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Disguises are a very commonly used plot device for cases in Detective Conan. In most cases, the disguises are simple: wigs, makeup, sunglasses, clothing, etc., are used to alter the person's face and build to give the impression they are a different person. Some degree of disguise ability is common among magicians and actors. A few characters specialize in disguise and are capable of copying a person's voice and appearance exactly.

Types of disguises in Detective Conan


Most characters use simple disguises to change their appearance. Usually said disguise is fairly weak and only just hides the person's identity. Examples of simple disguises include:

  • wigs and fake facial hair
  • makeup
  • sunglasses and glasses
  • clothing such as hats, scarves, or high collared coats
  • padding and platform shoes
  • mechanical voice alteration


Relatively few characters possess the knowledge to create detailed disguises that would hold up under scrutiny.

Latex masks

Although their use is relatively rare, latex masks are a very successful disguise strategy in Detective Conan. They are portrayed as being practically perfect renditions of others' faces. Detective Conan latex masks stand up even under close range inspection -even quickly assembled ones. They also stand up to minor abuse[1] and weather[2]. They do have the drawback of being disruptable. Kaitou Kid was forced not to wear goggles because it would disrupt his Jirokichi disguise. Face pinching is the most common technique used to detect a latex mask, and is gleefully employed by Kaitou Kid hunter Inspector Nakamori.

Kuroba Kaito has demonstrated the ability to apply latex masks in a matter of seconds for a practically flawless disguise. How he stores them on his person without damaging them is unknown. Other characters like Yukiko have been shown to take several hours to create and apply a mask which is much more realistic.

There are five known expert practitioners who can create latex masks: Kuroba Kaito, Kuroba Toichi, Vermouth, Kudo Yukiko, and Chikage Kuroba (Phantom Lady).

Voice mimicry

Voice mimicry is a relatively rare skill in Detective Conan. There are four known expert practitioners who can mimic a range of voices without the aid of a device, Kuroba Kaito, Kuroba Toichi, Vermouth, and Kudo Yukiko. Kuroba Kaito has demonstrated the greatest range and flexibility so far: mimicking children, elderly, men, and women alike. He can also copy someone's voice after hearing just a little of that person's speech. Kuroba Toichi's voice mimicry skills have not been seen much because of his relatively few appearances, but as the first Kaito Kid and the teacher of Vermouth and Yukiko, it can be assumed he excelled at this. Vermouth has been seen mimicking adult men and women's voices. Yukiko's ability seems lesser than the other three, sticking with adult women's voices, but she has shown the ability to copy regional accents.

Characters using Agasa's voice-changing bowtie can easily and precisely copy anyone's voice. Conan is by far the most frequent user although Agasa[3] has used it as well. Professor Agasa also created a variation on the bowtie called the Voice-Changing Face Mask which also enables voice imitation, but additionally muffles the wearer's voice so that they sound ill. Ai Haibara and Conan have both employed this gadget. Neither the bowtie nor the mask can imitate regional accents.

Plastic surgery

Several characters underwent plastic surgery in order to change their facial appearance or copy some one else's face. This typically cannot be done on short notice as it requires sufficient funds and several months to heal after extensive changes.

Mechanical mockup

Professor Agasa made a mechanical mockup which worn on his shoulders used that makes him seem like a much taller male figure. Agasa has only used it once in the Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case.

Characters who specialize in disguise

Many of the characters who specialize in disguise have studied under a magician, and many magicians in Detective Conan also have disguise abilities.

Chikage Kuroba

Also known as Phantom Lady, Chikage Kuroba was a thief in her young years who specialized at disguise indicated by her nickname "the women of twenty faces". She often used stage tricks during her heists although it is unknown whom she learned them from. After meeting with Toichi on a heist, she married him and presumably taught him some of her disguise art.

Toichi Kuroba

An excellent stage magician and first Kaitou Kid, Toichi Kuroba taught many of the current disguise artists in Detective Conan. He himself may have learned some of his disguise from his wife, Chikage Kuroba. Toichi Kuroba's modus was to get close to, steal, and escape with targets by impersonating people at the scene like officers or owners. Toichi likely specialized in the same techniques that his son now uses: quick changing skills, latex masks, perfect voice imitation, and various gadgets.

