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Chapter 1

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Title: The Heisei Holmes
Japanese title: 平成のホームズ
(Heisei no Hōmuzu)
Original release: January 5th, 1994
Shōnen Sunday issue: #5/1994
Volume: 1
Pages: 35
Anime adaption: Episode 1: Roller Coaster Murder Case
TV Special 6: Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small
Viz Media version
English title: A Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes
English release: September 7, 2004
Roller Coaster Murder Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Next chapter: The Great Detective Turned Small »
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The Heisei Holmes (平成のホームズ Heisei no Hōmuzu?) is the very first chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written and drawn by Gosho Aoyama and first released in Shōnen Sunday #5/1994 on January 5th, 1994 and later on reprinted as part of Volume 1 on June 18th, 1994. It was also collected in the compilation book Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 1 with the subtitle of "VS. Gin and Vodka".



In order of introduction:


In order of introduction:


Shinichi accuses the landlord of being the culprit.

A high schooler just solves his next case, one involving a landlord feigning to have an injured leg, which actually already healed three months ago, which the boy can prove with the help of the police and a report by the landlord's doctor. As the owner, he's also knowledgable about the architecture of this building, which made it possible for him to climb between the window sills of his mansion to reach his wife, who got killed before this chapter, and creating an alibi for himself with the help of pretending to be still unable to walk. He tries to flee after getting exposed, but gets knocked out by a globe the high schooler kicks in his direction. Inspector Juzo Megure congratulates the boy, now revealed to be called Shinichi Kudo, and thanks him for helping out the police again.

The day after, while on his way from school, he notices that the people and news seem to talk about nothing else than his accomplishments, which causes him to be full of himself until he encounters his childhood friend Ran Mouri. They walk together and talk for a bit, with her reminding him that he promised her to take her on a date to the Tropical Land theme park tomorrow.

Unfortunately for her, like the day before, he can't stop talking about his detective work and his great idol, the literary character of Sherlock Holmes. She interrupts him while they wait in line for the "Mystery Coaster" and in turn teases him for his romantic feelings towards her, to his annoyance, but adds that she was actually looking forward to this date. They enter the coaster with a couple of other people they share the next ride with, including two lovers, Kishida and Aiko, in the second row seen from the front, two girls who are friends of them, Hitomi (a gymnast) and Reiko, in the first row, as well as a duo of mysterious men clad in black clothes, whose names are still unknown at this point, sitting in the fourth row behind Shinichi and Ran. During the ride, right after Shinichi feels a drop of water or something similar in his face, Kishida dies by getting decapitated and his girlfriend Aiko quickly becomes the prime suspect because she sat right next to him and a bloody knife was found between the belongings in her purse.

Shinichi stops Megure from arresting her, though, saying that the actual culprit is Hitomi. With her necklace, which is missing since everyone left the coaster, and a piano wire attached to a hook she hid in her bag before, she created a kind of lariat she threw on the rails during the ride, with the necklace positioned around Kishida's neck, causing his head to get ripped off by the sheer physical force of the roller coaster. As a gymnast, it was also possible for her to do such an acrobatic act. Shinichi also identifies the drop he felt as a tear Hitomi shed briefly before enacting the murder, since she was the only person sitting in front of him, with her tears running sideways due to the airstream.

Afterwards, Shinichi tries to console Ran who is totally distraught because of what just happened, until he notices the two men in black again, which causes him to leave Ran behind, telling her that he'll be right back and starts to tail the suspicious duo. While witnessing a deal between one of them and a weapons dealer at the foot of the ferris wheel, he gets knocked out by the other one, who crept up on Shinichi from behind. He pulls out a small case with several pills, force-feeding it to Shinichi and saying that it's the newest development of their organization, which was never tested on a human before and is supposed to leave no traces of a murder. The two escape while Shinichi feels like he's burning, becoming certain that he is going to die.

Later on, and to his own surprise, he wakes up again, discovered by a couple of security guards - and seemingly transformed into a child...


  • There was still a fixed date in place back in this chapter, with the newspapers dated January 12th, 1994 - a week after its real world release.

Referenced in

  • Company President's Daughter Case (Manga: 2-5): This case is a direct continuation of chapter 1 and set during the same evening.
  • From Third-Rate to Great Detective (Manga: 6): Conan Edogawa mentions his shrinking and the "men in black" and says that it's been "three days" since the events of chapter 1. Ran Mouri also mentions what happened that evening in front of Professor Hiroshi Agasa, being in concern about Shinichi Kudo's well-being since the date at Tropical Land.
  • Running Into The Two (Manga: 33): On the Shinkansen, Conan thinks about the moment Gin and Vodka gave him the poison during chapter 1 - shortly before encountering them on the train.
  • Shinichi's Sweetheart!! (Manga: 68): Conan again mentions the moment he got poisoned by the two men in black at the beginning of this case.
  • The Idols' Regret (Manga: 324): Terumi Hoshino secretly keeps a copy of the photo of Shinichi that was made of him after solving the murder Takanori Sewa committed at the beginning.
  • Apprentice & Wizard (Manga: 1050): It's revealed that by the time of "Holmes' Revelation", half a year had passed since Shinichi shrank.


  • Gin is depicted as right-handed during this chapter, while he's later on shown and confirmed by Ai Haibara to be a lefty canonically.
  • Shinichi Kudo gets knocked unconscious right in front of the concrete foundation of the ferris wheel by Gin and still wakes up in his shrunken form in front of it when found by the security guards, but at the beginning of chapter 2, directly continuing that moment, he's found in the middle of a meadow, with the silhouette of the ferris wheel visible in the far distance.


Tropical Land, as seen in this chapter.

Magic Kaito

Shōnen Sunday Q&A

Every issue of the Shōnen Sunday features a question asked by the magazine to the manga artists featured in it. The one accompanying this chapter was:

The person who stands out in 1994, whom [Aoyama] wants to meet the most is,
Sherlock Holmes! ... That's impossible, isn't it...
(Translation by justwantanaccount)



  • Takanori Sewa's name is never revealed during this chapter, but way later on, in the TV Special. Kishida's name is also only revealed in the anime episode.
  • While they don't appear in this chapter, Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (the future Detective Boys) are present in the anime adaption of it, trying to sneak into the Tropical Land rides without paying. They actually don't appear until many chapters later in the manga.
  • Professor Hiroshi Agasa also isn't present in this chapter and Kogoro Mouri only gets brief mention by his daughter, with both of them properly debuting in the next one. They are both featured in the anime episode.
  • Takanori Sewa killed his wife briefly before the chapter starts. In the anime episode and the TV special he killed his business partner, Tetsu Yamazaki.
  • Shinichi Kudo is asked for the football by a group of small children. In the anime episode, the ball is from his school's soccer team; Shinichi also scores a goal with the ball, instead of merely kicking it back. In the TV Special, it's the Detective Boys kicking the ball in Ran's and his direction.
  • While just Shinichi's face is seen on the TV monitors he walks past at the beginning of the chapter, two moderators are seen reporting about the case he solved at Sewa's mansion in the TV Special, one of them being Rena Mizunashi.
  • In this chapter, when Ran is trying to kick Shinichi, he leaps out of the way. In the anime episode, he is getting his face under her skirt and is then being hit for that.
  • Shinichi uses a camera when spying on Vodka. In the anime episode, he simply eavesdrops on the deal going on. In the TV Special, he uses a camera again.
  • When Shinichi is found out by the security guards, a loadful of them discover him in this chapter, while in the anime episode, only two of them show up.

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