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This page lists what some fans believe to be oversights in Detective Conan: errors, plotholes, and omissions.

Because this is a contentious topic, please be civil and follow the format rules below. Also, please do not include oversights where the anime has done something differently from the manga or Gosho is consistently doing something unrealistically for dramatic effect. Those belong on the List of differences between the manga and anime and Internal rules in Detective Conan pages respectively.

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Missed clue on the Roller Coaster

In the Roller Coaster Murder Case, Shinichi mentioned that he felt a drop of liquid, the culprit's tear, hit his forehead as she leaned over him to place the loop around the victim's neck. However, Shinichi neglected to mention any change in the feeling or sound of the wind rushing past his face as the culprit leaned over him.

Gin right-handed in his first appearance

In the Roller Coaster Murder Case, Gin did everything like a right-handed person would. He adjusted his hat with his right hand and held the pipe he used to clobber Shinichi in his right hand. He also pulled the APTX pill out of the container and forced fed Shinichi the pill and the water with his right hand, only using his left as support. Gin was canonically confirmed to be left-handed later.

Dead victim flipped over

In An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case, the suicidal victim landed back-down on the knife and most likely died instantly according to the coroner[1], but the corpse is found in a belly-down position.


The corpse could have flopped over after impact, had postmortem spasms and turned over, or the coroner was incorrect about the instantaneity of the death.

Brand of camera used by culprit

The Brand of the camera used by the culprit in Volume 6 is the "ONY" brand, the specific version of disposable camera he is using has the name "ONYCOLOR" written on the side, but is also written as "ONICOLOR". "ONI" being the misspelling. Both spellings are used even in the same panel in File 9, page 5.

Matsumoto's vanishing scar

In several cases there are panels where Gosho forgot to draw Matsumoto's scar that crosses his left eye.[2] Cases where the scar is forgotten include:

  • The Poisoned Bride Case - At least nine examples across all three files.
  • Girl Clubbing Case - Two panels in Volume 29 files 1 and 2. Matsumoto is speaking with Megure about the case and Megure's past in the underground car park.
  • Takagi's Last Case - One panel in Volume 44 file 4 where Matsumoto is speaking with Megure at the police station.

The vanishing hole in the wall

In manga version of The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case, in Volume 11, on the final page of File 9 the hole that was made by the water rushing out was drawn boarded up. It was properly depicted as broken open on the cover page of File 10.

Akemi's alternate universe memory

In the manga version of The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case, there is a flashback of Akemi having knowledge that she really could not possibly have had at that time. Haibara remembers a conversation she had with her sister about meeting with Conan. This conversation could have only taken place at some point after Akemi's first visit to the Detective Agency[3], but before going to the hotel to kill the large man known as "Akira" [4] because that continuous scene ultimately ends with her being shot. In this conversation, Akemi mentions Conan by name and that he has a composure like an adult. There are two main flaws.

  1. During Akemi's first visit to the detective agency, Conan's most notable action is trying to stick a tracking sticker on Ran's butt, tripping over a power cord, and falling into the seat next to her. Akemi was also focused on delivering her story correctly while staying in character, and so had little time to note Conan's other actions. There is no reason why Akemi would describe Conan as mature.
  2. Conan's name was never mentioned during that first meeting with Akemi in the Detective Agency. Akemi should not have known Conan's name at the time she met with Shiho unless Conan's name was mentioned off-panel or Akemi obtained information about the Detective Agency's inhabitants ahead of time.[5]

This change may have been made for the benefit of anime watchers who were exposed to a serious plothole concerning Akemi's death. In the first anime adaptation of the case, Akemi survived the one billion yen robbery because Gin and Vodka were replaced with a standard criminal who was brought down by Conan before he could shoot.


But it's possible that Akemi knows all this because she had faked her death, and was speaking with Shiho after "being killed", but if it is right, it isn't confirmed.

Disappearing Beard

The beard of the suspect in the background suddenly vanishes and then reappears. From File 409 (Suspicious Curry Case)

Akai's wronghanded rifle

In Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out, Akai's Accuracy International Arctic Warfare is a right-handed model rather than a left-handed one. The location of the bolt is on the right which means he would have had to awkwardly reach over with his left to operate it, an action that would mess up his precise 700 yard aim. Akai is also shown closing one eye while sniping. Professional snipers are typically taught to shoot with both eyes open to reduce eye fatigue and to maintain awareness of the surroundings.

The Black Organization knows Akai's cellphone number

In Clash of Red and Black, Gin forced Kir at gunpoint to call Akai and make a phony deal with him. It does not make sense for Gin to know Akai's cellphone number, nor would it make sense for him to expect Kir to know it. Shuichi Akai keeping the same cellphone number from his Black Organization days would be a massive security risk because it could be targeted for hacking or phone call interception.

Missing Band-aid

In the Ikkaku Rock Case, the culprit's band-aid is missing from one of the panels. Even worse is that it is a clue because the victim's lipstick is supposed to be under it. This was later fixed in the subsequent volume release.

Missing band-aid.jpg
Fixed volume version

Victim starved to death without attempting to escape from the Red Wall locked room

In The Mansion of Death and the Red Wall, the door to the room where Shusaku Akashi was barricaded in and the rolling trolley blocking the door were both undamaged. This would imply that Shusaku Akashi did not mount a serious attempt to escape by trying to break down the door or pick the lock. Normally it would be expected that a desperate starving person who had the energy to break a window to leave a dying message would attempt to escape imprisonment rather than docilely accepting death.


