Jinpei Matsuda

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Jinpei Matsuda

Jinpei Matsuda Profile.png

Japanese name: 松田 陣平
(Matsuda Jinpei)
Age: 26 (three years ago)[1]
Gender: Male
Relatives: Jotaro Matsuda (father)
Occupation: Police HQ Mobile Team Explosive Disposal Unit
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Detective
Status: Dead
First appearance: Manga: File 366
Anime: Episode 301
Appearances: Chapters: 16
Chapters: 3
Chapters: 13
Episodes: 13
Episodes: 2
Movies: 2
OVAs: 0
Specials: 1
Openings: 2
Closings: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 36
Japanese voice: Nobutoshi Canna

Jinpei Matsuda (松田 陣平 Matsuda Jinpei?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He is also a main character in Wild Police Story manga.


Matsuda's father was a pro-boxer who was innocently arrested for the cause someone who was a former pro-boxer was beaten to death and Matsuda's father was there at that time, later the real culprit was arrested and police set Matsuda's father free, but he had lost the match by that time and later nothing went good for him. In the end he quit boxing and drown himself into alcohol. Because of this Matsuda hold a grudge againts police

Matsuda decided become a police officer. He asked his father to teach him boxing. He attend the police academy with Rei Furuya, Kenji Hagiwara, Wataru Date, and Hiromitsu Morofushi. Kenji Hagiwara is his childhood friend and he learned mechanic from him and his father. He get into fight with Rei but they later became close friends. All five friends then graduate from the police academy at the same time.

Jinpei Matsuda was originally a member of the Tokyo Police bomb squadron. His partner Kenji Hagiwara was killed seven years ago by a serial bomber in Shinjuku[2] who had sworn revenge on the police for the accidental death of his partner. When the killer resurfaced three years ago, Matsuda's superiors, fearing that he would become reckless due to personal interest, transferred him to Megure's department, where he was promptly partnered with Miwako Sato, then a rather new detective.

Sato was at first put off by his direct manner, but then the bomber appeared in their district less than a week later, depositing an explosive charge in a Ferris wheel at an amusement park. When Matsuda attempted to disarm the bomb, the killer trapped him inside and revealed the existence of yet another bomb hidden in the city. As the countdown of the Ferris wheel bomb would wind down, the name of the second bomb's location would be gradually displayed, claiming a policeman's life for the life of innocents, as the bomber had intended. Matsuda sent the bomb location to Sato via SMS just as the final seconds ran out, his last thoughts being regret that he would not be able to drink to his partner's memory following the apprehension of the culprit.

Matsuda's death haunted Sato for years to come, as she had fallen in love with him, and she kept his final message on her cell phone as a reminder of him. When the bomb killer was finally caught by her and Takagi, she managed to put behind the haunt of her past, though she promised herself never to forget about Matsuda.


Upon his transfer to the Tokyo Metropolian Police, Sato found Matsuda rather blunt and aloof, since he spoke out his mind no matter what anybody would think. However, despite his personal interest in the case which eventually claimed his life, Matsuda remained cool and professional, placing the safety of Sato, for whom he had come to care as well, and innocents over his own life, qualities which had won Sato's heart.



Matsuda was skiled at boxing since he was taught by his father who was pro-boxer. He was skilled at mechanical since he could fix cars and he was also skilled at taking gun apart,repair it and put it back together, also he could defuse bomb quickly in three minutes.


Plot overview

Parade Bomber Case (Manga: 366-368, Anime: 301-302)

Matsuda was shown in a series of Sato's flashbacks, in which he was depicted solving the case of the bombing and sending Sato the location of the second bomb, shortly before dying in the explosion on the Ferris Wheel.

Serial Bomber Case (Manga: 369-373, Anime: 304)

Missing Ring Case (Manga: 406, Anime: 359)

Whistling Killer Case (Manga: 672, Anime: 535)

Kaitou Kid and the Fairy's Lips (Manga: 1021, Anime: 984)

Matsuda appears in a flashback along with Kenji Hagiwara, Wataru Date, Hiromitsu Morofushi, and Rei Furuya.

