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Yaiba passing the torch to Detective Conan.
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Crossovers with Yaiba happening in the manga of Detective Conan.

Volume 2[edit]

The Picture Speaks (Manga: 12)[edit]

Yaiba fighting with the Haō-ken on Kogoro's TV.

At the end of the case, Conan Edogawa sleeps in front of the TV in the Mouri Detective Agency on which Yaiba Kurogane can be seen, wielding the Hao-ken with the energy blade he uses in his final battle against Takeshi Onimaru in his demon form during Chapter 233-236 (Yaiba Volume 23, Chapter 1-4).

The Scary Building (Manga: 17)[edit]

A rock-solid Easter Egg... Okay, I admit, that was bad.

One of the stone statues inside the seemingly haunted house the newly founded Detective Boys enter is (fittingly enough) the Rock Soldier from the so-called "Pyramid Arc" of Yaiba, who appeared in Chapters 178-181 (Yaiba Volume 18, Chapter 2-5).

Volume 3[edit]

The Mystery of August 3rd (Manga: 28)[edit]

Considering that Ran met the game protagonist's rival in person by now...

Conan Edogawa uses a "Game Man" handheld and a (fictitious) game called "YAIBA no Daibōken" ("YAIBA's Great Adventure") to distract Ran Mouri from the fact that he's Shinichi Kudo. While acting like he's playing it, Conan also mentions Onimaru as in-game adversary. The highscore list of the game also is the deciding evidence for Conan to solve the case in the end.

While the game itself is made up, it is probably an allusion to the real game Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba for Game Boy released in 1994.

Volume 4[edit]

Code Sheet Case (Manga: 36-39)[edit]

Yaiba as Hentai Kamen "Kamen Yaiba".
The less perverted version.

This chapter marks the debut of the Detective Boys' favorite superhero, Kamen Yaiba. His name is not just a combination of "Kamen Rider" and "Yaiba", he's also a reference to a moment from Yaiba Chapter 184 (Yaiba Volume 18, Chapter 8), when Yaiba Kurogane put on Sayaka Mine's underwear like a mask to protect himself from the attacks of the Cedar Pollen Soldier, resembling the Rider a bit and jokingly calling himself "Kamen Yaiba" because of it.

In the same chapter we get the first appearance of an ONY brand product: The television in the display window showing the arrest of Dino Cavane. After Takeshi Onimaru took control of Japan in Yaiba, a lot of company names were "oni-fied", with almost all of them being plays on brand names from real life - with SONY of course becoming "ONY". Gosho Aoyama later on integrated this fictionalized company in Magic Kaito, Detective Conan, as well as their derivatives and adaptions, too.

Furthermore, one of the hints for the treasure hunt is the "hat" referring to the sign board of a "Cafe Terrace Jubei", close to Tohto Tower. Besides being a historical person, Jubei Yagyu was also an ally of Yaiba Kurogane in Yaiba. There's also a sign saying "KAPPA" in FILE.38, shortly before the Detective Boys go into the alley Conan tries to get them away from - perhaps a reference to the Kappa(s) living in the Dark Sphere in Yaiba, even though it's unclear in this case whether it could be an allusion or not.

Volume 5[edit]

The Karaoke Killer! (Manga: 45)[edit]

Imagining that song with Conan's flat singing voice...

The cover for the chapter shows Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri singing karaoke in front of a monitor depicting Yaiba Kurogane, while the subtitles spell out "Yuuki ga Areba" - the opening song of Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba.

Volume 6[edit]

Tenkaichi Festival Case (Manga: 59-61)[edit]

Probably makes hellishly good pictures.

The TV in the hotel room at the beginning of the case is an ONY brand model and the disposable camera used by the culprit is a "ONY Onicolor Flash" (differing in spelling between "Onycolor" and "Onicolor"). Additionally, Satoru Imatake's next novel mentioned in the same case, "Kenyuu Densetsu" ("Legend of the Swordmaster" or "Brave Sword Legend") is a reference to the Anime Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, which is translatable as "Legend of the Swordmaster Yaiba" or "Brave Sword Legend Yaiba".

Volume 7[edit]

Piano Sonata Case (Manga: 62-67)[edit]

From bunny to island... is this an up- or downgrade?

The name Tsukikage ("Moon Shadow") for the island is identical to one of Kaguya's henchmen in Yaiba.

Pro Soccer Player Case (Manga: 69-71)[edit]

So, if I'm playing the antagonist... Is this Onimaru's Wario Land to Yaiba's Mario Land?

