of she stayed up all night. Later in the day, Sekine, Achiwa and Momiji gather at the hotel as they have to make preparations for the Satsuki Cup at the tournament grounds today. Mikiko meets up with Shizuka and the well-rested Kazuha in the lobby and asks her how her training has been. Momiji overhears that a former "Queen" is helping Kazuha and challenges Kazuha to a friendly match, but Shizuka intervenes and offers herself as Momiji's opponent instead. Momiji accepts.

A car bombing in broad daylight

In another room in the hotel, Sekine is confronted by Heiji and the sleeping Kogoro, with Conan hidden behind the couch doing the voice of Kogoro. The detectives say Sekine is Yajima's killer because he has no alibi, a motive, and he gave himself away: knowing that Yajima was killed by a sword, Sekine said that Yajima was "knocked down" but not that Yajima was "stabbed" or "slain." That the murder weapon had rusted in its scabbard and therefore could not be drawn was known only to the perpetrator. Sekine is killed by staff for preparations and uses it as an excuse to leave, since Heiji and Conan have no solid evidence. Conan and Heiji plan to watch Sekine and wait for him to make a mistake under the pressure of the confrontation. They go outside to Heiji's motorcycle.

Sleeping Kogoro's deduction begins.

The tournament site is huge, so the police can only protect Momiji and Achiwa fully on the way there. That is why Heiji and Conan want to follow the police convoy. In addition, Conan has found some information about the venue of the final: the final will be held in the Satsuki Hall, which was built into a steep wall of a valley above a lake on the tournament grounds. Only the two finalists and the reader will enter the hall, which is accessible only by elevator. The hall is equipped with microphones and cameras that broadcast the final to the rest of the halls on the tournament grounds. In addition, the hall is equipped with noise barriers and air conditioning. A moment later, Conan receives an email from Haibara with information about the man from Momiji's wallet, whose name is Shikao Nagoro. At the same time, a black silhouette places a bomb under a car in the underground garage of the hotel.

Meanwhile, in Kazuha's room, the match between Momiji and Shizuka is over. Momiji also has to leave, but she tells Kazuha that she will win the bet and will not underestimate Kazuha, because she once underestimated a beginner in her life and suffered a painful defeat. She also talks about how Heiji is her bodyguard and he kept watch outside her house all night. Momiji says goodbye while Kazuha seethes with anger at Heiji and vows to beat Momiji at the tournament.


Movie21 Case3.png

Location: Road
Victims: Koji Sekine, Momiji Ooka, and Kensuke Achiwa
Age: 17 years old (Momiji Ooka)
Injury: Explosion, car crash
Suspects: Koji Sekine, Kensuke Achiwa, Togo Kaieda, and Shikao Nagoro
The culprit detonates the bomb under Sekine's car.

The police convoy with Achiwa, Sekine and Momiji leaves the hotel and Conan and Heiji follow the cars. The convoy is watched from a distance by a black silhouette with Kaieda's ring on his thumb, who detonates the bomb under Sekine's car.

Police briefing

In the evening, Conan, Heiji and Achiwa are at the Osaka Prefectural Police headquarters in a conference room with Otaki, Ginshiro and Heizo. Otaki reports that Sekine is alive, but his condition is critical. Momiji, on the other hand, is unharmed. The police officers suspect that members of the Satsuki Kai are being specifically targeted. Conan shows Achiwa the photo of Shikao Nagoro, whereupon Achiwa reveals more about the man.

The Osaka police in motion.

Nagoro was the president of the Nagoro-Kai (名頃会), an elite karuta club with only 20 members. Nagoro had a very aggressive style of play, which included always grabbing his six favorite cards. Of these favorite cards, none had ever been snatched away from him in a game during his career. Five years ago, Nagoro challenged Achiva's wife Satsuki to a karuta duel, the loser of which must disband his club. Since Nagoro had leaked the duel to the media, the public pressure was too great and Satsuki could not refuse. But Nagoro never showed up for the duel and he has been missing since this day. Without their president and due to the public reaction to Nagoro fleeing from a fight he himself had forced, the Nagoro-Kai collapsed. At that time, Toshiya Yajima had also vehemently pushed for the dissolution of the Nagoro-Kai. The members of the Nagoro-kai were allowed to join the Satsuki-kai, but only two members did so: Koji Sekine and Momiji Ooka, who was Nagoro's favorite student and strongest newcomer to the Nagoro-Kai at the time.

