Stakeout 2

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Episode 1092
(Int. Episode 1150)

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Title: Stakeout 2
Japanese title: 張り込み2(ツー)
(Harikomi Tsū)
Original airdate: July 29, 2023
Broadcast rating: 5.2%
Filler case: #399
Season: TBD
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Detective Boys
Ai Haibara
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Juzo Megure
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Cake
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Screenplay: Nobuo Ogizawa
Storyboard: Hatsuki Tsuji
Episode director: Minoru Tozawa
Animation Director: Keiko Sasaki
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Masanori Hashimoto (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Opening song: RAISE INSIGHT
Closing song: …and Rescue Me
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Stakeout 2 (張り込み2(ツー) Harikomi Tsū?) is the 1092nd episode of the Detective Conan anime.




After seeing a window with open blinds, Conan, Haibara, and the Detective Boys discovered Takagi and Chiba were on another stakeout. Their goal was also to observe the building across from them. This time being a woman named Satomi Yoda. She was being watched by the police due to his ex, Kazuma Fujiki, who happened to be involved in a robbery case from days ago. That is, a middle-aged man was knocked unconscious with a rod-like object during a robbery, and according to the crime scene situation, the police were convinced that the culprit was Fujiki.


EP1092 Case.jpg

Location: Park
Victim: Middle-aged man
Time: Morning
Modus operandi: Blunt force trauma
Culprit: Kazuma Fujiki

Although he is still at large and on the run, the police got some valuable information from a bar named Fukunishi. The bar owner claimed that he once heard Fujiki say stuff like: "his ex is still loving her and wants to have a reunion." Takagi and Chiba thus questioned Yoda about whether Fujiki had contacted her after he committed the crime, she denied the fact and promised to contact them when Fujiki phoned her. Takagi did not believe her words and, therefore, decided to surveillance her.

Detective Boys' strategy: helping Yoda carry her stuff to create a genial atmosphere, increasing the chance of Fujiki's arising.

Just after Takagi had explained the situation, they heard Yoda's sighs from her balcony: "What should I do?" After that, she seemed to get a phone call from someone, and she got shocked after hearing the content. After some communication, she hurried to get dressed and rushed out of her house. Conan and Takagi decided to follow her and see her act. They found out that she went to the shopping mall and bought some food: high-grade steak, assorted sashimi, top-quality broiled eel, shortcakes, and some wine. After that, she withdrew some cash from an ATM. Takagi deduced that she was probably doing all of these things for his ex, hence, she still had some feelings for him. Suddenly, she phoned Takagi, and asked everyone to gather at her house because she had decided to confess everything. The truth turned out to be a coincidence, after Takagi and Chiba had questioned her and left her house, Fujiki contacted her, saying he was about to hide in her apartment, but owing to the presence of the police, he fled away timidly. The money and food were just a gimmick to make the police believe that Fujiki was coming to her home after she knew she was being watched. But eventually, she thought permitting her ex to consistently stay on the run was not the best choice, and she would recommend him atone for his sins. After confessing everything, she burst out in tears. Takagi also comprehended the reality, thus, he decided to retrieve the stakeout plan after Fujiki alone.

The Detective Boys follows the two policemen into a convenience store that was situated nearby Yoda's home. They viewed the security footage together and found Fujiki's face in the image. Combining with the timestamp, it was apparently on his way to Yoda's home in the morning, however, they did not discover the scenario he left Yoda's house. Afterwards, the Detective Boys investigated more clues regarding the case: Yoda used to be a joyful person, but after she broke up with Fujiki, she fell into the abyss of depression. Just last month, Yoda engaged with a man called Daisuke Ishinabe, who ran a general store called "Ishinabe Discount". He was precisely meeting Yoda at that time. "I see, that woman's confession must have been a lie." Conan understood everything and was about to uncover the truth in front of Yoda. On the other hand, Ishinabe was helping Yoda carry some used books in a rectangular box into a van. Because the books were too heavy, she needed Ishinabe's help. Ishinabe left the van key and greeted Yoda. Conan then emerged from the back of the van and started his deduction.


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