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Movie 10

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Title: The Private Eyes' Requiem
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 探偵たちの鎮魂歌(レクイエム)
(Meitantei Konan: Tantei-tachi no Rekuiemu)
Original airdate: April 15, 2006
Broadcast rating when aired on television: 13.2% (aired on April 2, 2007)[1]
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Detective Boys
Heiji Hattori
Kogoro Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa
Juzo Megure
Ai Haibara
Kazuha Toyama
Saguru Hakuba
Jugo Yokomizo
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Goro Otaki
Wataru Takagi
Miwako Sato
Yumi Miyamoto
Ginzo Nakamori
Eri Kisaki
Kazunobu Chiba
Ginshiro Toyama
Kaitou Kid
Heizo Hattori
Midori Kuriyama
Misao Yamamura
Misae Yamamura
Makoto Kyogoku
Harufumi Mogi
Ikumi Soda
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo (via Conan)
Heiji Hattori
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Storyboard: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Masaharu Okuwaki (co-op)
Akira Nishimori (co-op)
Shigenori Kageyama (co-op)
Hajime Kamegaki (co-op)
Technical Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Animation director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Junko Yamanaka
Seiji Muta (asst.)
Yoshiharu Shimizu (asst.)
Hiroaki Noguchi (asst.)
Sadakazu Takiguchi (asst.)
Akio Kawamura (asst.)
Masahiko Itojima (asst.)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Mechanical Design: Seiji Muta, Yoshiharu Shimizu, Futoshi Onami
Layout checker: Seiji Muta, Yoshiharu Shimizu, Hiroaki Noguchi, Sadakazu Takiguchi, Akio Kawamura, Masahiko Itojima
Design Works: Junko Yamanaka
Production Cooperation: Telecom Animation Film
Theme song: Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "The Private Eyes' Requiem" Original Soundtrack
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The Private Eyes' Requiem is the 10th movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 15, 2006.





Conan, Kogoro, Ran, Haibara, and the Detective Boys are invited to meet Kogoro's new client in a hotel next to "Miracle Land", a newly opened theme park in Yokohama. A man in a suit greets them in front of the hotel and leads them to a meeting room on the top floor, telling them to have a seat while he gets something for them. When he comes back he hands everyone an ID watch that allows them a day's free access to all attractions in Miracle Land as well as free food and drinks.

Ran and the children decide to go and have fun in the park while Kogoro is busy. Ran wants Conan to come with them, but their host tells them that Conan also has to stay behind. The children leave and their host pulls back curtains in the room and switches a TV screen on, showing their client, a man who's sitting in front of several screens. He wears a bathrobe and his face is half hidden in the darkness. The client explains that he wants Kogoro and Conan to help him solve a mystery. To make sure they comply, he further explains that the ID watches he gave to everyone are filled with explosives, can't be taken off and will explode if someone finds the wrong answer to the mystery. The watches also have GPS systems that allow the client to track everyone's exact locations. If they are tampered with, Ran or the children leave the park or Conan or Kogoro go to the police, the client will know and will let the watches explode. The watches will be switched on once Ran and the children enter the park.

Hostage Situation


Location: Miracle Land
Victim: Ran Mouri, Ai Haibara, Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and Genta Kojima
Culprit: Mysterious client

Conan tries to contact Haibara with their detective badges to warn her not to get into the park, but they have already passed the entrance. Instead, Conan urges Ai not to let anyone leave the park or go on the Super Snake roller coaster because this leaves the boundaries of the park for a while.

The client explains that he already hired four detectives to work on the case. Two have given up, one is working and the last one has failed. He shows them a man locked in a room, a detective named Ryu who's familiar to Kogoro and also wears an ID watch. The client tells Ryu his deductions were wrong and then activates the explosives in the watch. Ryu dies before Conan's and Kogoro's eyes.



Location: Dark room
Victim: Ryu
Cause of death: C4 Explosion from the watch
Culprit: Mysterious client
The client pressed a button, which activated a bomb, killing Ryu.

The client's assistant hands Conan and Kogoro a phone that can only receive calls. The first and only clue they get from the client is "TAKA 3-8". Conan deduces that they are supposed to go to part 3 of Takashima and find a house in the eighth block, which turns out to be an abandoned hotel. In a locker in the hotel basement, they find a licensed gun and woolen ski masks, thinking this might be equipment used in a robbery.

The moment they leave the hotel again, police officers try to arrest Conan and Kogoro, thinking they are accomplices of Kaitou Kid, who has appeared near the hotel recently. One of the officers tells Kogoro that they are investigating two cases that happened on April 4th. A truck delivering money to a bank was robbed and this abandoned hotel was used as the base of the robbers. On the same day, Kid broke into a nearby office building and stole a few jewels.