Otaki receives a call and is informed that Sekine had received an email before the explosion that had only a single karuta card attached as a file. Achiwa identifies this card as one of Nagoro's favorite cards. Panicked, Heiji calls Momiji, who also finds an email on her account with one of Nagoro's favorite cards. Heiji tells Momiji to come to police headquarters immediately for protection, but Momiji refuses because she has to prepare for the Satsuki Cup. Conan gets an email from Haibara who identified the card Yajima was holding, which is also one of Nagoro's favorite cards. The card in the threat of the bombing of Nichiuri TV was also one of the favorite cards.

Heizo, Ginshiro, Conan and Heiji suspect that the culprit behind it all is Nagoro, who has returned from exile after five years to take revenge on Momiji and Sekine, the traitors from his club, and on Yajima, who was pushing hardest to break up the Nagoro-Kai at the time. Conan and Heiji are sure that there will be two more victims, since Nagoro has never given up a single one of his favorite cards and still has two cards left. Heizo and Ginshiro order a massive security increase for the next day's Satsuki Cup.

Outside the headquarters, Heiji and Conan talk again with Achiwa, who seems to be hiding something. Achiwa takes them into his office, where he tells them what he did not want to tell the police. Five years ago, Nagoro was at the Achiwa mansion the day before the public duel and had played a private game with Satsuki using the valuable cards of the Satsuki-Kai. For this, instead of a reader, they used an audio recording from the Achiwas' house. When Achiwa returned home, he met Nagoro in the hallway, who left the house as white as a sheet; he had lost big. Achiwa suspects that Nagoro did not want to face such disgrace in a public game and that is why he disappeared. Achiwa did not want to tell this to the police because it would have become actual knowledge and might have become public knowledge; the disclosure of the use of the valuable cards for a private game would have caused an outcry among the members of the Satsuki-Kai. After leaving Achiwa, Conan thinks that it is strange that Achiwa's car was not washed for the day of the tournament, even though he always does before one.

Momiji's promise

Young Heiji promises to Momiji.

Meanwhile, Ran meets with Momiji and gives her wallet back. In it is Momiji's lucky charm, the photo of Nagoro. Ran also asks about the photo with her and Heiji, so Momiji tells her more about it. At the time, Heiji was the rookie that Momiji lost to in the tournament that Heiji spontaneously won. At that time, she was crying bitterly after the defeat, which is why Heiji had comforted her and told her that the next time they met, she would be his wife, which he had promised her firmly. This is what Momiji believed in all these years and it gave her strength. Ran asks if such a promise from children should really be taken seriously, but Momiji replies that a true man should stand by his words. Ran remembers Shinichi's confession of love in London and agrees with Momiji in response. Momiji asks Ran to tell Kazuha that there is no way Momiji will let a card she wants so badly be snatched away, quoting her master.

Heiji surprises Kazuha.

Later, while training with Kazuha, Ran cannot help but think of Heiji's promise, but she keeps Momiji's words and promise from Kazuha so as not to upset Kazuha. During a break in training, Kazuha stares at the floor and goes over her weaknesses in Karuta in her mind when Heiji suddenly kneels in front of her and addresses her, startling Kazuha. While Heiji asks her why Kazuha is scowling, Kazuha just asks why Heiji isn't with Momiji, since he is her bodyguard. Heiji explains that he wanted to help Kazuha train to take some of the pressure off his mother. Kazuha refuses his help and demands that he go back to Momiji's house so that nothing happens to her before Kazuha beats her in the tournament tomorrow. Confused, Heiji leaves again and tells his mother to take care of Kazuha. Both Heiji outside in the hotel hallway, and Kazuha in the room, stare sadly at the floor.

Momiji is back in her mansion, looking at the photo of Nagoro and asking her master to stand by her tomorrow as well. Achiwa is looking at a picture of Satsuki at his place and asks her to watch over him, while on his smartphone there is an email with another favorite card of Nagoro.

The tournament begins

The next day, the Satsuki Cup is in full swing. Ayanokoji and Otaki are responsible for security. Thanks to handprint scanners for the staff, no unauthorized person should gain access that way, but unnoticed by Conan, Heiji and Ayanokoji, Togo Kaieda enters the premises wearing a staff uniform and, according to the hand scanner, a valid staff authorization. Kaieda gains access to the security room and disables the guard. He enters a password into the computer and disables the fire protection system before destroying the computer.

The tournament takes place, and the Detective Boys, Conan, Ran, Mikiko and Shizuka are cheering on Kazuha. In the end Momiji and Kazuha are in the finals after making it out of 80 participants. They are taken by boat to Satsuki Hall by President Achiwa, who will also be the reader in the finals. The two girls have a friendly chat, yet both are determined to win and confess their love to Heiji.

At the hospital, Sekine finally regains consciousness.

The third bombing

Kaieda sneaks into a warehouse and places a bomb on a shelf, but its timer is set to two seconds when activated, blowing him up.