Kaito Kuroba

Main article: List of disguises Kaito Kuroba used

Kaito Kuroba is the only son of Toichi Kuroba and Chikage Kuroba. Kaito's ability to disguise is most likely learned from his parents. Kaito has taken over the role of Kaitou Kid and uses quick changing skills, latex masks, perfect voice imitation, and various gadgets. Kaito specializes at quick disguises, altering his appearance in a matter of seconds while shrouded by smoke or commotion. Kaito's disguises are rarely used in the long term, and Kaito occasionally says things "out-of-character", leading to his disguise being uncovered. Additionally, his body structure (specifically his height) would usually give away his identity when disguising as individuals shorter than him due to his unnatural pose or action to conceal the difference in height.


Main article: List of disguises Vermouth used

Vermouth is a Black Organization specialist disguise artist and actress who studied under Toichi Kuroba. While highly competent at short and quick disguise, Vermouth excels at long term impersonation, and is capable of taking over someone's life and fooling even their close friends and family. She has used this ability to create two different star actress identities for herself: Sharon Vineyard and Chris Vineyard, which serve as her public faces and give her mobility and access to events exclusive to the rich and famous. While Vermouth's disguise appears flawless because of her daring and confident personality, it also makes her acts out of character[4][5] in more than one cases and allows Conan to tip off her identity. Similar to Kaito, Vermouth cannot disguise herself as those with drastic difference in body structure than her.

Her disguise ability was first shown in The Mysterious Passenger, when she was shown dressed as a waiter, provoking both Gin and Vodka.

Yukiko Kudo

Main article: List of disguises Yukiko used

Shinichi's mother, Yukiko also used to study with Toichi Kuroba. By her own admission, her disguise ability is not quite as good as Vermouth's and Kaito's, but is portrayed far more true to life than either of the two. She is capable of making latex masks, but applying them typically takes hours. Her voice mimicry may also be fairly limited, and she tends to stick to women's voices, although she does regional accents quite well and has copied her husband's voice. She often prefers a simple wig, hat, and altered voice combination which is easily seen through by her son, Shinichi.

Miwako Sato

Main article: List of disguises Sato used

Compared to the other, Police Officer Sato has the least amount of disguise and cannot do voice mimicry. However, she can disguise as individuals with similar physique to her. She mostly uses the disguises for investigation by posing as normal civilian or as a possible target/victim in the case.

List of cases involving a disguise

This list is currently incomplete.
For long term or repeatedly used disguises, the first instance of use will be mentioned i.e (Conan's bowtie, Vermouth's Araide).

The Kidnapping of a Company President's Daughter Case (Manga: 2-5, Anime: 2)

  • Conan Edogawa - Glasses: Used to make his face less recognizable. The original pair of glasses Conan used (before receiving the Criminal Tracking Glasses from Professor Agasa) belonged to his father, Yusaku Kudo. Because the glasses used prescription lenses, Conan popped the lenses out before wearing them when seeing Ran the first time in his shrunken body. The lack of lenses in the glasses goes unnoticed by other characters.

An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case (Manga: 6-9, Anime: 3)

Aka Oni Mura Fire Festival Murder Case (Manga: 10-12, Anime: 38)

  • Masaki Negishi impersonator - Hat, Sunglasses, Coat: He was paid by Masaki Negishi's murderer to impersonate the victim to give the killer an alibi. Disguise foiled by being oppositely handed of the real Masaki Negishi.

The Strange Person Hunt Murder Case (Manga: 13-16, Anime 13, 128)

  • Akemi Miyano - Makeup, Glasses, School Uniform, Hairstyle: Used to make herself look younger. Disguise foiled by imperfect application when used a second time.

The False Kidnapping and Hostage Case (Anime: 25)

  • Akiko Hanai - Duct tape, Naoko's Clothing: To fake Naoko's abduction and test Mr.Takei's parental feeling for his daughter before deciding to murder him.

Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case

  • Yukiko Kudo - Latex Mask, Wig, Glasses, Clothing for Large Build Women, Large Amount of Rolled Papers: To fake being the "mother" of Conan Edogawa, test him, and inform him of how dangerous his situation currently is.
  • Yusaku Kudo - Nightbaron Outfit, Wig: To test Conan, and inform him of how dangerous his situation currently is.
  • Hiroshi Agasa - Clothing for Large Build Men, Mechanical Device: To test Conan.

