Magic Kaito Volume 1

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Volume 1

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Release date: May 15, 1988
August 5, 2011 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122081-9
ISBN 4-09-123276-0 (reissue)
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Magic Kaito Volume 1 was released on May 15, 1988 in Japan.

The Revived Phantom Thief[edit]

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Chapter 1[edit]

It's just another average day in Ekoda High School Class 2-B as childhood friends Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori chase each other around the classroom after Kaito peeks at Aoko's underwear. Kaito seems pleased with himself until Aoko says that even Kaito couldn't beat Kaitou Kid, a thief known for using magic. Kaito takes Aoko up on this challenge and says he'll catch Kaitou Kid himself and disappears from the classroom. Meanwhile, Aoko's father, Inspector Ginzo Nakamori sees a news report that Kaitou Kid plans on stealing a gem called the Eye of the Moon.

Sitting in his room after school Kaito sees the news report on TV as well. Hearing that Kaitou Kid has reappeared after he suddenly vanished eight years ago reminds Kaito of his father, the famous magician Toichi Kuroba, who passed away eight years ago in a stage accident. While thinking about Toichi, Kaito puts his hand on the portrait of his father hanging in his bedroom and suddenly falls through the wall as the painting flips around. Kaito finds himself in a hidden room and a recorded message on a tape recorder left behind by his father. Unfortunately the tape is old and breaks but then Kaito discovers an unusual outfit. At the same time, Aoko is visiting the Kuroba household and speaks with Kaito's mother Chikage Kuroba in an effort to find out Kaito's weakness. Curious about his father, Kaito puts on the white cape and hat and decides he'll go to the Kid heist to meet him and get some answers.

The Police Are Everywhere[edit]

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Chapter 2[edit]

Princess Anne arrives in one of Japan's airports, bringing along several national treasures, including Europe's largest diamond, "Lots of Sunshine over Paris". Her siamese kitten and constant companion, Belmonde, runs off, only to pinned by several bullets shot by Europe's top detective, Delon. Delon has a reputation for being ruthless and deadly, shooting criminals that try to run. Inspector Nakamori, who is part of Princess Anne's police guard while she's in Japan, arrives intent on finding the shooter, only to be put down by Delon for allowing Kaitou Kid to escape so many times. Delon issues a challenge to Kid to come after the diamond.

In class the next day, Kaito reads an article about the challenge and temporarily disrupts math class with his enraged reaction. Aoko thinks he's looking at Princess Anne's picture rather than the challenge, and he teases her for being jealous. She denies it, claiming she's worried for Nakamori, who thinks he might be removed from the Task Force if Kid gets away from him again. Kaito childishly insults Nakamori's competency, and he and Aoko exchange insults.

After school, as Kaito walks home without Aoko's company, he notices Nakamori sitting just off the path on the grassy embankment, looking depressed. Kaito asks what's wrong and Nakamori explains about the Task Force, Delon's interference, and his inability to predict Kaitou Kid. He apologizes for complaining, then asks Kaito to show him a magic trick, since Aoko always talks about Kaito's skills. Kaito gives a brief show and lesson on sleight of hand, and the hint that Kid's tricks are no more inexplicable than Kaito's.

At the heist that night, Delon guards Princess Anne with an even greater number of the police than the Task Force would. Kaito sneaks in under the disguise of "Count Groper", garnering Delon's suspicion. Outside, Nakamori has realized that more officers is exactly what Kid wants, because it makes it harder to see through his tricks.


The Clockwork Heart[edit]

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Chapter 3[edit]

In a crowded laboratory, an eccentric inventor berates his creation for acting on its own initiative, only to be defied and gruesomely killed by what looks like the Kaitou Kid. At Ekoda High, Aoko asks why Kaito wasn't at school the previous day, only for Kaito to recoil and ponder aloud his own reaction to her, tentatively concluding that it might be because he loves her. The entire classroom is knocked speechless, and Kaito leaves to return to the isolated Ogami Electronics Laboratory, where the real Kaito has been restrained and connected to some equipment.

