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Volume 2

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Release date: November 15, 1988
September 16, 2011 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122082-7
ISBN 4-09-123277-9 (reissue)
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Magic Kaito Volume 2 was released on November 15, 1988 in Japan.


Stay Away From Him[edit]

Chapter 7[edit]

On a school trip to ski, Aoko accidentally runs into Kaito yet another time that day, to his annoyance. Akako observes from a distance, planning to try again to make Kaito hers. The supervising teacher interrupts them with the announcement of a costumed skiing contest for opposite gender couples with a prize for the best pair. Aoko assumes that Kaito would insultingly refuse a request to ski together. At the same time, Akako snags Aoko for a private chat about Kaito. Aoko denies any romantic feelings, blushing, only for Akako to declare that she does like Kaito, and will be pursuing him. She lays a bet with Aoko that if Kaito chooses to ski with Akako for the contest, Aoko will stay away from Kaito in the future. Aoko is surprised that someone as popular as Akako likes Kaito, but Akako refuses to say why she has the crush.

After Akako skis gracefully away, Aoko privately wishes she could ski that well, to be able to match Kaito. Another classmate, Fujie, falls in the snow near her as he tries to catch up with Akako, whom he likes. Fujie has the same feelings of inadequacy about Akako and his abilities, and Aoko offers to pair with him in the contest, bad skiers sticking together.

As Kaito takes another run down the slopes, Akako overtakes him and sneaks a small heart patch on the back of his jacket as she passes by. When he catches up at the bottom, Akako attempts to flirt with him, only be interrupted by Aoko once more falling nearby. Kaito comments that Aoko's just as bad as before, and, to her shock, offers to let her team up with him. Akako interrupts that Aoko already asked Fujie, and drags Kaito off with her to the ski lift. Kaito rides the lift with bad grace, answering all of Akako's attempts at conversation with curt grumpiness, until she loses her patience with subtle and convinces Kaito to pair up with her mostly out of exasperation. She assumes that the patch is working, since the patch is supposed to guarantee that the wearer will be attached to Akako, first as a partner and eventually as a servant.

Later, Kaito warms up alone in the mixed-gender baths, only for Aoko and three classmates to show up unexpectedly. He manages a disguise as a girl amidst the steam to avoid being subject to their wrath, and watches from a distance as the girls discuss the contest. Aoko admits that she gave up on pairing with Kaito because he hates looking bad, and she didn't want to embarrass him. She wanted to give him the chance to look good. Her classmates argue that it's not fine for her to give up like that, and Kaito nearly gives himself away as a guy in his hurry to agree.

As the contest time approaches, Kaito discovers Fujie dressed as Kaitou Kid, waiting for Aoko to arrive in an Inspector Nakamori costume. Another classmate comments on the heart patch on Kaito's jacket. When Kaito blames Akako, Fujie perks up at her name and admits that he likes Akako a lot.


Japan's Most Irresponsible Prime Minister[edit]

Heist info[edit]

Chapter 8[edit]

Kaito and Aoko argue as they play a console RPG and keep dying in battle until Aoko gets so frustrated she unplugs the whole game. The TV turns back on with an urgent news bulletin. Prime Minister Uemoto was kidnapped by Kaitou Kid from an international conference. Nakamori also appears on the TV, berating Kid for stooping so low as to steal a person. The next day, gossip runs rampant at school as to Kid's motives, but Kaito's only concern is who could be so skilled that they managed to impersonate Kid successfully.

On the way home from school with Aoko, Kaito notices a busking street magician in the train station. The old man is mediocre, but Kaito notices one trick involves a unique-looking lapel pin appearing in the hand of a child. With his loud laughter at the children's praise, the old man is approached by security for causing a disturbance, and he walks off as Kaito asks the boy to see the pin and confirms that it's a Diet Member's badge.

Kaito suspects the old man, but doubts he has the magic skills to truly be the culprit. As he ponders, Aoko finds a hint-book for their RPG and learns that the monster they couldn't defeat was being controlled by the King, the real enemy. After a moment's thought, Kaito realizes who the real culprit is behind the kidnapping and run's off.


I Am the Master[edit]

Gadgets introduced[edit]

Heist info[edit]

Chapter 9[edit]

An inventor brings his promised gift to Inspector Nakamori at a heist: robots that never forget a person once they've see them. The target, of course, is Kid, who rappels down the outside of the building and breaks through the window, into an apparently empty display room. Surprised, but undaunted, Kid steals his target and starts to leave when he encounters the robot, which records his face.