Facial Mask Murder Case (Anime: 45)

  • Chihiro Kojima - Facial pack, Towel, Bathrobe, and Slippers: To disguise as her mother in order to remove herself from murder suspicion, causing the estimate in time of death to be inaccurate. Disguise foiled as she forgot to remove her own purple lipstick before applying the facial pack.

Night Baron Murder Case

  • Akiko Sayama - Nightbaron Outfit, Wig: To scare off Kogoro by throwing Conan off the balcony into the hotel's swimming pool. Later, she used this disguise on Tokio Ebara, minus the wig and murdered him in order to frame him as the "Nightbaron" of the tour. Disguise foiled by the tie being tied differently, belt being put on in the wrong direction, and later, Maeda finding the wig in her suitcase.
  • Satoru Maeda - Nightbaron Outfit, Wig: To impersonate Nightbaron and take blame for Akiko, his fiance. Disguise foiled by him having an alibi during the time of Ebara's murder, and that he is the only one capable of knocking out a guard who is skilled in judo and dodging Ran's karate attack.

The Death God Jinnai Murder Case

  • Yoshino Satomi - Death God Jinnai Outfit: To lure Kogoro group to Nanjo office for them to witness the fake murder time, creating alibi for herself.

Conan vs. Kaitou Kid

  • Kaito Kuroba - Wig, Latex Mask, Suit: To impersonate Shiro Suzuki and get onboard the ship to steal Black Star from Tomoko.
  • Kaito Kuroba: To impersonate Ran and steal the Black Star from Tomoko.

Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case

  • Miyuki Hyuga - Hideomi's Clothing, Bandages: To impersonate Hideomi and falsify the time of his death.
  • Mitsuki Nagato - Hideomi's Clothing, Bandages: To impersonate Hideomi and falsify the time of his death.

The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case

  • Ayumi Yoshida - Conan's outfit: To fool the kidnappers.
  • Conan Edogawa - Ayumi's outfit: To fool the kidnappers and to protect Ayumi.

Ski Lodge Murder Case

  • Akiko Yonehara - Yonehara's wig, Makeup, Yonehara's Dress: Yonehara used the disguise on Sugiyama corpse to fake being attacked and to attack Sonoko in order to establish an alibi.

The Bank Robber's Hospitalization Case

  • Various Robber Gang Members - Doctor Clothing, Guard Clothing, Other Clothing: To infiltrate the hospital/police force and has Yoshio Sekiguchi silent one of the group member who is currently hospitalized.

The Fearful Traversing Murder Case

  • Fox - Wig with Fake Beard, Caretaker Clothing: To disguise as the mountain caretaker and escape from the police.

Snow Woman's Legend Murder Case

  • Yoko Asanuma - Akiko's Ski Outfit, Snow Woman Robe: To throw off Akiko's time of death and create an alibi for herself.

The Black Organization: One Billion Yen Robbery Case

  • Akemi Miyano - Hairstyle, Glasses, Clothing: To create fake identity "Masami Hirota" and plan for the robbery under the Black Organization order.

The Indiscriminate Stadium Threatening Case

  • One of the Criminal - Clothing, Sunglasses, Scarf: To hide his identity when he come to get the ransom.

Magic Lover's Murder Case

  • Kaito Kuroba: To create an alias Katsui Doito and investigate about Fuden Harui sudden reappearance despite his supposed death.

The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Manga: 200-203, Anime: 136-137)

  • Mutsumi Nishikawa - Extensive Plastic Surgery: To disguise as her former Grand Mistress Masuyo Mamiya whom she had killed in order to search for the treasure in the Mamiya Castle. Disguise failed when she claims to have known in the change of passport, despite the fact that she have not left the estate for many years.

The North Star No.3 Express Leaving Ueno

  • Yukiko Kudo - Hairstyle, Sunglasses, Makeup, Hat, Dress: To create an alias "Fumiyo Akechi" and investigate Kentaro Izumo.
  • Toshinori Kaetsu

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story

  • Keizo's friends: Ski Mask, Outfit - To disguise themselves and rob the bank per Keizo'a plan.

The Truth Behind the Car Explosion Case

Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story

The Locked Room in the Sky: Shinichi Kudo's First Case

  • Tsugumi Amano - Sleeping Mask, Knitted Hat, Blanket: To disguise the sleeping Saginuma Noboru as the sleeping Otaka, creating alibi for herself and throwing off the time of death.

