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This article is about the opening theme "Nazo" performed by Miho Komatsu. For the later opening theme of the same name performed by La PomPon, see Nazo (La PomPon).
Opening 3


Original title:
English title: Mystery
Artist: Miho Komatsu
Episodes: Flag of Japan 53~96
Flag of US 55~102
CD Info
Release date: May 28, 1997
CDs: 1
Tracks: 4
Original Cost: 1,020円
CD Number: ZADS-1001
Record Label: Spoonful/ZAIN RECORDS
Oricon chart peak: #9 (Weekly)
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Nazo is a single by musician Miho Komatsu released May 28, 1997. The titular song is the 3rd opening of the anime. It was later covered by the musical group La PomPon for Opening 41 of the series.

Detective Conan opening info



Conan's opening speech


Episode 53
"現代社会の犯罪 に。人が絡んでいる限り、解けない謎は絶対ない!"

("As long as people are involved in modern-day crimes, there are no unsolvable mysteries!")

Episode 54-57

("As long as modern-day crimes involve people, there are no unsolvable mysteries!")

Episode 64-65, 70-74

("A racing second hand, a shooting comet! Conan's logic works great on hearts tired by modern society!")

Episode 77-81, 91-96

("A racing second hand, a glittering shooting star! Conan's logic is good medicine for hearts dried by modern society!")

Episode 82-90
"走る秒針、輝く 銀河。現代社会に疲れた心。コナンの推理がいい薬!"

("A racing second hand, a shining galaxy! Conan's logic is good medicine for hearts dried by modern society!")



Episode 64, 67, 72, 80, 87
"What happens when a teen genius is shrunk into a kid? Well, take a look, because that's what happened to me. But even though I'm small, I'm still solving crimes, and losing my physique has only sharpened my mind. With my keen eye I'll expose each lie until one truth prevails."
Episode 66, 68-69, 73, 77, 82, 84-85, 90-92, 95, 99, 101
"My name is Jimmy Kudo, high school detective. But to the world, I'm Conan Edogawa; an alias I was forced to assume after an experimental drug reverted me back to childhood. Now I fight crime with Richard Moore and his daughter, Rachel, armed with the knowledge that one truth prevails."

Catalan (Catalonia)

Episodes 53-54, 56-57
"Mentre hi hagi persones implicades en els crims actuals no hi haurà cap cas que no es pugui solucionar."

("While there's persons involved in the current crimes there won't be any irresolute case.")

Episodes 78, 81-83, 85-89, 91-92
"La maneta d'un rellotge que va girant, un estel fugaç, el cor fred de la societat moderna. Les meves deduccions són la seva medecina."

("The hand of a watch that is spinning, a shooting star, the cold heart of modern society. My deductions are their medicine.")


Catalan (Valencia)

"Per molts crims que es cometen, no hi ha cas impossible de resoldre"

("For many crimes that commit, there's no impossible case to resolve")



"O segundeiro dun reloxo... unha estrela fugaz.... Resolver enigmas compensa"

("The hand of a watch... a shooting star... Solve enigmas compensate")



Episode 53-63
"Dalam Berbagai Kasus di Lingkungan Kita, Selama Kejahatan Modern Melibatkan Orang Banyak, Tidak ada Misteri Terpecahkan!"
Episode 64-65, 70-74
"Tangan Bergerak, Komet yang Melintas, Jiwa Masyarakat Modern yang Kering, Kesimpulan dari Conan Meringankan Penderitaan"
Episode 77-81
"Tangan Bergerak, Sebuah Komet Jatuh, Alasan Conan merupakan obat yang hebat untuk meringankan derita Jiwa-jiwa yang Modern"
Episode 82-90
"Tangan kedua berjalan, Pesan terputus. Jiwa yang lelah menghadapi Masyarakat Modern, Analisis Conan adalah Sempurna"

Spanish (Spain)

Episodes 53-57
"Por muchos crímenes que se cometan en estos tiempos que corren ningún caso es imposible de resolver."

("For many crimes that will commit in that current times there's no impossible case to resolve.")

Episodes 66-77, 79-96
"La segunda manecilla de un reloj avanza, un cometa pasa, los corazones rotos de la sociedad moderna."

("The second hand of a watch advances, a comet passes, the broken hearts of modern society.")



"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่ส่องสว่าง จิตใจที่อ่อนล้าเพราะสังคมยุคนี้ การคลี่คลายคดีของโคนันคือยาดี"

("A ticking second hand, a sparkle comet, a heart made tired by the current society. Conan's case solving is a good medicine.")

