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100% Tantei Monogatari (100%探偵物語 100% Tantei Monogatari?) ("100% Detective Tale" or "100% Detective Story") is a one shot Manga volume from 1990 written and drawn by Yutaka Abe and Gosho Aoyama. It is a detective story for young readers containing several chapters published from 1986 to 1987 in the magazine Missy Comics (ミッシィコミックス Misshii Komikkusu?) as well as two older short stories, which revolve around the young high school detective Momoko Aoyama, who solves smaller, episodic cases since she took over her father's detective agency. She is assisted Hitoshi Yamanaka, who apparently knew her father.

Yutaka Abe - who is a former mentor and current assistant of Gosho Aoyama - received support from the latter for the work on this volume, since Gosho was still Yutaka's assistant at the time. [1] This collaboration is also reflected in Momoko attending Ekoda High School and attending the same class - the 2-B - as Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori[2], who both have a multi-page appearance in the third chapter of this series.

The complete volume is legally readable on the Mangaz website (formerly known as J-Comi) by Ken Akamatsu (a mangaka famous for his works like Love Hina and Magister Negi Magi), but only in Japanese.[3]


Picture Name Role
Momoko Aoyama 60px.jpg Momoko Aoyama Main character of the story. A high school student and cheerful private detective, who took over her father's agency.
Hitoshi Yamanaka 60px.jpg Hitoshi Yamanaka Momoko's assistant at the Aoyama Detective Agency. He seemingly knew her father.
Kaito Kuroba 60px.jpg Kaito Kuroba Classmate of Momoko Aoyama. Originally from Magic Kaito.
Aoko Nakamori 60px.jpg Aoko Nakamori Classmate of Momoko Aoyama and friend of Kaito Kuroba. Originally from Magic Kaito.


Chapter Translated title Japanese title Release
1 100% Detective Tale Case 1 100%探偵物語 事件簿一
100% Tantei Monogatari Jikenbo Ichi
November 1986
2 100% Detective Tale Case 2 100%探偵物語 事件簿二
100% Tantei Monogatari Jikenbo Ni
February 1987
3 100% Detective Tale Case 3 100%探偵物語 事件簿三
100% Tantei Monogatari Jikenbo San
May 1987
4 Late Summer Afternoon 昼下がりの夏
Hirusagari no Natsu
5 The Wonderful Detective Tale of KYON² KYON²のすてきな探偵物語
KYON ² no Sutekina Tantei Monogatari
6 Another 100% Detective Tale もうひとつの100%探偵物語
Mō Hitotsu no 100% Tantei Monogatari


  • Momoko Aoyama is named both after Gosho Aoyama himself and after his favorite idol at the time, Momoko Kikuchi. This was a reaction by Yutaka Abe in return to Gosho's one-shot Chotto Mattete, in which the protagonists are named Yutaka Takai and Mamiko Abe. “Yutaka” and “Abe” came from Yutaka Abe's own name, while the parts of the name “Takai” and “Mamiko” came from Yutaka's then favorite idol Mamiko Takai.[4]
  • There is said to be at least one animated short film based on the Manga - directed by Gosho Aoyama and with Yutaka Abe in charge of animation. Copies of it were sent to subscribers of Weekly Shounen Sunday as a present.[5]


Settings introduced in this series:


Mansion from chapter 6

The mansion is modeled after the Palais du Luxembourg, in real life to be found at Rue de Vaugirard 15 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It also served as the model for the Ohshima Art Museum in chapter 17 of Magic Kaito and the Kurogane residence in Yaiba.


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Magic Kaito

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