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Sunset Manor

The Sunset Manor (黄昏の館 Tasogare no yakata?) is a huge western-style manor house in the isolated mountains of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.[1][2] It once belonged to the multi-millionaire Renya Karasuma, who inherited it from his mother. It was brought two years ago by Shukuzen Ogami, who search for the treasure until Furuyo Senma killed him. It's a Golden Manor, made of gold and painted black, and since Karasuma is a crow-like man, personified his nest. According to Kogoro, it looks more like Dracula's Castle, and up close even more like a haunted house.

Plot overview

Kaitou Kid and the Murder (Manga: 299-302, Anime: 219)

The world's greatest detectives Kogoro Mouri, Saguru Hakuba, Furuyo Senma, Shukuzen Ogami, Harufumi Mogi, and Ikumi Soda were invited to the Sunset Manor. Saguru had long heard of the blood-chilling tragedy only in frightened whispers, but were mostly lies about an out-of-control auction resulted in a massacre when two robbers infiltrated the mansion as wanderers and dosed the people with marijuana. The host told them that this huge mansion belonged to Renya Karasuma and that there is a treasure hidden inside.[3] That name seems to trigger the guests attention, since he had tremendous influence throughout Japan.

Conan came along with Ran and solved the riddle about the King, Queen, and Knight: using the hands of the only clock in the dining room, which is the switch, as the combination for a lock, a layer peels off the entire outer walls of the black building, revealing solid gold underneath. Only Karasuma could do something on such a scale, and it must be worth a hundred billion yen. Sunset being when the sky shines gold as the sun goes down, it is literally a "Golden Manor".

Kaitou Kid had come for Karasuma's treasure disguised as Kogoro, but it was too big for him to carry away and then flees from the area. Ogami, who was in serious trouble since he had put himself into massive debt to buy the house two years ago and wanted to kill the maid Aki Ishihara and all the others blaming Kaitou Kid once the treasure was found for him, and Senma, who killed him and almost created another tragedy to decipher that riddle her father, the archaeologist Kyosuke Senma, left for her before turned herself in to the Tokyo police, were possessed by Renya Karasuma all along.



  • "Sunset Manor" derived from the homonym novel written by Kiyoshi Kasai.
  • The anime version's huge painting in the dining room is a replica of The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon, but with an inverted orientation, and the one in the piano room is about Corvin Castle, which derivates from the word Corvus. Just like the story of King Solomon, the wisest but later corrupt monarch in the Old Testament, since sunset also indicates an idea of "glorious sun that goes out" as the wrath of heaven, Renya Karasuma was the richest and most powerful man in all of modern Japan, but eventually became an enigmatic crime lord. Moreover, since he had came from afar to decipher Karasuma's riddle, Conan is also like the great Queen of Sheba. Then, it is modeled after Solomon's Golden Temple, depicted in the background, and that castle.
  • Many anime version's paintings are from movie 2, although with an inverted orientation: in the dining room, the one with cherry in bloom at Mount Takao from episode 52 in the French Restaurant "La Fleur", and the one with a sunset beach girl in Aquacrystal restaurant, but both divided into two; in the piano room, the one with Corvin Castle in Kohei Sawaki's apartment. Those with trees foliage and a sunset beach woman in the dining room appeared in the apartment building front entrance from episode 102-103, as correct orientation but respectively with cherry blossom petals and cut out the girl, and the first in Yokosuka Castle from movie 3, but in white and black. The oil painting with a sunset beach girl also appeared even in a hotel room from Short Story Episode 5. Open spoiler box to see images.

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  1. ^ Anime original information. The place is on the invitation, an Inaka Village improperly 2 kilometers from Okuno Dam, in the distant Shizuoka Prefecture.
  2. ^ Manga volume 36, file 4; anime episode 293. Matsumoto Castle, the famous Japanese black place, is known as "Crow Castle".
  3. ^ The host dummy wears a frightening phantom's purple hood with only two eye slits, just like the members of the KKK, one of the secret societies that were the sources of inspiration for the Black Organization.
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