Drama Episode 5

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Drama Episode 5


Title: File. 5
Broadcast rating: 4.6%
Original airdate: August 4, 2011
Characters: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Suspects: Chisato Nagata
Saori Kisaragi
Kana Ishihara
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Director: Masato Ibe
Screenplay: Makoto Hayashi
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The Amnesiac Actress's Magnificent Murder Trick - The Perfect Crime at the Summer Villa (記憶を消した女優の華麗なる殺人トリック 避暑地での完全犯罪 Kioku o Keshita Joyū no Kareinaru Satsujin Torikku Hisho-chi de no Kanzen Hanzai?)


Episode Prologue: The Fifth White Room



Ran is walking on the upper hallway of a building when she comes across Shinichi and Saori Kisaragi sitting on the staircase. Shinichi confesses his love to her just as Akihiro Nagata's hand breaks into the scene saying Shinichi needs to kiss her now. It's then revealed that Shinichi is simply acting and he refuses since it wasn't in the script. Nagata explains it's essential and Saori suggests they kiss anyway. Ran gets angry and chucks a bottle at Shinichi which hits him squarely in the head. Sonoko says there shouldn't be anything wrong with kissing. Ran is upset because she wasn't aware there was going to be any sort of love scene, so Nagata jokingly suggests that Shinichi and Ran should do it instead, much to their embarrassment.

Villa manager Kana Ishihara serves the group melon slices as Nagata asks Shinichi and Ran if they've ever kissed before. Nagata then demonstrates by kissing Saori, much to the group's surprise. Nagata's wife, Chisato, then arrives just in time to see them kissing and slaps Saori. Chisato says she won't forgive her and picks up a knife from a tray nearby but thankfully Nagata talks her out of doing anything. Nagata takes everyone to a sitting room and tells the group to pick out their own teacups for tea. Before Nagata can drink his tea, Chisato adds a sugar cube from her purse into the tea and takes a sip before giving it back to Nagata. As everyone drinks their tea, Nagata suddenly collapses to the floor dead from being poisoned.



Location: Nagata household
Victim: Akihiro Nagata
Cause of death: Poison (potassium cyanide)
Suspects: Chisato Nagata, Saori Kisaragi, and Kana Ishihara
Akihiro Nagata collapsed to the floor after drinking from his teacup. His wife had drank from the same cup only moments before, so where was the poison and who did it?

Chisato faints from shock and the group discovers later that because of the events Chisato seems to have lost her memory.


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: The Sixth White Room


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