Kohnan High School

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Kohnan High School in 3rd Base 4th.

Kohnan High School (港南高校 Kōnan Kōkō?) (sometimes also transcribed as "Kounan High School" and "Konan High School") is a fictional high school appearing as a main setting in 3rd Base 4th and frequently mentioned in Detective Conan as alma mater of several characters. It seems to be located in the Shibaura-Kohnan Area (芝浦港南地区 Shibaura Kōnan-chiku?) of Tokyo, which is part of the Minato Ward.


Current students

Shigeo Nagashima

Shigeo Nagashima.jpg

Shigeo Nagashima is a boy currently attending the second year of the school (the third year in Detective Conan) who's a baseball fanatic - he's just not very good at it. Despite this, he joins the baseball team of the school and soon rises to be a professional player. Works as a part-timer in Café Kagetora.

Yutaka Enatsu

Yutaka Enatsu manga.jpg

Yutaka Enatsu is a girl currently attending the second year of the school (the third year in Detective Conan) and the best friend of Shigeo Nagashima. She's the daughter of the owner of Café Kagetora.

Past students

Akiyoshi Fujie

Akiyoshi Fujie.jpg

Ryusuke Higo

Ryusuke Higo.jpg

Teiya Asuka

Teiya Asuka.jpg

Yoko Okino

Yoko Okino.jpg

Yoko Okino is an alumni of the school. During that time, she was in a relationship with Akiyoshi Fujie. She currently works as a highly popular pop idol.


Coach of the Kohnan High Baseball Team

A jovial old man coaching the baseball team.

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