Bombing (with casualty)

Movie21 Case4.png

Location: Storage shack in the forest
Victim: Togo Kaieda
Cause of death: Explosion
Suspects: Koji Sekine, Kensuke Achiwa, Togo Kaieda, and Shikao Nagoro

Ayanokoji, Heiji and Conan follow the smoke from the explosion to the shed. At first they think Nagoro accidentally killed himself, but Conan notices Kaieda's distinctive ring stuck in a tree. Otaki informs Ayanokoji that Achiwa's secretary got the mail on her boss's cell phone with the fifth favorite card. Panicking, Heiji directs a check of Kazuha's smartphone and indeed got the sixth favorite card by mail when it was determined that she was in the finals. The culprit's final destination is clear: the Satsuki Hall, where the finals will be held. The police head there, followed by Heiji and Conan on Heiji's motorcycle.

Before the police can get into the elevator to the Satsuki Hall, a bomb explodes at its foot, starting a huge fire fueled by accelerants. However, the streets leading to Satsuki Hall are too old and narrow for the fire trucks of the fire department. Heiji and Conan circle the valley basin to reach the top of the escarpment via a mountain path.


  • Resolution


    Togetsukyō ~Kimi Omou~ (渡月橋 ~君 想ふ~ Togetsu Bridge ~Thinking About You~?), by Mai Kuraki.

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    • Aoyama cited the live action adaptations of Yuki Suetsugu's manga series Chihayafuru among his inspirations for making Hyakunin Isshu and karuta subjects of a Conan film. He noted the Kyoto based Karuta Queen, or national champion in the women's division, as depicted in Chihayafuru, as the model for characters in Crimson Love Letter.
    • The poem recited at the beginning of the official trailer is the 77th poem from the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, a classical Japanese poem anthology that is prominently featured in the movie.
    • The site of Achiwa Kaikan is inspired from Omi Shrine, in Ōtsu, Shiga Prefecture, and the real-life location of the national competitive karuta championships. It is also the location shown at the end of the movie during the credits.
    • Shinichi's email address in the movie is "".
    • The black figure who detonates the bombs with a remote control is seen wearing a ring, which directly indicates the culprit.
    • The movie has a running time of 112 minutes.
    • Muga Iori and Momiji Ooka's car is a Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman [X222] (Rubellite Red and Crystal White).
    • Koji Sekine's car is a white Toyota Corolla Axio [E140].
    • Togo Kaieda's car is a Nissan President [F50].
    • Kensuke Achiwa's car is a dark blue 1997 Toyota Century [GZG50]. The license plate is 浪速 300, む • 4 86 (Naniwa 300, Mu - 4 86).
    • The Osaka's Nichiuri TV station is modeled after the Yomiuri TV old headquarters, which was still being used during the movie production.
    • Yomiuri TV later moved to new building on September 1, 2019. The new building also become the model of the new Osaka's Nichiuri TV station in Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba.
    • This film is dedicated to Kazunari Kouchi, the real-life screenplay writer of Detective Conan, who died on July 18, 2016. A title card reads "In memory of Kazunari Kouchi" appears during the end credits of the film.
    • This movie was promoted with two special guest voice actors. Comedian and actor Daisuke Miyagawa plays Koji Sekine, while actress Riho Yoshioka voices Kazuha's friend, Mikiko Hiramoto.
    • Although Sayoko Wachi has no lines in the movie, in the manga version she explains the structure of the Satsuki Karuta Tournament.[2]
    • The nameplates of guest of the Satsuki-kai in the Osaka Nichiuri building include Kota Fukushima (福島 孝太), Yoshitomo Kashiwamura (柏村 美友), and Nozomi Urabe (浦辺 のぞみ).
    • The list of participants in the karuta tournament:

    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Arabic Arabic رسالة الحب القرمزية The Crimson Love Song
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan La carta d’amor escarlata The Scarlet Love Letter
    Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 唐红的恋歌
    The Crimson Love Song
    Flag of Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 唐紅的戀歌 The Crimson Love Song
    Flag of France French La lettre d'amour écarlate Crimson Love Letter
    Flag of Germany German Der purpurrote Liebesbrief The Crimson Love Letter
    Flag of South Korea Korean 진홍의 연가 The Crimson Love Song
    Flag of Spain Spanish La carta de amor escarlata The Scarlet Love Letter
    Flag of Thailand Thai ปริศนาเพลงกลอนซ่อนรัก Mystery of a Love Letter
    Hidden in the Poem
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Bản tình ca màu đỏ thẫm The Crimson Love Song


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    2. ^ アニメール Vol. 43 -劇場版名探偵コナン特集号-, March 4, 2017.


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