The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown

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Episode 1074-1075
(Int. Episode 1131-1132)

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Title: The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown
Japanese title: てっちり対決ミステリーツアー
(Tetchiri Taiketsu Misuterī Tsuā)
Original airdate: February 18, 2023 (Mojiko & Kokura Part)
February 25, 2023 (Shimonoseki Part)
Broadcast rating: 6.3% (Mojiko & Kokura Part)
7.0% (Shimonoseki Part)
Filler case: #387
Season: 31
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Hiroki Oi
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Kanmon Straits (Mojiko & Kokura Part)
Battle of Dan-no-ura (Shimonoseki Part)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Screenplay: Akatsuki Yamatoya
Storyboard: Masaharu Okuwaki
Episode director: 1074: Minoru Tozawa
1075: Yosuke Fujino
Animation Director: Seiji Muta (supervisor)
1074: Keiko Sasaki
Kaoru Nagakawa
Zi Dengjia
Michitaka Yamamoto
Asuka Tsubuki
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Michitaka Yamamoto (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Production Cooperation: 1075: Azeta Pictures
Opening song: SPARKLE
Closing song: Kuufuku
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The Boiled Fugu Mystery Tour Showdown (てっちり対決ミステリーツアー Tetchiri Taiketsu Misuterī Tsuā?) is the 1074th and 1075th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Part 1

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan visit Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, with the introduction of Hiroki Oi, a lawyer they met in a past case. The client is Makoto Izumiya, the fourth generation owner of a long-established puffer fish restaurant Izumiya, and his daughter Kaede. It is said that, when the store was at its busiest and no one was in the house, a burglar broke in and stole the heirloom pot. It's an expensive hot pot, but what's important to them is the soup stock that comes out of the hot pot's skin, which has been steeped in the umami flavor since the restaurant's founding. Conan and the others go to interview four suspect candidates narrowed down by the police.


EP1074 Case1.jpg

Location: Izumiya household, Shimonoseki
Victim: Makoto Izumiya and Kaede Izumiya
Age: 58 years old (Makoto) and 22 years old (Kaede)
Robbed item: Izumiya family's special pot
Suspects: Yasushi Kobayashi, Shinichi Fujii, Satoru Daiehara, and Keisuke Ban

There are four suspects: Yasushi Kobayashi, an employee at a restaurant at Kanmon Wharf who was arrested two years ago for robbing Izumiya restaurant; Shinichi Fujii, the owner of Kan restaurant chain who failed to buy Izumiya; Satoru Daiehara, the owner of King Arthur restaurant who knows about Izumiya's pot; and Keisuke Ban, a former employee at Izumiya who was fired. They start to investigate by going to visit each suspects and ask them questions, while also traveling in different places. At the night, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan visit an izakaya where they start their deductions, but when they exit the Izakaya, the robber is seen and chased by Ran, but before escaping, he attacks Kogoro with a bottle.

Attempted Murder

EP1074 Case2.jpg

Location: Street near Izakaya Uzushio
Victim: Kogoro Mouri
Age: 38 years old
Attack types: Bashing
Suspects: Yasushi Kobayashi, Shinichi Fujii, Satoru Daiehara, and Keisuke Ban

The police examine all of the security camera footage from Kyushu to Honshu on the day of the theft (e.g. Kanmon Tunnel, Mojiko Retro, Shin-Shimonoseki, and Shimonoseki station platforms), and none of the suspects appears in the camera footage. In addition to that all of them have perfect alibis, then what trick did the culprit use?

Part 2

Doctor says that Kogoro is fine after all, and he will be fully recovered in two weeks. Kogoro claims that he will proceed his investigation, uttered by Conan using his voice-changing bowtie. Oi phones Conan informing that the coworker who verified Kobayashi's alibi lied, which implies that he no longer has an alibi. Due to the fear of accusation plus he had a criminal record formerly, Kobayashi attempts to run away, heading towards Shin-Shimonoseki station. So, is Kobayashi the true culprit? And how did they cross the Kanmon Channel without appearing within the camera footage?


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    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Voyage surprise au pays du fugu (Le port de Moji et Kokura / Shimonoseki) Surprise trip to Fugu's country (Moji & Kokura port /Shimonoseki)

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