The Freezing Cold Men

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Episode 1084
(Int. Episode 1142)

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Title: The Freezing Cold Men
Japanese title: 冷え切った男達
(Hie Kitta Otokotachi)
Original airdate: May 20, 2023
Broadcast rating: 5.3%
Filler case: #393
Season: TBD
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Bag
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Screenplay: Tatsuro Inamoto
Storyboard: Akihiro Okuzawa
Episode director: Yosuke Fujino
Animation director: Nobuyuki Iwai (supervisor)
Kaoru Nagakawa
Zi Dengjia
Michitaka Yamamoto
Character design: Masatomo Sudo
Masanori Hashimoto (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Production cooperation: Azeta Pictures
Opening song: RAISE INSIGHT
Closing song: Kuufuku
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The Freezing Cold Men (冷え切った男達 Hie Kitta Otokotachi?) is the 1084th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





The sun sets, filling the sky with a beautiful array of colors. Everything begins from a refrigerated warehouse. Kenzo Aizawa, the president of the company "Aizawa Foods" is inspecting the products inside the warehouse as usual. Simultaneously, a person, who is wearing a yellow hoodie, and possesses a peculiar hairstyle, surreptitiously enters the warehouse, moving cautiously towards the front door. He opens the door accordingly, a bright light with a rather strong intensity kicks in, illuminating the dim warehouse. Kenzo subconsciously covers his eye, he is absolutely gobsmacked. The mysterious man approaches him closer and closer, Kenzo suddenly collapses, and slumps to the ground.

A silhouette of the culprit.

After some hours, the managing director of the company Masaru Bando finds the president succumbing to unconsciousness inside the refrigerated warehouse. He seems fairly anxious about it and decides to call the police. However, Kenzo rejects this behavior by constantly shaking his head.

Attempted Murder

EP1084 Case.jpg

Location: "Aizawa Foods" refrigerated warehouse
Victim: Kenzo Aizawa
Age: 72 years old
Injury: Blunt force trauma
Suspects: Reiji Aizawa

The Mouri family is walking in the corridor of a hospital, notably with Kogoro's hand bandaged. Ran gets very concerned regarding his father, and says that she can never believe that he make a big fuss over a little cut from a knife. In the mean time, they are abruptly interrupted as they witnesses a dispute right in front of them, they halt their steps and observe what is going on. A young man wearing a yellow hoodie and laced with a peculiar hairstyle is punching another man. Ran gets forward and tries to impede the fight. After confirmation, they find out that the attacker is called Reiji Aizawa, the second son of Kenzo. And the other one will thus be the eldest son of Kenzo, Ryoichi Aizawa. Ryoichi questions if Reiji is the culprit of persecuting their father, but Reiji does not admit it.

Kogoro calls himself embarrassing.

After knowing that there is a renowned detective Kogoro Mouri present nearby, they start telling Kogoro what is exactly happening. They all work inside a small company called "Aizawa Foods". Reiji also discloses that most of the employees got fired pretty recently by his brother. Masaru says that he had day off and was sleeping the whole day, and when it was 7PM, he went to the company to pick his phone up, due to the fact that he forgot it in the office. When he entered the office, he noticed that president's briefcase was still lying on the floor. Later, he went to check the refrigerated warehouse to see if Kenzo was there, and the opening scenario happened. The doctor disrupts them and informs that Kenzo has just been treated and is awake now, everyone, goes to ask his condition.

"I was just taking a nap", Kenzo laughs. Kogoro shows his puzzles, however Kenzo keeps insist that it was just an accident. Even though he says that he was far too tired and dozed off, Conan perceives a sense of incongruity in his words. Conan points to Kenzo's hands and asks if his hands are okay, because obviously there is swelling on the side of his right-hand. Conan questions him if he made it by opening the door, Kogoro adds that it does seem curious, and it looks like that Kenzo was being trapped inside the warehouse by someone. Kenzo equivocates "I know, I must've hit it on the floor when I fell asleep". Conan once again exclaims that it is abnormal to have a person using their hands to resist the fall when they are asleep. Conan deduces that it will be impossible that he was having a nap, moreover, Kogoro adds that the reason behind his falsehood is that he does not want this to be a legal case. "This is non-sense!" Kenzo shouts, at the same time, Ryoichi offers a request to Kogoro for investigating this case. The room is filled with an atmosphere of awkwardness.

