Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama

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Heiji and Kazuha

Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama serve as the beta couple for Detective Conan and a foil for Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri's relationship.


Relationship analysis[edit]

Heiji and Kazuha.

Heiji and Kazuha grew up together and are easily each other's best friend and mutual love interest. They have gone at the same school since they were in pre-school. Neither of them have been shown to have other close friendships outside of their relationships with Shinichi and Ran, though Heiji does have a rivalry with fellow kendo practitioner Okita. They often spend time together, and Kazuha typically comes along when Heiji visits the Mouri's or vice versa, and is usually getting caught up with Heiji in criminal investigations. Kazuha and Heiji both wear twin good-luck charms that Kazuha made with pieces of the handcuff chain that stuck them together temporarily as children.[1] Kazuha and Heiji have both shown jealousy when the other appears interested in someone else, even though they're not officially in a romantic relationship. Although, all their Jr. High School and High School classmates have commented that they're a couple. Their parents have known each other before they were even born. Making their families close.

Kazuha has demonstrated awareness of her love for Heiji, but has been either too shy or unfortunately interrupted any time she tries to tell him. Heiji, in contrast, is played off in the beginning to be oblivious to her romantic interest in him and has gotten confused many times whenever she tries to confess her love to him. This usually frustrates Kazuha and it leads to their "Old Married Couple" arguing that many people point out make them look like a real couple.

Heiji has been shown to be deadly protective of Kazuha and will put himself in harms way whenever she's in danger, such as when he got shot in the arm trying to protect her from being killed in Private Eye in the Distant Sea and when he refused to let her go when she stabbed him with her arrow when they were hanging off a side of a cliff.[2] At the conclusion of that same case, he made a silent promise that he would never let her get hurt while he was around.[2]

Heiji and Kazuha's fathers have worked together on the same police force for many years and are very close friends, it's actually because of their friendship that they even met in the first place. Mr. Toyama has even admitted, albeit teasingly, that he preferred it if his daughter married Heiji instead of some other punk.[3] Both families are very close to each other and because of that, that's how Heiji and Kazuha were handcuffed together in the first place after they were playing a game of cops and robbers.[1]

Even though Heiji has been played off as oblivious to Kazuha's failed advancements on him romantically, it's later revealed that he does feel the same way about her. Such as when he grabbed a guy by the neck and asked, "Whatcha Doin' to MY Kazuha?!" when he thought she was being taken away and kidnapped on Ebisu Bridge.[4] And how he admitted that "Something That Important" (Referencing his love for Kazuha) should be said in a more proper romantic setting than an old bridge. It is during this incident on Ebisu bridge that he finally realised his feelings for Kazuha.[5]

Heiji and Kazuha moments[edit]


Volume 19: Files 185-188 / Episode 118: The Naniwa Serial Murder Case[edit]

Kazuha accuses Ran of being the Kudo that Heiji is in love with.
  • Kazuha watches Ran so intently that Ran can sense it, then appears and threatens Ran that if she has any designs on Heiji, she'll have to compete with Kazuha and their childhood bond. After Ran watches Heiji and Kazuha interact, and Heiji explain that the "Kudo" he has been talking about is actually a guy, Ran asks if they are a couple. They both deny it, citing their fathers' connection, but Kazuha admits with a blush that she had been following Heiji and the Mouris for some time to make sure Heiji didn't "get carried away by some Tokyo girl."
  • When Heiji leaves to investigate the murder, Kazuha calls after him to be sure he has his lucky charm for protection. Heiji confirms that he does and tells her to not worry.
  • Kazuha reveals with a blush that she hid a piece of the handcuffs in the charm she gave to Heiji, though he may be unaware of it.
  • When Heiji is shot in the stomach and appears to be dying, Kazuha cries and embraces him, though this makes Heiji angry, because he merely wanted to sleep from being tired, not fatal blood loss.

Volume 21: File 211 & Volume 22: Files 212-214 / Episode 141-142: The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case[edit]

  • Kazuha accompanies Heiji to Tokyo to attend a wedding on behalf of his mother, and blushes when she claims coming along was only a favor to Heiji's mother.
  • Kazuha treats Ran coldly, to Ran's confusion, until Kazuha reveals she is annoyed that Ran and Heiji are wearing matching shirts like they did before in Osaka, as if they had planned it as a couple.
  • At a temple for prayers, Heiji says Kazuha should ask for nice legs, causing Kazuha to blush.
  • After the case concludes, Ran pushes Kazuha to wear the same sort of shirt as Heiji. When Heiji notices, Kazuha blushes and says she'll change. Heiji says he doesn't mind, because it makes them look like siblings. Kazuha looks nonplussed by the unromantic comparison.

Volume 23: File 230 / Episode 174: The Symphony Serial Murder Case[edit]

  • Heiji looks at the charm Kazuha secretly slipped into his things, wondering if it's what protected him. Ran realizes where he got it, causing him to blush and say he should have thrown it away already, although instead he tucks it safely away to keep.

