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Yuya Kazami

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Japanese name: 風見 裕也
(Kazami Yūya)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau Assistant Inspector
Aliases: Danroku Hida (飛田 男六 Hida Danroku?)
First appearance: Anime: Movie 20
Manga: File 998
Appearances: Chapters: 8
Chapters: 30
Episodes: 2
Episodes: 5

Movies: 3
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 4
Closings: 0

Cases solved: Unknown
Keyhole number: Volume 99
Japanese voice: Nobuo Tobita
English voice: Ray Chase (movie 20; Zero's Tea Time)
Danny Boston (movie 22)

Yuya Kazami (風見 裕也 Kazami Yūya?) is a character in the anime and later manga franchise Detective Conan.


Kazami is an agent from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, with the rank of Assistant Inspector. He first appeared in movie 20 as a PSB officer working together with Rei Furuya on the Curaçao incident. He was later made canon by Gosho Aoyama in file 998 of the manga. He works inside the PSB building and has his own office. He is Rei's subordinate and has at his disposition a number of officers (of whom some are recurring). He has a high authority amongst officers and colleagues and can act on his own. He investigates main cases involving public security which sometimes is directly linked to the Black Organization. He has a Nissan Skyline R34, similar to Takagi's, but sometimes uses Rei's car, although Rei is the driver. He sometimes goes to the bar but more often goes to the restaurant to eat curry which is his favourite dish but it still is sometimes too spicy for him.



His personality is really unique since he is one of the few characters who have inner speeches. He really has a strong reflexion sense but poor deduction skills since he wasn't able to identify who was his videogame partner on his cellphone. He might seem serious and strict at first but it is only in public affairs and while talking to superiors like Hyoe Kuroda who inspires him fear. He is interested in pretty ladies but knows that he is quite old for them and covers his youthness. He stays serious and gives detailed informations while staying harsh on suspects to solve cases quicker, like Curaçao whom he threathens with a gun and Kogoro. He doesn't hesitate to threaten suspects with his gun and fabricate fake proofs to capture suspects although he will free them once he finds decisive conclusions. Outside of his police life, he remains childish and friendly and grants respect to Rei Furuya to who he follows all of his advices. He hates celery and sometimes, likes to joke.


Yuya is a tall PSB agent always in his green suit and his red tie. He has white skin and poorly shaved hair which is always sassy. He wears oval glasses.


He has the ability to fire a gun but lacks of athletic abilities.

Plot overview

Haibara's Lost Phone Strap Case (Manga: 998, Anime: 926)

When Rei was looking for Haibara's lost phone strap together with the Detective Boys, Rei called Kazami and asked him to check a window on a train, on which a boy had written his name. Kazami does as he is told and finds out the name of Rei, allowing Rei to conclude the search. Before Kazami can ask what kind of investigation Rei is working on, Rei hangs up the phone.

Trapped at Hatoyama Farm (Manga: 1051-1054, Anime: 1053-1054)

When Kazami was tailing the culprit behind some stolen explosives, he was struck down by the culprit and trapped under the Hatoyama Farm basement with his cell phone taken away. He called Rei for help using the phone from the dead man who is next to him. Rei decides to rescue him before taking any movement. Unfortunately, Rei was also trapped with Conan, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Kobayashi. To prevent his identity expose as a PSB agent to the others along with Rei, he uses Danroku Hida as his alias and claims himself as Amuro's assistant. With the help of Haibara, Genta and Rumi by using Detective Boys Badge as a transceiver, they were rescued from the basement.

Kaitou Kid and the Queen's Bangs (Manga: 1076-1078, Anime: TBA)

Non-canon plot overview

The Darkest Nightmare (Movie: 20)

Together with Rei, Kazami confronts Curaçao during her break-in and data theft, but she can escape. Later, Kazami shows up at the police hospital and demands the transfer of the amnesiac Curaçao to the Public Security Bureau from Inspector Megure, to which Megure reluctantly agrees due to higher position of the PSB. Afterwards, Kazami is instructed by Rei to bring Curaçao to the top of the Ferris wheel of the Tohto Aquarium.

Together with a massive police escort, Kazami brings Curaçao to the aquarium park, instructs to close one entire of the Ferris wheel and enters a gondola alone with a handcuffed Curaçao. He tells her that once her memories return, he will torture her until she spills every detail about the NOC list and the Black Organization. But when Curaçao is overcome by her memories and appears to be in pain, Kazami is distracted while calling for help and Curaçao manages to overwhelm him and free herself. An unconscious Kazami is then dragged out and saved from the gondola and the collapsing Ferris wheel by Conan. Kazami later regains consciousness and witnesses the transport of Curaçao's corpse from the park.

During the movie credits, Kazami is shown shaking hands with Megure, with Takagi, Sato, and Chiba also being present, presumably making amends with the Metropolitan Police Detectives and thanking them for their help during the attack on the Ferris wheel.

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)

Kazami patrolled the Edge of the Ocean Smart City facility on the day before the opening along with several police officers of the PSB. He was then injured in an explosion.

The Bride of Halloween (Movie: 25)

Relationships analysis

Rei Furuya

Kazami works as Rei Furuya's subordinate. He follows Rei's orders with little to no questions asked, placing a high amount of trust in his direct superior.

Hiromitsu Morofushi

Kazami and Hiromitsu Morofushi knew each other and were comrades.

Name origin

His name, Yuya Kazami, is a Gundam inspired one. It comes from Kamille Bidan, the protagonist of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Kazami's voice actor, Nobuo Tobita, also voiced Kamille.

His last name Kazami (風見) translates as "wind vane". His first name Yuya (裕也) has the meaning "Sum of money".


  • The alias he uses to dissimulate himself, Danroku Hida, is a pun with his voice actor Nobuo Tobita's name, with three characters being the same.
  • It is revealed in Chapter 1076 that Kazami is a fan of Yoko Okino's.

Different looks

Movie 20
Movie 22
Opening 48
Episode 926
Zero's Tea Time Episode 3


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