Episode 53-57
"ตราบใดที่คนยังเกี่ยวข้องกับอาชญากรรมในสังคมปัจจุบัน ไม่มีปริศนาอะไรที่แก้ไม่ได้"

("As long as humans are still involved with crimes in the current society, there's no mystery that can't be solved")

Episode 58-59
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่ส่องสว่าง ตุ๊กตาที่ออกมา เซรามิคที่ถูกทำลาย จิตใจคนที่แห้งแล้ง การคลี่คลายคดีนั้นมีประโยชน์"

("A ticking second hand, a sparkle comet, a doll that's coming out, a broken ceramic, dried hearts. Case solving can be useful.")

Episode 60
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่ส่องสว่าง ตุ๊กตาที่ออกมา เหรียญที่ถูกทำลาย จิตใจคนที่แห้งแล้ง การคลี่คลายคดีนั้นมีประโยชน์"

("A ticking second hand, a sparkle comet, a doll that's coming out, a destroyed coin, dried hearts. Case solving can be useful.")

Episode 61-62
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่พุ่งไป ตุ๊กตาหลีกหนี คลื่นของคน กำแพงใจที่แห้งแล้ง การคลี่คลายคดีช่วยให้ชุ่มชื้นได้"

("A ticking second hand, a shooting comet, an escaping doll, a people's wave, a wall of dried hearts. Case solving can water it.")

Episode 63-64
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่พุ่งไป สังคมปัจจุบันที่จิตใจแห้งแล้ง การคลี่คลายคดีช่วยให้ชุ่มชื้นได้"

("A ticking second hand, a shooting comet, nowadays' society full of dried hearts. Case solving can help dampen it.")

Episode 65-66
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่พุ่งไป ใจที่เหน็ดเหนื่อยเพราะสังคมวันนี้ การคลี่คลายคดีของโคนันเยียวยาได้"

("The second hand advances, a shooting comet, tired hearts because of the current society. Conan's case solving can heal it.")

Episode 67-75
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่พุ่งไป จิดใจที่เหนื่อยอ่อนเพราะสังคมยุคนี้ การคลี่คลายคดีของโคนันช่วยได้"

("A ticking second hand, a shooting comet, hearts weakened by nowadays' society. Conan's case solving can heal it.")

Episode 76-79
"เข็มวินาทีที่เดินหน้า ดาวหางที่พุ่งไป จิดใจที่เหนื่อยอ่อนเพราะสังคมยุคนี้ การคลี่คลายคดีของโคนันคือยาชั้นดี"

("A ticking second hand, a shooting comet, hearts weakened by nowadays' society. Conan's case solving is a great medicine.")


"Thám tử trung học lừng danh Kudo Shinichi bị một tổ chức áo đen cho uống thuốc độc khiến cơ thể teo nhỏ và trở thành Edogawa Conan! Mặc dù thân thể bị teo nhỏ, nhưng với trí tuệ của thám tử lừng danh 17 tuổi! Mình sẽ tiếp tục phá được nhiều vụ án mà người lớn phải đau đầu suy nghĩ!"

("Famous high school detective Shinichi Kudo was forced to take a poison by a black organization that shrunk his body and became Conan Edogawa! Although my body has turned small, but with the intellect of a famous 17-year-old detective! I will continue to solve many cases that even adults had a hard time to think!")


  • Performer: Miho Komatsu
  • Lyrics: Miho Komatsu
  • Composer: Miho Komatsu
  • Arrangement: Hirohito Furui


International version

Just like the international version of the episodes that use "Mune ga Dokidoki" as the opening, the song starts over from the beginning after Conan's monologue, causing some synching errors and finishing earlier than the Japanese version.

FUNimation version

FUNimation adapted their own version of this song for the English release of the show entitled "Mystery". Although the Japanese version appears on their DVDs, the FUNimation version is the longer cut like the international versions.

Song info

Chart placement

  • #9 (Weekly)


Conan and Shinichi as Sherlock Holmes
Conan is aiming with tranquilizer
The Detective Boys and Ran with the Volkswagen Beetle

CD info

CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Length
1 Nazo Mystery 4:38
2 言葉にできない Kotoba ni Dekinai Words Cannot Describe 3:59
3 謎 (original Karaoke) Nazo (Orijinaru Karaoke) Mystery (Original Karaoke) 4:38
4 言葉にできない (original Karaoke) Kotoba ni Dekinai (Orijinaru Karaoke) Words Cannot Describe (Original Karaoke) 3:56





  • This is the opening song in uses for the longest amount, at 44 episodes total.
  • This song is heard being sung at a karaoke box in The Memories of First Love Case.
  • Except Holmes Freak Murder Case, when there's a second and third parts of the case, the opening animation consists of footage from the previous episodes instead.
  • In the combined popularity poll of openings and endings, hosted by YTV in honor of the 1000th episode, this song ranked 3rd.[1]


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  • Lyrics
  1. Japanese, English and Romaji lyrics from Nazo by Shinobi Chirlind-Byouko. Retrieved on July 2, 2011.

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