Since none of the police officers recognise Kogoro, they take him and Conan to the nearest police station to interrogate him. In the middle of the painful debate, the client suddenly calls and Conan hurries to the bathroom to answer it. The client calls Conan Shinichi, so Conan uses his voice-changing bow tie to explain that they didn't go to the police voluntarily and tells the client about their findings. The client gives him a new hint "look for the café terrace at night." Conan hurries out of the police station and tries to figure out where to go.

Heiji Hattori suddenly turns up and explains that he is also working on the same case and that the client has sent Kazuha to Miracle Land with an ID on. Kogoro catches up with Conan and Heiji and Inspector Megure wants to know what's going on. Kogoro starts to explain but realises the client is watching them. The client sets off a bomb as a warning. Kogoro shoves Megure aside and leaves with Heiji and Conan. Shiratori asks Megure why he is okay with this behaviour from Kogoro. Megure shows him a note from Kogoro that says "Ran and the children are in danger, don't let anyone leave Miracle Land".

Robbery / Murder (Past)

Movie10 cash delivery truck Robbery.jpg

Date: 4 April
Location: Near a bank
Victim: Cash delivery truck guard
Cause of death: Gunshot wound from pistol
Suspects: Masaharu Nishio
During a van robbery, the robbers accidentally killed a guard and ran with the money.
Hostage Situation

Movie10 Case2.jpg

Location: Miracle Land
Victim: Kazuha Toyama
Culprit: Mysterious client
Bombing and attempted murder


Location: Near a restaurant
Victim: Jugo Yokomizo
Injury: Explosion From Time Bomb in Mascot restaurant
Culprit: Mysterious client
Yokomizo notices a child near the bomb. He manages to save him but is injured.

Kogoro decides to go investigate on his own.

Heiji says he also got "The Café Terrace At Night" as hint, but the client also told him to look for "YOU CRY". They deduce that "The Café Terrace at Night" refers to a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh on which a horse-drawncarriage appears in front of a café terrace lit by lamps in the evening and that this is a clue to "Carriage Way", where the transporter was robbed on April 4. YOU is short for Yokohama Ocean University, so that is where Heiji and Conan go next. CRY has to refer to a club at the university, Heiji thinks, but they can't find the right one when they're interrupted by Saguru Hakuba, a famous teenage detective from England who spends most of his time trying to catch Kaito Kid. Saguru has also got an ID watch and decides to team up with Conan and Heiji, telling them he thinks CRY refers to the Crime Research Club of Yokohama University, so it is there they continue their investigation.

In the club rooms, some members, thinking Heiji and Saguru are interested in the club because they want to attend Yokohama University, show them around. Conan notices that among the pictures of former club presidents, the third president seems to be missing and asks for the reason. The members took the picture of the third president, Suehiko Ito, down, because he was involved in the murder of one of his classmates, Masaharu Nishio. The three detectives have lunch and Heji calls Inspector Otaki in Osaka for more information on Ito. Saguru says he has learned from his father that Ito is wanted by the police in connection with the truck robbery on April 4.

At the same time, Kogoro calls Eri and asks her if she has further information about that same case.

Conan, Heiji, and Saguru visit Nishio's office where he was killed. They learn that Reiko Shimizu, who was employed at the same office and also a member of the Crime Research Club, committed suicide after the police questioned her about Nishio's murder.

The client calls and confirms that Nishio's murder is the case he wants them to solve.

Suicide? (Past)


Date: 15 May
Location: Cliff
Victim: Reiko Shimizu
Cause of death: Fell from the cliff
Reiko Shimizu committed suicide but her body was never found.
Murder (Past)

Movie10 Case 1.jpg

Location: Nishio's office
Victim: Masaharu Nishio
Cause of death: Gunshot wound by Sniper
Suspects: Unknown sniper
The victim was shot by an unknown sniper.

Immediately after the phone call, two men on motorcycles attack Heiji, Saguru and Conan. They also seem to be after Kaito Kid. The three detectives decide to split up. Conan gets away on his skateboard but is followed by one of the cyclists to a bridge. He slips and falls into the river below, hitting his leg on the railing during the fall and breaking his ankle.

Atttempted Murder

Movie10 Case3.jpg

Location: Nishio's Office Building
Victim: Conan Edogawa, Heiji Hattori, Saguru Hakuba, who was actually Kaito Kid in disguise
Culprits: Two motorcyclists
They all managed to get away, although Conan did end up breaking his leg in his escape, as well as falling into the river.