Volume 25: Files 246-250 / Episodes 166-168: Tottori Spider Mansion Demon[edit]

  • When Heiji suggests that he and Kazuha might have to cuddle with each other so they won't get a cold while camping outdoors, Kazuha blushes and imagines a sleeping Heiji putting his arm around Kazuha inside the tent.
  • Heiji frantically calls Kazuha's name and immediately calms down when he sees her. When Yuzo Takeda states how after both Conan and Heiji learned that the place the girls were going was cursed and dashed out, Kazuha, blushes and smiles,then asks if he was worried. Blushing, Heiji denies that's not the case.
  • Heiji gets a horrified expression when he sees Kazuha tangled in wires; he proceeds to repeatedly shout her name, asking her to wake up. And when Kazuha does wake up, Heiji has a content look on his face.
  • When confronting the Liuji family on Kazuha being attacked by the murderer, Heiji mockingly states that after Kazuha wakes up, she'll reveal who attempted to kill her. The classic "red, angry" mark can be seen on his head, meaning how furious Heiji is of who tried to hurt Kazuha.
  • Kazuha blushes and twitches her eyes when Heiji tells her to "take off her clothes" (it had to do with the case). He even tries to take off her shirt, himself. Earning him a well deserved slap in the face.

Volume 28: File 279-283 / Episodes 222-224: And Then There Were No Mermaids[edit]

  • Kazuha says she has thought about staying forever young and beautiful. When Ran asks if she wants to because of liking Heiji, Kazuha blushes and tells Ran to not talk so loud.
  • After the murder occurs, Kazuha happily tells Ran that the criminal will be found soon because Heiji flipped his cap from back to front, signifying his becoming serious. She adds with a blush that Ran shouldn't fall in love with him, because Kazuha can't compete with Ran, causing Ran to hug Kazuha and call her cute.
  • After the second murder, Heiji tells Kazuha not to wander off, causing her to blush. She takes him at his word and follows as he investigates, as well as offering to protect him with her blessed arrow. Heiji doesn't think much of it, but Kazuha privately affirms that she means it seriously.
  • In pursuit of a memorial stone, Heiji runs nearly off a cliff, saved only by Kazuha swinging him around to trade places. As a result, she falls, and Heiji dives after her, catching onto a tree in the cliff face with one hand and her with the other. Kazuha believes the branch Heiji is holding will break if he tries to pull her up, and stabs the hand holding her wrist with the mermaid arrow to transfer her "long life" to Heiji. To her surprise, Heiji still doesn't let go and gets them both to safety despite the injury.
Even if I die, I won't let you go.

— Heiji refusing to drop Kazuha.

  • After Kazuha expresses her relief that Heiji's hand has apparently already healed overnight, Heiji thinks to himself that he won't let her be hurt (even, apparently, with only feelings of guilt). He showed her and Ran the wrong hand, hiding the bandaged one in his pocket.
Fool. You're too naive. I will never... never... let you be hurt.

— Heiji's secret promise to Kazuha.

Volume 29: Files 293-295 / Episodes 238-239: The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case[edit]

  • Kazuha overhears Heiji talking secretively on the phone with Shinichi, and assumes that he is "having an affair" with a mysterious woman. She attends the party with Heiji, suspicious that the "woman" asked Heiji to come.
  • When the murder occurs, Heiji tells Kazuha to keep the suspects staying put, trusting that she'll do so.
  • Kazuha tells Ran not to worry about Conan helping Heiji investigate, and proudly adds that since Heiji's on the case, no one will get hurt.

Volume 31: Files 314-317 & Volume 32: Files 318-321 / Episode 263: The Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle[edit]

  • At the kendo tournament, Kazuha blushes as she tells Shizuka that Heiji has gotten very strong as a kendo fighter. She also helps Heiji put his gear on (only manga).
  • Kazuha reassures Heiji's kendo team after Heiji is to preoccupied with the murder investigation to play on the team, saying that they'll win and when they do they'll rub it in his face.
  • Kazuha grabs Heiji's hand to get to the final match in time.
  • Exhausted from chasing Heiji at the tournament, Kazuha falls asleep on Heiji's shoulder at dinner. Causing Heiji to blush slightly.
  • While in the car, Kazuha overhears her father telling Heiji's father that since Kazuha is reaching marriageable age, he'd rather she marry Heiji than some "irresponsible punk". Kazuha blushes at the thought, and is disappointed when her father tells Heizo it was a joke.
  • Heiji berates Kazuha for giving Kogoro, Ran, and Conan the exact same information and tour he did when they first came to Osaka, making Kazuha angry and embarrassed at Heiji's statement.
  • Heiji leads Kazuha away from the role play group by the arm when she tries to interact with them more, calling them "Weirdos".
  • When Kazuha loses her wallet, she refuses to give up looking for it because it had her good-luck charm (with the handcuff chain) and other charms to ward off a murder case inside.
  • Heiji tells Kazuha not to cry in an uncomfortable voice after a raindrop falls on her face, making her look like she started to cry over her wallet.
  • Kazuha called her father to help investigate because he knows additional information about the case; she initially tries to get Heiji to leave with her, but then leaves with just Ran because she wants to see his triumphant expression when he's solved the case. When he gets that expression, she blushes happily and assures the others that Heiji knows who the criminal is.
  • Heiji looks the most concerned when he hears Kazuha's scream in the distance.
  • Heiji pays close attention to Kazuha as she explains what happened when she and Ran were walking on the bridge to pick up Conan from the crime scene.