The Twenty Year Old Murderous Intent: The Symphony Serial Murder Case

  • Sadao Kujirai - Plastic Surgery: To evade being captured by the police.
  • Sadao Kujirai - Outfit, Scarf: To create an illusion of the still alive "Saizo Kano" boarding the cruise ship along with the group.
  • Kameda - Plastic Surgery: To evade being captured by the police.
  • Kanie - Plastic Surgery: To evade being captured by the police.

Reunion with the Black Organization

  • Ai Haibara - Glasses: To conceal her identity from the members of the Black Organization at Haido City Hotel. Disguise foiled as both Pisco and Vermouth recognize her face due to the former being close to the Miyano family in the past, while the latter was involved with the Silver Bullet project.

The Nocturne of Red Murderous Intent

  • Misaki Kana - Cloak, Bust: To fake being attacked by a stalker in order to place suspicion on Gerard Tenma.

The Murdered Famous Detective

The Desperate Revival (Manga: 254-258, Anime: 189-192)

  • Heiji Hattori: Baby Powder, Hairstyle: To disguise as Shinichi to alleviate Ran's suspicion. Disguise failed by his Kansai accent and his thick eyebrows.

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3

The Bay of Revenge

Megure's Sealed Secret

The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid

And Then There Were No Mermaids

  • Kimie Shimabukuro - Wig, Latex Mask, Elder Clothing
  • Kimie Shimabukuro - Sweater, Glasses, Hairdye: To disguise as Saori Kadowaki and frame her for the murders.

The Mysterious Passenger

  • Two Robbers - Ski Mask, Hat, Ski Clothing, Bombs disguised as Skis: To prevent the passengers from seeing their faces. They later give the disguise to Vermouth, disguised as Dr. Araide, and Shuichi Akai and have them wear it in order to disguise them as the robbers that're killed in the explosion along with the passengers.

The Nanki Shirahama Mystery Tour

  • Kanako Miyahara - Hat, Wig, Clothing, Makeup, Maki's Lipstick: Originally, Maki Shinjo tasked her with this disguise to create an alibi for herself while she prepare to murder Madoka. However, Kanako doublecrossed Maki and murdered her, utilizing the plan to create an alibi for herself to throw off the time of death.

Boy Genta's Misfortune

  • Someda - Hairdye, Hairstyle: To disguise his identity as the renowned purse snatcher in the area.
  • Miwako Sato - Wig, Clothing: To capture the purse snatcher who attempts to murder Genta.

Kogoro Mouri's Imposter

  • Tatsuo Mori - Hairstyle, Suit: To impersonate Kogoro Mouri and get the suitcase of the red haired man from the Aoiya Inn Reception.
  • Masao Jinbo - Fake Beard, Hat, Sunglasses, Clothing: To get the suitcase of the red haired man from the Aoiya Inn Reception.

The Celebrities' Secret

  • Yuki Takeno - Raincoat, torn glove: To murder Kaoru and disguise the crime as stalker attack.

The Kidnapper in the Picture

  • Kidnapper - Pierrot Costume

The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night

  • Hatsuho Hojo - Samurai Armor, Socks

Shinichi Kudo's New York Case

  • Vermouth: Latex Mask, Coat: To impersonate Officer Radish and get Yukiko off the hook from her trouble with a policeman in New York.
  • Vermouth: Hairstyle, Makeup, Glasses, Clothing: As her alias "Sharon Vineyard".
  • Vermouth: Latex Mask, Silver Wig, Male Clothing: To impersonate as a Serial Killer in New York and lure out Shuichi Akai.

Solitary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace

  • Miyako Kaneshiro: Tan, Hair Dye/Bleach: To create a new identity following the fake kidnapping she had planned in order to test her stepfather's love for her.

The Kanmon Strait of Friendship and Murderous Intent

  • Tohru Akitaya - Otsubo's Hat and Coat: To impersonate Otsubo and create an alibi for him and to throw off Hario's time of death.
  • Keisuke Otsubo - Sunglasses, Suit: To impersonate Seiji Hario, throw off the time of his death, and create alibi for all of his friends during the time of murder.