The brand-new videogame "Onimaru Quest" is, of course, a reference to Takeshi Onimaru from Yaiba - you can even make him partly out in his demon form and his distinct armor on the cover Conan Edogawa is looking at. The game content is - again, similar to "YAIBA no Daibōken" - an important clue for the case.

Volume 10[edit]

The Burning Body (Manga: 96)[edit]

Look like they were made by some really unsuccessful Mangaka.

Conan Edogawa, irritated at still being small and having to visit the children's floor of Beika Library, finds two books, titled "Kaitō Boy" (= Magic Kaito) and "Samurai Shōnin", which is Yaiba. He comments that these books are "boring", so... nice jab at... yourself, Gosho?

Volume 15[edit]

Two-Mix Kidnapping Case (Manga: 144-146)[edit]

Minami Takayama of TWO-MIX, who is a central guest star during this case, was the voice of Yaiba Kurogane, too. The music cassette which she shows the Detective Boys also has an ONY branding.

Volume 28[edit]

The Shrunken Target (Manga: 274)[edit]

It's also being told that the bear transformed into a werewolf now and then when drunk.

When Matasaburo Saika explains the origin of the bear Jubei's name as that of the historical Samurai, with the latter being depicted in the panel background exactly as he looked back in Yaiba.

Old Photograph Murder Case (Manga: 276-278)[edit]

Michiko Kurogane as a middle schooler on Shizuka's old photo (right).

Shizuka Hattori was crying on her old photo because she lost against a younger girl from the first year of middle school in a kendō tournament when she was in the second year - the other girl in question being a young version of Michiko Kurogane (the blonde girl in the back of the photo, still going by her maiden name "Tsubaki" at this time, as can be seen on the sign at the wall), the mother of Yaiba and Moroha Kurogane, looking like her daughter back then and making her the first Yaiba character to canonically exist in Conan's world. Gosho Aoyama confirmed these things in the Shōnen Sunday Special Booklet published in 2013.

Volume 31[edit]

Naniwa Swordsman Case (Manga: 314-315)[edit]

"A couple inches more to the left and you could call me scarface."

Soshi Okita, Yaiba Kurogane's penultimate opponent in the Nobunaga Oda Tournament from Yaiba, is also participating in the kendo tournament in Osaka during this case, which makes him the second Yaiba character to canonically exist in this series, too. He's there on behalf of his school, the Senshin High School from Kyoto, in which Heiji Hattori is longing for his fight against Soshi in order to get his revenge for a fight that took place a year ago - during which Soshi injured Heiji so severely behind his ear that the wound did not stop bleeding and the duel had to be stopped, which made Soshi the winner. Kazuha Toyama, along with Heiji's mother Shizuka Hattori, watches a spectacular fight of Soshi Okita and searches for Heiji, who is at the same time involved in a murder case. Due to this fact, he also misses his fight against Soshi and his team loses.

Volume 38[edit]

Moving Dolls Case (Manga: 384-386)[edit]

A thunderous applause for this deity, please.

This case revolves around two scrolls featuring the Shinto gods Raijin and Fūjin, representing thunder and wind respectively, who are important entities in Yaiba - Yaiba Kurogane uses Raijin's sword and gets possessed by the deity a couple of times, while Takeshi Onimaru gets completely transformed by Fūjin and his sword to become his incarnation on Earth.

Volume 42[edit]

Halloween Party Case (Manga: 429-434)[edit]

Aboard the "ghost ship", a lot of participants wear costumes based on characters from Yaiba, like Takeshi Onimaru, Kumo-Otoko, Gerozaimon Geroda and Kagetora, who are hidden in the backgrounds of the chapters of the case.

Volume 52[edit]

Volume 69[edit]

The Steam Killer (Manga: 722)[edit]

It's gettin' hot in here.

Professor Hiroshi Agasa wants to sell a kind of onsen thermometer he invented to the owner of a hot springs inn, with the invention modeled as a figure depicting Ishikawa Goemon during his execution by being boiled alive in a tub. His Goemon especially looks like the one featured as an antagonist in Yaiba.

Volume 75[edit]

The Real Sleeping Kogoro (Manga: 788)[edit]

Yaiba completely distracts people with his antics even when he isn't actually present.

When inspector Miwako Sato switches on the television, Yaiba Kurogane appears on it, shouting "Here I come, Onimaru!!".

Volume 82[edit]

A Missing Item (Manga: 869-871)[edit]

Is this a devilock?

There are several references to Yaiba in this case: First of all, when the Detective Boys meet Noriya Makabe at the supermarket while browsing through a walkthrough book, they mention the Hao-ken ("Sword of the High/Supreme King") by name as the mightiest sword of the game - which Noriya possesses, imagining the sword exactly like it looked in its regular form in Yaiba.

