Yuko Kato

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Yuko Kato


Gender: Female
Date of birth: August 2, 1969
Place of birth: Chiba, Japan
Voice of: Sumiko Kobayashi

Yuko Kato (加藤 優子 Katō Yūko?), born August 2, 1969 in Chiba Prefecture, is a Japanese voice actress and narrator. her real name is Yuko Kato, though the kanji differs for her first name (加藤 有生子 instead of 加藤 優子). She also went by the stagename Yuko Kato (加藤 ゆう子).

In Detective Conan, she voices Sumiko Kobayashi.

Other roles in Detective Conan

Other notable roles


  • Kindaichi Case Files : Midoriko Kirisawa, Patricia
  • Golgo 13 : Karen
  • Hamtaro : Hikari-san
  • Naruto : Temujin (young)
  • Pokémon : Boy trainer
  • Many other anime and non-anime roles.


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