List of differences between magazine and volume

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List of differences between magazine and volume is a work in progress. This page is a work in progress. Please consider filling in the missing pieces if you are able.


Example: Volume 83, File 10

For the Volume version the phone strap was changed to Ran's original sea cucumber strap, based on Namako-Otoko from Yaiba

Kir's lie check: Volume 49, File

Liecheck SS.jpg Liecheck Vol.jpg

Kir's grip while checking Conan's pulse for lying was changed. In the volume version, Kir checked Conan's neck for abnormal pulse rather than his shoulder.

Akai's last words: Volume 58, File 11

Akai's lastwords scanlation.jpg
Akai's lastwords shonen sunday.jpg
Akai's lastwords volume.jpg

Akai's last words on the final panel of file 608's page 16 were changed from, "Hmph, to think you came this far to get me..." to "Hmph, so that is how it is..."

Missing Band-aid

In the Ikkaku Rock Case, the culprit's band-aid is missing from one of the panels. Even worse is that it is a clue because the victim's lipstick is supposed to be under it. This was later fixed in the subsequent volume release.

Missing band-aid.jpg
Fixed volume version

Sonoko's Dress: Volume 81, File 10

The Dress in this image is inaccurate from panel to panel
It was fixed to go across her shoulders

Middle Brother's Arm: Volume 81, File 10

Original Shonen Sunday Scan
Online Scanlation
Volume 81 Scan

Amuro's Hands: Volume 85, File 02

Amuro's Hands.jpg
Amuro's Hands2.jpg

Guardrail: Volume 85, File 02

Guardrail magazine.jpg
Guardrail volume.jpg

Akai's Eye closed: Volume 85, File 03

Scanlation version
Volume Version

Okiya's butt: Volume 85, File 05

Sunday version
Volume Version

Mary's face on Conan's phone: Volume 90, File 05

In the Sunday version, the photo on Conan's phone showed a different expression on Mary's face then the one she had when Conan originally took the photo in the previous chapter. The fixed version depicts the correct expression.

Scanlation version
Volume Version

Nakamori's mustache: Volume 91, File 04

In the Sunday version, Gosho accidentally drew Nakamori with Kogoro's mustache two times. The fixed volume version displays Nakamori with his regular mustache.

Left: Sunday version; Right: Volume version
Left: Sunday version; Right: Volume version

Cipher table fix: Volume 91, File 07

When originally released, for both File 966 and 967, Gosho placed one of the X's in the table in the wrong row. This one is particularly amusing because Gosho was saying in the Animal Crossing promotional hints that "The code can be solved with just the 1st chapter." It was noticed and corrected for the release of File 968 and then later fixed for the other two chapters in the volume version.

Left: Sunday version; Right: Volume version

Shukichi age error and coat: Volume 91, File 10

Due to the original drawing looking a bit young, it made it a bit more difficult to recognize the character definitively as Shukichi
(Left: Scanlation version, Right: Volume version)

Shuukichi age error.jpg