A shoe print that supposedly belongs to Reiji.

Everyone visits the warehouse, where the incident has occurred. Reiji satirises that it is odd to have his stingy brother hiring a detective. Kogoro examines the padlock that is deposited on the warehouse door, and identifies that the padlock can be only locked from the outside. Therefore, to distinguish if this is an accident or not, he only needs to know that if the door was locked when the crime was carried out. Masaru says that it was locked when he went to check for Kenzo, after he utters the word, Ryoichi chuckles. Everyone inside the company can be a possible candidate for the culprit as the key to the padlock is just right inside the office. Conan gives another possibility of having former employees being the culprit since they might hold resent on Kenzo by firing them. Kenzo instantly corrects Conan that it would never happen, Conan then looks at Kenzo with a cocksure face, anti-questioning him that it seems like he already knew who the culprit was. Just now, another valuable clue enters Conan's sight. It is a shoe print on the concrete floor. Surprisingly, the only match to this print is Reiji's shoe. Kenzo also realizes it and quickly destroys the shoe print by pretending to faint on the concrete floor, which erases the print. He smiles as he reaches the floor.

Kogoro shivering inside the warehouse.

Everyone decides to enter the warehouse, as Kogoro steps in to the warehouse, a bone-chilling cold permeates the air, causing a visible mist to form with every breath. Ran then purposes Kogoro to call the police. Once again, Kenzo's emotion changes immediately, and stops Kogoro with his vexatious words. He explains that he is running a small company, and already in debt. Calling the police will destroy them, Conan again insinuates "You're doing it for the company? Are you sure you're not protecting something more important than the company?" Reiji then laughs coldly saying that his father have never cared about others but only his company, and mentions his mother's death as an example. Ran comes up with another explanation that maybe Kenzo regrets doing that and now decides to protect his family this time. Ryoichi goes on and suspects Reiji for his argument with Kenzo yesterday afternoon, but Reiji says that he will not kill a person for merely that.

Conan notices Ryoichi's weird reactions.

In addition, Reiji has a solid alibi when the crime was implemented. He was drinking all evening at a place called Club L. And says that he is leaving now owing to his reservation again today. As he opens the door and about to leave, the bright beam of light shines to Conan's eye, he seems to be even closer to the truth. He then gets the information from Ryoichi that Kenzo kept the door closed while inspecting the products inside the warehouse to not let the cold air escape. Kenzo is as though fed up with Conan's dedicated investigation and invites Kogoro and Conan to leave the warehouse. Outside the warehouse, Kogoro, Ran, Ryoichi, and Conan stands together and discuss the case. Kogoro says that Reiji looks suspicious after all, and although he has an alibi, but it might be rather easy to fake one due to how familiar he is with regards to the club. Conan starts to ask Ryoichi's alibi that time, nevertheless, he claims that he was working at home after he leaves his company at 5PM, and nobody can verify that. But Ryoichi says that if he were the culprit, then it does not make sense to hire Kogoro for investigating the case, and Kogoro echoes and tells Conan to stop interfering the case. In front of the club, a girl is talking to Reiji, and Reiji says that tonight is a prominent day for him, and he is prepared to do everything. At the other side, Conan asks Masaru about Ryoichi, and his behavior throughout the case. Masaru asks Conan if Kogoro is also suspecting Ryoichi, and informs Conan that Ryoichi actually has a motive for killing the president, by the reason of his eagerness of taking over the company. Conan contemplates, meticulously piecing together fragments of evidence, analyzing clues, and pondering various possibilities until finally, a definitive conclusion emerges in his mind.


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    • The major food company "Kadome", situated nearby the hospital, is a parody of "Kagome".


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    Flag of France French (Subbed) Les Hommes en froid The cold men

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