The Sullied Masked Hero

  • Iwao Ushigome - Two Wolf Face Masks: To frame Ogami as the murderer of Nagase and take over his identity as Wolf Face.

Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night

  • Vermouth: Latex Mask, Wig, Glasses, Clothing resemble those worn by Jodie: To impersonate Jodie Starling and get her backup associates to leave the shipyard.
  • Vermouth: Latex Mask, Wig, Glasses, Male Clothing, Shoulder Pads, Platform Shoes: To impersonate Dr. Araide and search for the escaped Sherry while also keeping tab on both Ran and Shinichi. Disguise foiled when Jodie realized that she doesn't have the knowledge about Hikaru's unwitting involvement in the murder of Yoshiteru Araide by his wife Yoko.
  • Heiji Hattori: Latex Mask, Bandages, Sunglasses, Two-Way Voice Changer: To impersonate Shinichi and foil Vermouth's plan at the Ghost Ship Party.
  • Hattori: Latex Mask, Wig Yukiko disguised Hattori to look like her teenage son, Shinichi Kudo, in order for him to attend Vermouth's Halloween Party on a ship, using Shinichi Kudo's envelope and invitation, in order to fool Vermouth, who is trying to distract Conan, so that she can go after her mark, Sherry.
  • Hattori: Bandages in order to become the invisible Man Yukiko completed Hattori's Disguise by covering it up with the Bandages of the Invisible Man. Overall it took 6 hours for his complete disguise to be finished.
  • Yukiko: Latex Mask, snake like hair for her Medusa She attended the Monster party as Hattori's Guest.
  • Conan Edogawa: Latex Mask, Wig, Ai's Clothing: To impersonate Ai and lure out Vermouth in an attempt to capture her.
  • Conan: Latex Mask, Wig, Face Mask Voice Changer Conan disguised as Haibara in order to fool Vermouth into thinking that he is her. He was planning to have her take him to see the higher ups in the organization, but when she was about to kill Jodie, he had to change his plan completely.

Find the Buttock's Mark

  • Naokazu Fukuchi - Raincoat: To pretend being serial attacker and gain excitement in life.

Love, Ghosts, and World Heritage

  • Ayumi Yoshida - Bedsheet: To impersonate Mami and scare off the murderer of Eiji.

Kaitou Kid's Miraculous Midair Walk

A Course Without Protest

  • Masaharu Motoyama

The Synchronicity Case (Anime: 364-365)

  • Manabu Anzai - Sunglasses, Hat: To disguise himself when he tries to murder Kaoru Minamizato.

Which One's Deduction Show

  • Atsushi Hasami - Iwatomi's shoes: To frame Hajime Iwatomi for the murder of Kenji Tsujiya.

The Target is Kogoro Mouri

  • Hiroshi Ukita - Plastic Surgery, Hairdye, Weight Loss: To create an alias "Inoue" and murder Kogoro Mouri for foiling his robbery scheme in the past, resulting in him going to prison and his girlfriend breaking up with him.

A Jewel Thief Caught Red-Handed

  • Sakanobu Nekota - Motorcycle Helmet, Clothing - To rob the jewelry store and pin the crime on Atomura whom he had murdered.

The Mysterious Angel's Mansion

  • Yoshito Matsunaka - Sunglasses: To create an alias "Tokei", follows the instruction of his deceased employer/in-laws family, and protects his daughter Yuriko.

The Evil Spirit Appears on An Unlucky Day

  • Masashi Watabiki's twin brother - Hairstyle, Clothing: To impersonate his twin brother and work together with him to murder Sekiguchi, the Master, and the Mistress of the household.

Home of Beika's Grenier

  • Yukiko Kudo
  • Yukiko Kudo
  • Yusaku Kudo
  • Yusaku Kudo
  • Hiroshi Agasa

Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out

  • Vermouth

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7

  • Takuji Rokuda

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story - Fake Wedding

Murderer, Shinichi Kudo

  • Makoto Okuda - Extensive Plastic Surgery: To impersonate Shinichi and frame him in the crime as a revenge for his deduction in the past. Disguise foiled due to slight differences in facial structure, and the appearance of real Shinichi.

The Stage of Betrayal

  • Vermouth - Wig, Latex Mask, Clothing: To impersonate Asuza Enomoto and investigate about the name of Rokumichi Hado's song ASACA. Disguise foiled by Conan and Ran when Vermouth acts out of Asuza's character.

Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café

  • Muga Iori - Flat cap, glasses, scarf, earphones, dark clothes and different haircut. To investigate Heiji in secret on behalf of Momiji Ooka.

The Scarlet School Trip (Anime: 927-928)

  • Heiji Hattori - Face mask, sunglasses, dark clothes. To be a stand-in for Shinichi when he shrinks.

The Missing Girlfriend (Anime: 940)

  • Maki Ohara - Kaho's clothing, Wig: To impersonate Kaho Mizunuma and fake her suicide in order to protect her from the criminal who threatens to kill her.

The Tokyo Barls Collection (Anime: 943)

  • Toyoko Busujima - Makeup, Wig, Clothing: To make herself looks younger in order toinvite Kogoro to her Monja Shop. Disguise foiled by the crack in makeup, revealing her real face.


The Last Wizard of the Century

  • Kaito Kuroba: Latex Mask, Wig, Clothing resemble those worn by Shiratori: To impersonate Inspector Shiratori, investigate, and return the Emperor Egg back to its truthful owner Natsumi Kosaka.
  • Kaito Kuroba: Hairstyle, Teitan Uniform: To impersonate Shinichi and alleviate Ran's suspicion for Conan. This disguise would be repeatly used throughout the movies for various purposes and doesn't require latex mask due to Kaito having virtually similar facial feature to Shinichi.

Strategy Above the Depth

  • Minako Akiyoshi: Bathrobe, Towel: To disguise as Chief Takae Yashiro and make Kusaka think that he had successfully murder the real one, whom she later murder herself.

The Raven Chaser

  • Vermouth
  • Irish: Latex Mask, Wig, Clothing: To impersonate Superindendent Matsumoto. Disguise foiled as Conan realizes that Vermouth herself can virtually disguise as herself anyone, except those with drastic difference in body structure to her.

Detective Conan vs. real world disguise

Detective Conan ignores the limitations of real world disguises, and many of the abilities shown by disguise artists like Vermouth or Kaito Kid are impossible. In the real world, trying to impersonate other people is fairly difficult; the more complicated a disguise is and the longer it is used, the more likely it is to fail.

Creating a latex facial mask to imitate someone's face is possible in real life, but it takes on the order of hours to prepare and apply accurately and requires having a good model of the face in question. In Detective Conan, Kaitou Kid puts on masks in seconds, which is improbable when perfection is required. Latex mask application is more realistic in Yukiko's case, who had 7 hours of time to dress Heiji and Conan to fool the Black Organization in the showdown with Vermouth.

While disguise characters in Detective Conan are portrayed as having limitlessly flexible voices, voice mimicry is extremely difficult. Would be voice copiers typically run up against the physical range of one's voice. Men cannot reach higher octaves while women struggle with low voices. Also it is extremely difficult to mimic voices in general even with practice, especially arbitrary voices. Accents greatly add to the errors one can make. Again, Yukiko seems to be a fairly accurate portrayal of an extremely good real life voice changer: preferring to create new voices rather than imitate others which is more believable while also apparently limited in her range to women.

Ignoring latex masks, other disguises which change one's body shape are somewhat realistic in Detective Conan, although the speed at which they are applied stretches the bounds of reality. Carefully placed padding and custom fit clothing are certainly possible, as are disguised platform shoes to add height. Quick change is also possible in real life, although it may be difficult to disguise the tearaway clothes as normal clothes under scrutiny. Nevertheless, disguising as someone with drastic difference in body structure can be difficult and require additional pre-planning and training in order to make the disguised person's movement believable, as in the case of Yukiko who requires a pair sizable platform shoes to disguise as her taller husband Yusaku. Similarly, only Irish who has similar build as Superintendent Matsumoto is capable of disguising as him without arousing suspicion, something that even Master of Disguise Vermouth appears to have trouble with.


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  2. ^ Vermouth's silver haired serial killer survived some rain
  3. ^ To fool Ran into thinking Conan and Shinichi are not the same person in the beginning.
  4. ^ Vermouth as Araide claims to have sent his grandmother Mitsu and housekeeper Hikaru ahead to Aomori, despite not trusting them to take care of themselves
  5. ^ The Traitor's Stage: Vermouth acts out of Asuza's character by lying about her musical talent.