Stay Away From Him

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Episode 13

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Title: Stay Away From Him
Japanese Title: 彼から手をひいて
(Kare Kara Te o Hīte)
Broadcast rating: 6.8%
Original airdate: January 10, 2015
Season: 1
Manga source: Magic Kaito Volume 2: Chapter 1 (7)
Cast: Kaitou Kid
Kaito Kuroba
Ginzo Nakamori
Aoko Nakamori
Akako Koizumi
Saguru Hakuba
Erika Konno
Keiko Momoi
Director: Susumu Kudo
Screenplay: Kunihiko Okada
Storyboard: Yasuto Nishikata
Episode Director: Yasuto Nishikata
Animation Director: Hiromi Ogata (chief)
Yumi Shimizu
Toyoaki Fukushima
Yasuhiro Namatame (asst.)
Opening song: Ai no Scenario
Closing song: Koi no Jumyō
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Stay Away From Him (彼から手をひいて Kare Kara Te o Hīte?) is the 13th episode of Magic Kaito 1412 anime.







  • Resolution


    Manga to anime changes

    • In the manga, Kaito's teacher announces the ski masquerade while out on the slopes. In the anime, she makes the announcement inside the ski resort's gift shop.
    • In the manga, the ski resort is unnamed. The anime identifies it as the Zaoh Internation Ski Resort.
    • In the manga, Kaito (disguised as a girl) stays mostly in-view of Aoko and her friends in the hot spring. In the anime, he is much farther away, and spends most of the time behind a patch of rocks.
    • Unlike the manga, the anime formally introduces the masquerade's judges:
      • A man from Asuka's Barbershop.
      • A woman from the A-1 Woman's Association.
      • A man from Yuhi Liquors
      • A man from the Mato Orthopedic Clinic.
    • Costume changes:
      • In the manga, it is not clear what costume (if any) Kaito's teacher wears for the masquerade. In the anime, she wears an angel costume.
      • In the manga, the first pair of skiers dress as Superman and Lois Lane. In the anime, they wear matching polar-bear costumes (likely because of Copyright reasons).
      • In the manga, the second pair of skiers dress with a Top Gun theme. In the anime, they dress with a Momotaro theme.
      • In the manga, the third pair of skiers are not shown. In the anime, they dress with an astronaut theme.
      • In the manga, Keiko and her unnamed partner's theme is not clarified. In the anime, they ski as Alice and her reflection; Keiko's partner is also made to wear a wig, which blows off as they approach the finish line.
      • In the manga, Akako wears her cobra headband with her Snow Queen costume. She does not in the anime.
      • Costumed skiers unique to the anime include pairs themed after the town musicians of Bremen, Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, Ikkyu-san and the tiger, and Kamen Yaiba and Laser Police.
    • In the manga, Akako and Fujie get one point off because one of the judges was unimpressed with Fujie's yeti costume. This line is absent from the anime, though their score is the same.
    • Kaito and Aoko's ski routine is more elaborate in the anime, with rotating floodlights and a trail of sparklers along the slope. They also perform three somersaults, instead of just one as in the manga. Finally, Kaito concludes the routine by using his card-gun to ring a nearby bell-tower, which is not present in the manga.
    • In the manga, Akako discovers Fujie in the yeti costume after Kaito and Aoko's routine has ended; in the anime, she discovers it shortly after the routine begins.
    • The manga never reveals what the prize for winning the ski masquerade is; the anime adds a short epilogue that reveals it to be matching teddy-bear statues for the winners.

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