Kamen Yaiba also appears on the TV, fighting the horned Oni usually serving as Onimaru's goons. Last but not least, the game console - a riff on the Playstation - is of course made by ONY.

Volume 88[edit]

Volume 93-95[edit]

Kendo Tournament Murder Case (Manga: 990-993)[edit]

Soshi Okita's introduction.

The so far biggest, direct crossover between Detective Conan and Yaiba has been during the kendō tournament at Tohto Gymnasium. Soshi Okita reappears in a larger speaking role and uses his "Five-Pieces-Thrust" technique from Yaiba again - he also references Zatoichi, just like Musashi Miyamoto did during Yaiba Kurogane's battle with Okita. The latter's introduction is furthermore a recreation of his introduction panel in Yaiba. Additionally, Conan Edogawa wears the uniform of the Shinsengumi on the cover of FILE.991, who were led by Soshi's ancestor Soji Okita.

"Hi! Have you played Onimaru Quest? It features... me!"

Momiji Ooka and Iori Muga also talk about a student "who is as strong as a demon/oni" during this case, revealed to be no less than Takeshi Onimaru himself - in human form, of course. Ran Mouri runs into him, hearing about him already having won two national tournaments at such a young age (winning his third in the epilogue of Yaiba). Onimaru also refers to Okita as "someone [he] wants to cross swords with" as a reason why he will return to the competition, which implies that some version of the Nobunaga Oda Tournament happened in the past of Conan's world, too (if the circumstances of knowing each other weren't wholly different in this continuity).

Soshi Okita and Takeshi Onimaru also feature in the keyholes of Volume 93 and 94 respectively.

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1000-1005)[edit]

Ran and Okita talk about the photo, telling her about Moroha and her brother Yaiba.

Soshi Okita reappears again in Kyoto during this case, because that's where he lives - besides being a classmate of Momiji Ooka. Ran Mouri uses the opportunity to return his Omamori to him, but explains that her father accidentally took a look in it because he thought it's his daughter's, finding a photo of Moroha Kurogane inside of it, who is revealed to be Okita's love interest. He discloses to Ran that he has to beat his "great/worthy rival", her brother Yaiba Kurogane, first before he can tell her about his true feelings, but asks of Ran not to tell anything to "oppai" ("big breasts", a rather unusual moniker for Momiji) - maybe because both are daughters of absurdly rich families. This also confirms that there is an alternate version of Yaiba somewhere out there in Conan's world.

Another interesting thing is the fact that, after Yaiba was finished, fans in Japan loved shipping Moroha and Okita, creating lots of fan art about them, despite there being pretty much no real interaction between each other in their own manga. This proves Gosho Aoyama did not only know about this, but made this pairing canon - at least for Detective Conan.

See? ♡ (Manga: 1008)[edit]

This kid has a good taste in demons.

Besides a lot of other toys, two of the puppets Maria Higashio has next to the television in her grandparent's house in are Gerozaimon Geroda and Namako-Otoko, the first being another one of the "Hachi Oni" (Eight Demons) who originally served Takeshi Onimaru and joined Yaiba Kurogane's group later on. Apropos television: The model seen is by ONY.

"Look at his smug grin! He has to be Kudo."

Soshi Okita is also mentioned and seen on Heiji Hattori's smartphone again during this chapter, used as a distraction based on his similarity to Shinichi Kudo, to keep the latter safe from suspicion.

Black Bunny's Club Case (Manga: 1009-1012)[edit]

"As soon as I have my rabbit army back you'll be done for."

The suspect Sana Murakami seems to be an allusion to Empress Kaguya from Yaiba. Besides their general visual similarities, she works as a Bunnygirl, reminding one of Kaguya's trademark costume, and her surname is a reference to the crater of the same name on the Moon, similar to the Moon crater Kaguya's base was situated in. These things are pretty much confirmed with Gosho's commentary through Sherry's Soliloquy, saying:

She’s reminiscent of Kaguya-sama, isn’t she?

Volume 98[edit]

Momiji's Challenge (Manga: 1039)[edit]

The Yaiba characters seem to randomly slide in and out of their fictional status by now.

The Detective Boys play a platformer videogame featuring Yaiba Kurogane and Sayaka Mine while they are at Professor Hiroshi Agasa's house. Their running pose also is a little bit reminiscent of the walking pose they have on the cover of Yaiba Volume 1. If you look very closely at the second panel the game can be seen in, you can spot two character portraits on the right side of the monitor, seemingly depicting the faces of Gerozaimon Geroda and Namako-Otoko, right above Genta Kojima's head. Apropos Namako: he also appears as Ran Mouri's mobile phone strap again.

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