Momoko Aoyama

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Momoko Aoyama

Magic Kaito Chapter 6 Momoko Aoyama.jpg

Japanese name: 青山 桃子
(Aoyama Momoko)
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Relatives: Kuritaro Aoyama (younger brother)
Detective Aoyama (father)
Mrs. Aoyama (mother)
Occupation: Ekoda High student
Private detective
First appearance: 100% Tantei Monogatari Manga:
Chapter 1
Magic Kaito Manga:
Chapter 6
Appearances: 100% Tantei Monogatari Manga: 4
Magic Kaito Manga: 1
Magic Kaito TV Specials: 1

Momoko Aoyama (青山 桃子 Aoyama Momoko?) is a student in the second year of Ekoda High School and a private detective who inherited her father's detective agency. She currently attends class 2-B together with Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori, is the protagonist of the one shot volume 100% Tantei Monogatari and briefly appears in Magic Kaito.

Plot overview

100% Tantei Monogatari plot overview

100% Detective Tale Case 1 (100%TM Manga: 1)

100% Detective Tale Case 2 (100%TM Manga: 2)

100% Detective Tale Case 3 (100%TM Manga: 3)

Another 100% Detective Tale (100%TM Manga: 6)

Magic Kaito plot overview

Momoko and Kaitou Kid by Gosho Aoyama

The Scarlet Temptress (MK Manga: 6, Anime: 4)

Momoko appears (and gets mentioned in the TV special) as one of the girls who gave Valentine's chocolate to Kaito Kuroba. All of the three girls visible were drawn by Yutaka Abe and are intended as allusions: Momoko as the protagonist of his 100% Tantei Monogatari series, "Mamiko-chan" is based on Mamiko Takai and "Kyōko-chan" is named after Abe's good friend, the mangaka Kyōko Fumizuki

Possible further appearances

There's a blonde girl with ponytail and hair over her temples looking like Momoko and being part of class 2-B in chapters 2, 7, 8 and 15, too, most of the time as part of Aoko Nakamori's and Keiko Momoi's circle of friends and these times drawn by Gosho Aoyama. It's left unclear whether it's supposed to be Momoko again, though.


  • Momoko Aoyama is named both after Gosho Aoyama himself and after his favorite idol at the time, Momoko Kikuchi. This was a reaction by Yutaka Abe in return to Gosho's one-shot Wait For Me, in which the protagonists are named Yutaka Takai and Mamiko Abe. "Yutaka" and "Abe" came from Yutaka Abe's own name, while the parts of the name "Takai! and "Mamiko" came from Yutaka's then favorite idol Mamiko Takai.[1]
  • Gosho Aoyama also confirmed on the bonus page of 100% Tantei Monogatari that he intended to have a battle between Momoko Aoyama and Kaitou Kid once, but it never worked out.[2]


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    こぼれ話として『100%探偵物語』の登場人物の青山桃子は青山が当時好きだった菊池桃子と合体した名前である。(…) 青山デビュー作『ちょっとまってて』の主人公の名前は「高井豊」「阿部麻巳子」だが、これは阿部が当時好きだったアイドル高井麻巳子と合わせたもの。
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