Yutaka Takai

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Yutaka Takai

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Japanese name: 高井 豊 (Takai Yutaka)
English name: Yutaka Takai
Age: 15-16 (beginning)
17-18 (post-timeskip)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1970 or 1971 (manga)
Occupation: High school student
Genius inventor
Status: Alive
First appearance: Manga: Wait For Me (short story)
Anime: Wait For Me (OVA)
Appearances: Yutaka Takai Appearances
Japanese voice: Kappei Yamaguchi

Yutaka Takai (高井 豊 Takai Yutaka?) is the protagonist from the one-shot Wait For Me and its anime adaption, who also appeared as a fictional person in an Original Video Animation related to Detective Conan. He's a 15 or 16 years[1][2] old teen prodigy (17-18 years old after a time skip) and inventor currently attending a unnamed high school in the Senkawa District[3] of the Toshima Ward in Tokyo.

Plot overview

Wait For Me

Yutaka Takai is a genius inventor, despite just being in the first year of high school[4]. During a test run he inadvertently creates a time machine while trying a jetpack he built. With this, he plans to travel to the past to be the same age as his girlfriend Mamiko Abe, who's two years older than him. But in a moment of distraction, she grabs the jetpack instead and travels two years into the future to fulfill Yutaka's wish... Can Yutaka remember Mamiko in time to catch her when she returns?

Yutaka on the poster of the double feature in The Wandering Red Butterfly.

The Wandering Red Butterfly

Yusaku Kudo and Wandering Red Butterfly go to the cinema to watch the double feature movie Wait For Me/The Santa Claus of Summer, with Yutaka Takai, Mamiko Abe, Keisuke Hara und Asuka Anzai visible on the promo poster. Yutaka and Keisuke can also be seen on the cover of the Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories volume Yusaku is placing down on the seat next to him.


  • Yutaka Takai's name is a composite of the names of Yutaka Abe (Gosho Aoyama's senpai he was an assistant of back then, in turn an assistant of him nowadays) and Mamiko Takai (a popular Japanese idol during the eighties), who was Abe's favorite idol back then. She is also mentioned in-story by Yuri Shiozawa. Yutaka Abe in turn made a similar joke that same year in his series 100% Tantei Monogatari, in which the protagonist is named Momoko Aoyama, a portmanteau name of Gosho Aoyama's surname and the first name of his own favorite idol of that time, Momoko Kikuchi.[5]


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    Furthermore, students in the 1st year of high school (10th grade) in Japan are in the age range of 15-16.
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