The police reveal themselves, but Kid escapes down the side of the building on a rocket-powered scooter, freefalling over thirty stories into the police air cushion and slipping away in a disguise. However, the robot sees through the disguise and via the robot's signal, the task force catches up with Kid multiple times as he runs. Eventually, Kid notices the robot, and catches it, only to discover the robot has a whole host of compatriots and Nakamori is still on his heels. No matter were Kid tries to escape, through the night and well into the next school day, the robots follow and the police hound him.


Would You Grow Up[edit]

Gadgets introduced[edit]

Heist info[edit]

Chapter 10[edit]

At school, Aoko shows Kaito a charm that Akako taught her for becoming more adult-like. Kaito dismisses it, angering Aoko, while in the background Akako watches them in frustration that Kaito doesn't so much as notice her. In her anger, Akako thinks that if Kaito died, her failure would be erased and her supremacy over men's attention reestablished. Her decision made, Akako performs a summoning to learn if her intended plan will be successful. and is satisfied by the somewhat vague answer. At the heist that night, Akako sneaks onto the site and puts an enchanted necklace on Inspector Nakamori, which knocks him out as she walks away, laughing.

Kid gets a bad feeling as he waits for the heist time, but dismisses it. Inspector Nakamori catches up with his men, acting clearly out of character between rudeness to his subordinates and ruthlessly firing at Kid when Kid arrives for the target. Kid escapes through the halls and stairways of the building on rocket roller-skates, pursued by officers and a homicidal Inspector Nakamori to the roof.

The Boy Who Bet on the Ball[edit]

Heist Info[edit]

Chapter 11[edit]


Ghost Game[edit]

Chapter 12[edit]

Rumors of a monster in Ekoda High attract Aoko's attention, especially when her friend Keiko is left bedridden after supposedly seeing it. The day after Keiko's encounter, Aoko drags a reluctant Kaito along to explore the school after hours, determined to find the monster. The pair quickly encounter Ekoda High's new science teacher Dr. Aso, who leaves them alone after they invent an excuse about leaving something behind at school.

After Kaito reviews what he'd learned about the "monster" during the school day, he and Aoko find several disturbing phenomena: disembodied threats from the P.A. system, a staircase that leaks blood, and extremely hairy cats roaming the halls. Aoko becomes steadily more terrified, while Kaito concludes that someone in the school is deliberately scaring away anyone trying to stay after hours. As he heads off to investigate the broadcast room, Aoko begs him to take her along, but he refuses, believing that she would be safer inside a classroom. Before he leaves, however, he gives Aoko a mop and instructs her to yell if anything hostile finds her.

Kaito finds the broadcast room empty, but a recently-smoked cigarette in an ashtray tells him that it was occupied not long ago. Meanwhile, Aoko sees a shadow outside the door, only to find a hideous ogre bearing a knife. After stunning the ogre with the mop, she runs for the girls' washroom, with the ogre in hot pursuit. Aoko manages to barricade herself inside one of the washroom stalls, but this tactic only delays the ogre, who climbs over the stall door.


Hustler vs. Magician[edit]

Heist Info[edit]

Chapter 13[edit]

Aoko and Kaito visit Jii's billiards hall, The Blue Parrot, which Kaito notices is unusually empty. They play a game, though neither of them are very good at it. Kaito teases Aoko and flips her skirt, only to discover that her underwear depicts his greatest fear: fish. She chases him, threatening him with further visions of fish, until another patron yells at them for being disruptive and threatens to hit Kaito with a cue stick. The man leaves before Jii can throw him out, but not before retorting that Jii is indebted to the man's boss, who owns a rival billiards hall and a Legendary Cue stick. Kaito asks about the cue stick, which Jii explains is set with jewels and only wielded by champions. Jii owned it back in the days before he met Toichi, until he bet it in a billiards game and lost to Tsuujirou Hasura, an expert, mechanically precise player.

The rival billiard hall has a dress code and an 18-and-older age policy, but Kaito doesn't plan to let that stop him. He'll repay all of Jii's help by recovering the cue stick. Kid sends a heist note to Hasura at the billiards hall, and by eavesdropping learns that the "boss" doesn't dare alert the police. At the entrance, he meets Aoko, and insists on doing a "quickchange" of her clothes and hair to make her look older. Jii buys them entrance while Kaito and Aoko argue about Kaito's methods; when the ticket seller questions their age, Kaito claims they're not only college students, but married.

At the bar, Inspector Nakamori and another officer to show up nearby, incognito, due to an anonymous tip about the Kid heist. Luckily, he doesn't recognize Kaito and Aoko. Kaito and Jii bluff their way into the back room, where Hasura plays, as magazine journalists, leaving Aoko to keep Nakamori distracted. He buys her a martini, which she drinks without knowing the alcohol content.



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