Volume 35: File 361 & Volume 36: Files 362-365 / Episodes 291-293: Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace[edit]

Kazuha still angry at Heiji for ditching her on their last date
  • Kazuha expresses a hinge of jealousy, as well as annoyance, of Heiji guessing what kind of bathing suits the girls on the beach are wearing.
  • Kazuha gives a mild, red blush when Conan announces that Heiji knew what kind of swimsuit she would be wearing.
  • It's revealed Heiji brought Kazuha along with him as an apology for not showing up to their last date.
  • Heiji interrupts two men flirting with Kazuha and Ran. When asked who he is, Heiji answers "My...", which causes Kazuha to blush, before he adds she's merely his childhood friend and a bit annoying, to Kazuha's disappointment. Ran comments in the background that his statement was phrased oddly, as if that might not have been what he originally intended to say.

Volume 38: Files 390-392 / Episodes 323-324: Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation![edit]

  • Heiji and Kazuha are held hostage in the attic of Misari Ito's house.
  • Heiji tries to get their hands free from the handcuffs, but winds up hurting Kazuha when he messes up. Making her call him an idiot while Heiji tells her to be quiet or the others will hear them.
  • When Heiji drops the pin he was using to unlock the handcuffs, Kazuha becomes panicked and Heiji asks if she has some type of wire with her. She tells him that was the only thing she had.
  • Kazuha asks Heiji if it would just be better for them to solve the code they gave them, since they said they would be released unharmed if they did.
  • Heiji and Kazuha are threatened by the two kidnappers that if they didn't solve the code, then they would be as cold as the other guy they caught.
  • Kazuha whispers Heiji's name softly in fear and Heiji comforts her by saying that they don't know "That Guy" (referencing Shinichi), causing Kazuha to become confused at his statement.
  • Kazuha looks at Heiji with concern and worry as he is abused by the two kidnappers.
  • Kazuha asks Heiji if he is alright and that he has to hang on.
  • When Heiji is punched in the stomach by one of the kidnappers, Kazuha says his name with deep concern.
  • After Heiji gets his hair pulled by one of the kidnappers to get his ear sliced off, Kazuha exclaims Heiji's name in fear for his safety.
  • Kazuha yells at the Kidnapper with the knife to stop with tears in her eyes. Not wanting any harm to come to Heiji.
  • Heiji leads Kazuha to the window where he exclaims in surprise that Shinichi (Conan) was leaving them. Kazuha tells him that he's probably thinking of a way to save them but Heiji doubts her claims.
  • Heiji, frustrated at their situation, says that he has no other choice but to break the window. Causing Kazuha to freak out at his proclamation.
  • Heiji turned around when Kazuha began to recount how her father knew Kusukawa-San was a gambler and scolded her for not telling him sooner.
  • When Kazuha asks Heiji if he has the entire answer to the problem, Heiji smiles and says that he does saying that it is easy to remember if you gamble.
  • Misari threatens Heiji that if he messed up on the top part of the problem than he would find himself covered in his girlfriend's (Kazuha's) blood.
  • Heiji and Kazuha are both horrified when they realize Misari's full plan.
  • Misari asks Heiji if he has any last words to say before she kills him, After a while and a threat, Heiji says that his last words were directed to Kazuha right behind him.
  • Kazuha's eyes widen when he says that his final words are for her.
  • When Misari says that his Girlfriend (Kazuha) won't last much longer than him, he says that it's something that he's been wanting to tell her forever and asks for the gun to be put down until he is finished.
  • When Misari starts to rush Heiji on his last words to Kazuha, he says that he wants to make sure that it is perfect so that she remembers it when she's up in Heaven. Causing Kazuha to blush at his statement.
  • When Heiji's plan is foiled to get the gun away from Misari, he gets kicked down and Kazuha cries out his name in concern and fear.
  • While Misari is counting down before she shoots Heiji, He tells Kazuha that he was telling the truth when he said that his final words were for her. Saying that he almost said it over and over and that every time he felt her tremble against his back he, and he stops right there before he embraces for the impact of the gun shot.
  • Kazuha listens to this in a horrified gaze with tears filling up her eyes.
  • After Heiji is released and is about to leave with Misari, Kazuha looks at him with scared eyes and asks if they survived this than he would tell her what he was about to say. Causing Heiji to smile and reply that he'll keep saying it until she gets tired of it.
  • After Misari is arrested along with her accomplices, Heiji tells Shinichi (Conan) that the case was close in many ways. Thinking back to the point where he was a