The fact that Akashi didn't attempt any escape could have been due to his state of mind at the time of his death. He had recently suffered the loss of his wife Aoi Kobashi, whom he wanted to make a painting for for her birthday, but committed suicide after not being able to wait for the results of Akashi's painting. He could have regretted not showing the painting to Aoi quicker and accepted his fate so he could be able to ″join her in heaven″.

Teitan Elementary School's shrinking age

In Gingko-Colored First Love, the 52 year-old Agasa says he attended Teitan elementary which means it is as least 40 years old if Agasa only attended in 6th grade when he was 12 years old. However, in A Video Letter of First Love, 26 year old Sumiko Kobayashi was said to be in the 18th graduating class. Since Sumiko was 11 at a minimum while graduating from sixth grade, that means the school has been around the 15 years since plus 18 years before then for a total of 33 years. That is a disparity of at least seven years. Also, the age was once mentioned long ago in The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School Case. After Genta kicked the wall, Ryujiro Uematsu aksed him to cherish the 30-year-old school. This happened in both manga and anime.


The Teitan Elementary School Agasa graduated from might have been a previous school which stood on the same grounds. The 30-year-old school Ryujiro was referring to might have only been about the new building, whereas the institution itself existed for far longer. The graduating classes were also probably set to zero when the new building was constructed, and thus Kobayashi would have graduated from the 18th group since the construction of the new building while Agasa graduated from the previous Teitan Elementary School.

Incorrect English in London

In Holmes' Revelation, the note written by Hades Sabara was grammatically incorrect, chooses words poorly, and contained a misspelling.

A rolling bell rises me.
I'm a long nosed wizard in a castle.
My portion is a chilled boiled egg like a corpse.
I finish up with a whole pickle.
Now I remember to ask a cake to cerebrate in advance.
It rings again for my hatred.
Tells me to finish everything piercing a white back with two swords.

Shinichi's reversible bathroom door

In the manga version of Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case, in Volume 77 File 812, the hinges and handle of the bathroom door switched to the opposite side of the door and then back again.

Vermouth has Haibara's cellphone number

In The Jet-Black Mystery Train, how did Vermouth know Ai's cellphone number, so that she could text and threaten the shrunken scientist?[6]


Vermouth previously posed as Dr. Tomoaki Araide in her earlier scheme to kill Ai. She could've obtained the latter personal information from that time through the school's record and kept it for her future plan.

Masumi doesn't care about being attacked by her dead brother

On The Jet-Black Mystery Train, Masumi Sera spoke to and then was tazed by Vermouth in disguise as Shuichi Akai. Despite being assaulted and dragged off to another location, Masumi was more concerned with recovering Shuichi's hat than trying to figure out why she was attacked by her own brother or someone in expert disguise as him. Masumi never asked anyone other than Ran questions about the man in the hat and failed to say anything directly to Conan when later given the opportunity to speak to him. This sudden lack of concern is odd since she chased Scar Akai in an earlier case.

Yuzuki Fukui knows Conan's name

In Kogoro in the Bar, how did Yuzuki the bartender know Conan's name, so that she could call him by his name and talking about him?


In the manga at least, Yuzuki didn't refer to Conan as Conan until after the sleeping detective show. It's possible that "Sleeping Kogoro" used Conan's name when ordering him to do part of the demonstration of the trick.

Tooru Amuro's inconsistent information access

In The Jet-Black Mystery Train and The Scarlet Return, it seems incredibly arbitrary that Tooru Amuro has access to info like knowing that Gin found a gum and wiretap combo twice, but doesn't get to see Akai's death files or his death video without permission.


Gin has told Vermouth about the gum and wiretap combo instances when he was planning to go after Kogoro in File 504. He specifically says that Kogoro placed the wiretap on Kir's shoe, and then later when he thinks Kogoro is listening to the wiretap he mentions the one he thinks that Sherry placed in his car. Amuro could have then gotten that information from Vermouth as part of his blackmailing her into helping him.

Ran knows Naeko's name without meeting her

In The Strange Customers of the Ramen Restaurant, Ran was surprised to see traffic officers Yumi and Naeko enter Ramen Ogura. Naeko had appeared in several cases before then, but Ran was not present at any of them. Therefore Ran should not know Naeko's name or recognize her.

Kogoro's vanishing rental car

In the manga version of the Zombie Movie Murder Case, Kogoro's rental car parked out in front of the mansion disappears in several panels.

Kogoro takes credit

In Kaitou Kid vs. the Strongest Safe, Kogoro claims to have solved The_Scar_that_Evokes_the_Past while unconscious. Kogoro was only present for the first of the four episodes and Conan solved the murder without any visible involvement from him.

Akimichi Yamada's inconsistent ties

In A Secret of the Big Couple, Gosho drew the suspect Akimichi Yamada wearing a necktie instead of a bowtie, which he wears in the entire case, on one page of File 926. After one panel with the necktie, the regular bowtie is shown again for three panels, before it switches back to a necktie for one panel.

Mitsuko Shikama's vanishing face mask

In the Department Store Stabbing Case, Gosho forgot to draw the face mask of suspect Mitsuko Shikama in one panel.


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