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Takanori Sewa

Takanori Sewa Profile.png

Japanese name: 瀬羽 尊徳
(Sewa Takanori)
English name: Landlord
Age: ~60s
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Mrs. Sewa (wife, deceased ?)
Sewa jr. (son)
Occupation: In custody
Aliases: Landlord (in the manga)
First appearance: Manga: File 1
Anime: Episode 1
Appearances: Chapters: 1
Episodes: 1
Specials: 1
Openings: 1
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: N/A
Japanese voice: Takeshi Watabe[1]
Yousuke Akimoto[2]
English voice: Kyle Hebert (FUNimation)
Steve Kramer (Bang Zoom!)

Takanori Sewa (瀬羽 尊徳 Sewa Takanori?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. Although he is only called the landlord in the anime and manga (家主 Yanushi) and in the Funimation Dub, the sixth special gives him his current name.


Takanori Sewa is one of the richest men in Beika before he was arrested. He possessed a large mansion which could easily house his family: his wife, Mrs. Sewa, his son, and many other employees including maids and house-workers. He was the CEO of the Sewa Financial Group but his son inherited of the company after his arrest. His mansion is big enough to hold parties, receptions and has a large parking. It also has a meeting room where Takanori met Sonoko and Ran. He likes to buy extravagant furniture and clothes.


Being in the 60s, Sewa is practically bald except for a crown of long grey hair around his head. He isn't really tall and is pretty large. He also has an extremely large mustache which color corresponds to his hair's color. He always wear suits accompanied with a bowtie. He has a pretty athletic body since he was able to stop his wheelchair from going backwards and climb high structures like the balcony of Yamazaki's room. He pretended he was handicapped by a broken leg but it was revealed to be fake.


Takanori is pretty rich and really likes living his extravagant life and earn money. His motive for murder was probably because of financial problems with Yamazaki. He isn't subtle in disguising his stuff since he freaked out when Sonoko told him Shinichi was a detective. He remains serious and has a fake familiar looking style. He is wise enough to fabricate alibis and a murder trick although it was obvious. In the special, he seems to be more pleasant and nice towards people but it might be just tricks to make people believe he is good.


Plot overview[edit]

Crime at the Private Mansion (Manga: File 1, Anime: 1, Special: 6)[edit]

In this case, Sonoko and her friends went home and had visit from Sewa and his wife. A few days later, Shinichi met the landlord again, but this time in a murder case that occured in a party he organized at his mansion. Shinichi investigates the case and Sewa is literally freaking out that Shinichi will find the truth. His crime is unmasked as Shinichi elaborates the different proofs and as Sewa tries to escape, Shinichi takes him down by throwing a globe at him. He is later arrested.

Relationships analysis[edit]

Family and friends[edit]

Suzuki family[edit]

Sewa is in good terms with the Suzuki family and is pretty close to them since both head of families are rich, although Sonoko brags that they are richer than him. Sonoko sometimes visit Sewa or other members of the family.

Mrs. Sewa[edit]

Sewa is in relatively good terms with his wife since they are always seen together. they seem to have been married for a while but in the manga, it is his wife that is killed and we don't know the motive.

Sewa jr.[edit]

He and his son are also in good terms and Sewa grants him much liberty. He will inherit the company when his father will be convicted.


One of the maids is seen in the special. She seems to be loyal towards him since she defended him.


Juzo Megure[edit]

He is the one who questionned him and put him on custody.

Tetsu Yamazaki[edit]

Tetsu Yamazaki, age 38, is another CEO of a company and is not as rich as Sewa. They weren't in good terms and he was invited to the party in purpose to be killed, in the manga and in the special. He was killed because he had financial problems towards Sewa.

Different looks[edit]

Episode 1
Special 6


  • In episode 1, we can clearly see Sewa as the criminal since the mysterious man who killed Yamazaki was chubby and his gray hair could be seen.
  • Sewa can fire a gun easily but it is not shown how he knows.


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  2. ^ Special 6

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