Hiroshi Agasa Abduction Case (Manga: 1075, Anime: 1099)

Matsuda appears in Chihaya Hagiwara's flashback, in which he broke Chihaya's phone.

Marriage Partner Searching Party Murder Case (Manga: 1085-1087, Anime: TPD)

Non-canon plot overview

The Darkest Nightmare (Movie: 20)

The Bride of Halloween (Movie: 25)

Relationships analysis

Miwako Sato

Jinpei was Miwako Sato's first love who died inside the Ferris Wheel planted with a bomb, where he waited for the last few seconds before the explosion of the bomb in order to obtain the clue to figuring out the culprit behind the bombing cases. While Sato originally found him cold and aloof, they still grew close and cared deeply about each other, falling in love at some point of time after he transferred to Sato's division and met her. His death haunted Sato for a long period of time, and she kept his last message to her in which he revealed his feelings for her as a memento of him. However, Sato was able to let go of Jinpei's death following the apprehension of the bomb culprit as well as Takagi's advice towards her and also deleted his last message to her as a sign of putting his death behind her. Regardless, Sato vows to never forget about him. She has also apparently cultivated a slight fear of Ferris Wheels as shown when she was stunned and shocked upon seeing a Ferris Wheel while chasing a culprit in the amusement park, when she had been on a date with Takagi some time after, to the point that it caused her legs to give in and for her to burst into tears.

Rei Furuya

Rei remembers Matsuda.

Rei Furuya from the Public Security Bureau was his friend and they also attended the same police academy. Rei has also learned by him how to defuse a bomb.

Kenji Hagiwara

Matsuda and Hagiwara.

Jinpei and Kenji Hagiwara were really good friends and always did missions together. They also attended the same police academy. Although Jinpei was more careful to his friend, Kenji was more carefree. On Kenji's last mission, Jinpei called him like he always did and chated with him and told him he should have worn his bomb defusal suit to which Kenji replied he was fine. Unfortunately for him, he died, and Jinpei decided to avenge him although himself died at the hands of the same bomber four years later. Although Kenji died, Jinpei still sent mails to his email even after.

Wataru Date

Wataru Date attended the same police academy as Jinpei. They also graduated together.

Hiromitsu Morofushi

Jinpei was well acquainted with Hiromitsu Morofushi since they were good friends along with the three others and attended the academy together.

Character popularity

  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Matsuda placed 13th overall with 123 votes.[5]

Different looks

Episode 304
Episode 359
Movie 20
Seven years ago (episode 1029)

Name origin

His name came from "Yūsaku Matsuda(松田優作)" and "jiipan"("jeans" in Japanese), the nickname of the character in "Taiyō ni Hoero!(太陽にほえろ!)" he played.


Nah... You don't need to forget anything. Whether you can move on or not is totally up to you. It is when you forget when your old man really dies, you know?

— To Miwako Sato (File 370)

No matter how horribly you've been treated don't throw your life

— To Chihaya (File 1087)

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 陣平 Jinpei 松田 Matsuda
Flag of Arab League Arabic جيمبي Jembi ماتسودا Mātsōda
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Jinpei Matsuda
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Jinpei Matsuda
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 阵平 Zhènpíng 松田 Sо̄ngtián
Flag of France French Jinpei Matsuda
Flag of Germany German Jinpei Matsuda
Flag of Italy Italian Jinpei Matsuda
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 보윤 Bo Yoon 송 Song
Flag of Thailand Thai จินเปย์ Ci-m-pey̒ มัตสึดะ Mạts̄ụ-da
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Jinpei Matsuda


  • Jinpei Matsuda's character design has probably been inspired by Spike Spiegel, the protagonist of the manga and anime franchise Cowboy Bebop. Both of the characters have messy curled hair, smokes a lot in different places and has almost the same tuxedo.
  • He appears with Hagiwara in a poster for The Private Eyes' Requiem, but with a halo on his head since he's dead.
  • According to Gosho in JUSTICE PLUS Super Digest Book, Jinpei wear sunglasses to show off.
  • According to Super Digest Book+100 Matsuda tone-deaf.

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