A petty thief steals a wallet from a woman in Miracle Land. The Detective Boys and the police pursue him and he takes Ayumi hostage and starts to go to the exit. Suddenly Sonoko appears in front of him, on the lookout for Ran. She has no idea what the man has done but shoves him out of the way for being "rude", allowing Sato to arrest him.

Hostage Situation and Accidental Attempted Murder

Movie10 Case4.jpg

Location: Miracle Land
Victim: Ayumi Yoshida
Culprit: Ono
The thief took Ayumi hostage and wanted to leave Miracle Land with her. He had no idea Ayumi was wearing a watch with a bomb which would have exploded had they left the park. Sonoko stopped him in time.
Hostage Situation

Movie10 Case5.jpg

Location: Miracle Land
Victim: Miwako Sato
Culprit: Ono
The thief grabbed Sato, which did not end very well for him. She took him down very quickly, and he was promptly arrested.

Conan wakes up in Professor Agasa's car with Heiji. Heiji tells Conan that Saguru called Agasa to pick Conan up, but when Agasa arrived, Saguru was gone and that they're now on the way back to the hotel as the time limit is almost up. Otaki has also been in touch and Heiji updates Conan about the events following the robbery on April 4.

There were traces of mascara on the scope of the sniper rifle used to kill Nishio. It was found to be of the same brand Reiko wore on a regular basis but she never said anything during the police questioning. On May 15, two fishermen saw Reiko apparently jumping off a cliff, but her body was never found. Eight days later, Ito, who was grievously injured, escaped from hospital. Furthermore, Kaito Kid stole jewels from an art collection on April 4 and his escape route crossed the route the robbers took after they attacked the delivery truck. Kid saw the faces of the robbers and they started shooting at him, but missed. Since then, Kid's life has been in danger whenever he has tried to steal something.

Professor Agasa says Kogoro has already made it back to the hotel and wants to present his deductions to their client, so Conan and Heiji hurry up there to make sure Kogoro doesn't screw everything up.

Kaito Kid has gone back to the art collection to tell the owner that he has had enough of being in mortal danger whenever he wants to commit a heist. He also says he knows why the owner is still after him even after Kaito returned the jewel to him - Kaito saw him among the robbers, as well as his associate who is currently also in the room, hiding behind a curtain. He calls the police to come and arrest the owner of the collection, releasing tranquilizing gas to make sure he can't escape. His associate, however, does.


  • Resolution

    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan El rèquiem dels detectius The Requiem of the Detectives
    Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 侦探们的镇魂歌 The Detectives' Requiem
    Flag of France French Le requiem des détectives The Detectives' Requiem
    Flag of Germany German Das Requiem der Detektive The Requiem of Detectives
    Flag of Italy Italian Requiem per un detective Requiem for a Detective
    Flag of South Korea Korean 탐정들의 진혼가 Detectives' Requiem
    Flag of Thailand Thai บทเพลงมรณะแด่เหล่านักสืบ Deadly Song for the Detectives
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Lễ cầu hồn của thám tử The Private Eyes' Requiem



    • This movie was commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Detective Conan (1996-2006). Many character designs are reused for this special occasion. Open spoiler box to see images.
    • Suehiko Itoh's crashed car is an allanite grey Magno Mercedes Benz SLK200 Kompressor [R171]. The license plate number is みなと 300, さ 23-32 (Minato 300, Sa 23-32).
    • The car that chases Kid as he escapes is a platinum silver metallic 1995 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo [Y33]. The license plate number is みなと 400, て 47-82 (Minato 400, Te 47-82).
    • Reiko Shimizu drives a 1967 medium gray Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2.
    • The motorcycle gang uses 2005 black Ducati 749s to chase Conan.
    • Jugo Yokomizo's vehicle is a royal blue pearl 1996 Mitsubishi Challenger [K90].
    • The bank truck that was robbed is a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Armored Truck.
    • Kogoro Mouri's car in the first scene is a white 1989 Toyota HiAce [H100] with a license plate of 5-70.
    • Masaharu Nishio's weapon in the shooting scene is a Colt M1911A1.
    • The motorcycle gang's weapons are IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIXs and Ingram MAC-10s.
    • The sniper used to kill Nishio is an Armalite AR-7.
    • The culprit's guns are a Remington 1866 Derringer and a stainless steel Walther PPK.
    • Acha Ryū (竜 阿茶, リュウ・アチャ) is named after Lew Archer (リュウ・アーチャー, Ryū Āchā), a fictional detective created by Canadian-American writer Ross Macdonald.
    • Arimasa Osawa, who voices the police officer, is a real-life writer specializing in hardboiled fiction and thrillers.


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    2. ^ Gosho Aoyama's real-life pet cat.
    3. ^ Shogakukan young voice actors.

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