The robot asks Kaito why he has to pretend to be Kaito, but insists he's human when Kaito calls him out as a robot. Kaito asks after the scientist, and is horrified to learn that the robot doesn't understand even the concept of human death, thinking he merely "broke" the scientist. The robot also doesn't understand why he was reprimanded for acting according to his parameters -- the scientist didn't realize the robot has Kid as well as Kaito programmed into his operating program. The robot decides to download the rest of Kaito's memories to try to understand, not realizing that it takes more than memories to make a human.

The robot even phones Inspector Nakamori with another heist notice, and sets a timed explosion to destroy the isolated laboratory with Kaito still inside. The robot truly believes that he is Kaito Kuroba, and plans to "take over the world" as Kaitou Kid. At the heist that night, the robot uses extendable arms to steal the gem and escapes to the next building, proclaiming himself to be Kaitou Kid.


Kaitou Kid's Busy Day Off[edit]

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Chapter 4[edit]

Kid arrives for the Angel's Crown, only to be caught by a police spotlight that gives Inspector Nakamori a good view of his face. Kid escapes with a flashbomb but leaves a note that he'll return that Sunday evening. The next morning, Aoko asks Kaito out on a date, despite Kaito's automatic insults to cover his embarrassment. He relents at Aoko's teary-eyed begging, only for her to set the date as Sunday evening at Tropical Land. Aoko denies any true romantic feelings to her inquisitive classmates, privately recalling that in order to counter Nakamori's suspicions of Kaito's face and magical prowess, she swore that Kaito was going on the date she just finagled. She wonders, but doesn't want to believe Kaito could be Kid.

At Tropical Land, Kaito worries that Aoko or Nakamori suspect his identity, but to Aoko's delight, he does show up. Aoko tries too hard to play up the effects in the park and her "typical date" reaction to them, which Kaito foils every time in a deadpan lack of interest. Aoko finally loses her temper at his behavior, which cheers Kaito right up since she's finally acting like herself. They go on to enjoy the park together.

The Underwater Pirate Ship[edit]

Chapter 5[edit]

Off the coast of Japan, Aoko scuba dives while Kaito worries about her air. When he berates her once she finally returns, she retaliates by showing off a fish she caught underwater. Kaito freaks out before the fish is suddenly speared by the boat captain, who says it was poisonous but insults Kaito for not being able to appreciate the beauty of the ocean. Aoko agrees, and mentions a beautiful, shining coral that she saw, which catches the captain's interest. He asks her to take him there, and she ignores Kaito's sudden bad feeling and returns to the water with the captain.


The Scarlet Temptress[edit]

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Chapter 6[edit]

Using mirror-magic, the teenage witch Akako Koizumi discovers that one man is immune to her charms, and thus to her aspiration for all men to be her slaves, Kaitou Kid.

The next morning is Valentine’s Day, and Aoko shyly offers Kaito chocolate, though she tries to pass it off as feeling sorry for him. Kaito, initially oblivious to that fact that it is Valentine’s day, runs off before Aoko can finish her offer. Keiko teases Aoko for liking Kaito, though Aoko tries to deny it, and Keiko mentions that all the other boys only want chocolate from the new student, Akako Koizumi. Keiko dislikes how she’s acting like a queen, though Aoko admires her for being pretty and ladylike.

Kaito gleefully arrives with his arms full of chocolate from other girls at school, and asks Akako for one from her, as well. Akako slaps Kaito’s chocolate to the floor and demands he throw it all away before she'll give him any. To her absolute shock, Kaito refuses. As the teacher sends everyone to their seats, Akako remembers that only one man can refuse her, and swears she’ll unmask Kid.


In this volume, Aoyama includes "bloopers" of each chapter:

The Revived Phantom Thief[edit]

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The Underwater Pirate Ship[edit]

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