Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 1

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Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 1

Kurozukume Complete 1.jpg

Author: Gosho Aoyama
Release date: June 18, 2009
Original Cost: 850円
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091217523
Publisher: Shogakukan
Cases taken from Volumes 1, 18, 19, 24, 42, 48, 49, 58 and 59

Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 1 (名探偵コナンvs.黒ずくめの男達 Meitantei Konan vs. Kurozukume no Otokotachi?) is a 2009 compilation book of manga cases in which Conan battles the Black Organization.

The collection covers many of the confrontations with Black Organization members from the beginning of the manga up to Volume 59. Between the cases, there are information pages, which give the reader an overview about characters and the relevant cases leading up to the confrontations.


VS. Gin & Vodka[edit]

BO 1 ExF 1 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 1 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 1

File 1 - The Heisei Holmes[edit]

File 2 - The Great Detective Turned Small[edit]

Extra File 1[edit]

  • 1-1 Akemi Miyano info
  • 1-2 Time-bombed Train info
  • 1-3 Tequila info
  • 1-4 Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Ai info

VS. Sherry[edit]

BO 1 ExF 2 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 2 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 18 & Volume 19

File 179 - The Girl Made of Lies[edit]

File 180 - Checkmate[edit]

File 181 - Why...[edit]

Extra File 2[edit]

  • 2-1 Yusaku and Yukiko info
  • 2-2 Heiji and Kazuha info
  • 2-3 Takagi, Sato, and Shiratori info

VS. Pisco[edit]

BO 1 ExF 3 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 3 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 24

File 238 - The Secret Corner of Betrayal[edit]

File 239 - The Black Burial Ranks[edit]

File 240 - The Sudden Parting[edit]

File 241 - The Bullet from the Past[edit]

File 242 - The White World[edit]

Extra File 3[edit]

  • 3-1 Araide, Jodie, and Shuichi info
  • 3-2 James info
  • 3-3 Numabuchi info
  • 3-4 Itakura info
  • 3-5 Secret Hidden in the Bathroom info

VS. Vermouth[edit]

BO 1 ExF 4 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 4 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 42

File 429 - The Full Moon and the Trap at the Banquet[edit]

File 430 - The Haunted Ship Painted with Blood[edit]

File 431 - The Invisible Man Enters![edit]

File 432 - Shinichi Kudo Appears!?[edit]

File 433 - The Truth Behind the Mask[edit]

File 434 - Rotten Apple[edit]

Extra File 4[edit]

  • 4-1 Haibara Denies Witness Protection info
  • 4-2 Conan Learns the Boss's Number info
  • 4-3 Yoko and Rena info

VS. Kir[edit]

BO 1 ExF 5 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 5 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 48 & Volume 49

File 500 - A New Person in Black[edit]

File 501 - Follow the Target![edit]

File 502 - A New Objective[edit]

File 503 - Black Organization vs. FBI 1[edit]

File 504 - Black Organization vs. FBI 2[edit]

Extra File 5[edit]

  • 5-1 Eisuke info
  • 5-2 Mysterious Job info
  • 5-3 Ethan info
  • 5-4 CIA info
  • 5-5 Kusada info

VS. Villains[edit]

BO 1 ExF 6 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 6 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 58

File 599 - Akai's Past[edit]

File 600 - All or Nothing...[edit]

File 601 - Camouflage[edit]

File 602 - Last Resort[edit]

File 603 - Mission[edit]

Extra File 6[edit]

  • 6-1 Kir's Identity info
  • 6-2 Ethan's Death info
  • 6-3 Kir Shooting Akai info

VS. Assasin[edit]

BO 1 ExF 7 P 1.jpg
BO 1 ExF 7 P 2.jpg

Chapter taken from Volume 59

File 609 - Wedge of Steel[edit]

Extra File 7[edit]

  • 7-1 Kir's Message About Bourbon
  • 7-2 Okiya info
  • 7-3 Scar Akai info

Cover in other countries[edit]

Italy (Volume 1)
Italy (Volume 2)
Vietnam (Volume 1)
Vietnam (Volume 2)

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