Drama Episode 8

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Drama Episode 8


Title: File. 8
Broadcast rating: 5.2%
Original airdate: August 25, 2011
Characters: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Wataru Takagi
Miwako Sato
Suspects: Makoto Yamashita
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Director: Mitsutaka Endou
Screenplay: Mami Oikawa
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A Girl's Willpower, Revenge on the Molester! The Surveillance Camera's Hidden Murder Trick (女の意地、痴漢犯への復讐!監視カメラに秘めた殺人トリック Onna no Iji, Chikan-han e no Fukushū! Kanshi Kamera ni Himeta Satsujin Torikku?)


Episode Prologue: The Seventh White Room



Shinichi and Ran are riding a public bus around Beika when it makes a stop at the 3-chōme area. As a man gets off the bus, he grabs Ran's butt and shows no remorse for his actions. Ran shouts that the man is a molester and enraged she chases him around the neighborhood. Shinichi has no choice to follow her. They lose sight of the molester briefly but then he mistakenly knocks over some garbage cans and Ran gives chase again. They finally find him on the balcony of an apartment where some underwear has been left out to dry. The molester jumps off the balcony and continues running. Ran yells to Shinichi that the molester knows his way around this neighborhood too well so Shinichi uses a map on his cellphone to come up with a plan. The chase ends when Shinichi and Ran trap the molester on a bridge, Shinichi on one end and Ran on the other. The molester decides to try and make a run for it, but chooses to try to run past Ran. Ran promptly uses her karate on the molester causing him to collapse on the bridge.

Ran spots a police car passing nearby and drags the molester, Osamu Sawada, along to confess his actions. The group find the police car is stopped in front of the Beika Residence apartment complex from earlier along with an ambulance. Makoto Yamashita runs alongside the stretcher holding Katsuyo Miyano shouting for her to hang in there and that she'll be at the hospital soon. Sato stops him from leaving explaining she has questions involving what happened to Katsuyo.

Attempted Murder


Location: Beika Residence apartments
Victim: Katsuyo Miyano
Suspects: Makoto Yamashita
Sato explains to Shinichi that while Yamashita was out shopping, Katsuyo's artificial respirator ceased working, causing Katsuyo to go into cardiopulmonary arrest.

Takagi soon appears and asks Shinichi and Ran what they're doing here. Ran explains that she wants Sawada arrested for being a molester so Takagi pulls him aside and asks about the molestation. Sawada explains he molested Ran causing Takagi to comment that "You picked the wrong one, didn't you?" Shinichi meanwhile goes to ask Sato about the case at hand.


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: The Eighth White Room


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