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Wild Police Story is a spin-off drawn by Takahiro Arai (with the supervision of Gosho Aoyama) and revolves around the five main characters Rei Furuya, Hiromitsu Morofushi, Jinpei Matsuda, Wataru Date and Kenji Hagiwara and their time at the Metropolitan Police Academy. The main characters already appeared before in Detective Conan and only a few recurring characters strictly appear in this manga, namely Hachizo Onizuka, Hajime Tomori, Shuzo Monobe and Sumio Irie, as well as family members of the main characters.

Metropolitan Police Academy Onizuka Class

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Rei Furuya.jpg Rei Furuya/Tohru Amuro/Bourbon Rei Furuya Appearances One of the five main characters, Rei Furuya (降谷 零 Furuya Rei?) a.k.a Tooru Amuro (安室 透 Amuro Tōru?) and codenamed Bourbon (バーボン Bābon?) by the Black Organization is the only one of the five still alive during the timeline. He specializes in detective work and information gathering. He posed as a private detective and became Kogoro Mouri's apprentice. He is later revealed as an undercover National Police Agency investigator working to undermine the Organization.
Hiromitsu Morofushi.jpg Hiromitsu Morofushi/Scotch Hiromitsu Morofushi Appearances Hiromitsu Morofushi (諸伏 景光 Morofushi Hiromitsu?) codenamed Scotch (スコッチ Sukotchi?) was a PSB investigator who commit suicide by fear of being discovered since he was also undercover in the black organization. He has a strong sense of justice and is Taka'aki Morofushi's brother who is a Nagano Prefecture police inspector. He is a childhood friend of Rei and the latter blames Shuichi Akai for his death and can't forgive him. Morofushi was the quieter one of the bunch.
Jinpei Matsuda.jpg Jinpei Matsuda Jinpei Matsuda Appearances Jinpei Matsuda (松田 陣平 Matsuda Jinpei?) was a detective of the Tokyo MPD who died three years ago in a bombing spree and was a professional bomb disarmer in the bombing squad and then transferred to HQ. He was Hagiwara's best friend before their deaths. He had the most rebellious personality among the five.
Wataru Date.jpg Wataru Date Wataru Date Appearances Wataru Date (伊達 航 Date Wataru?) was a detective of the Tokyo MPD who died a year ago after a car accident. He is Wataru Takagi's best friend and mentor and they were named Wataru Brothers. Among the five, he acted as the senior, as he was more imposing and taller.
Kenji Hagiwara.jpg Kenji Hagiwara Kenji Hagiwara Appearances Kenji Hagiwara (萩原 健二 Hagiwara Kenji?) was a former member of the same bomb squadron as Jinpei Matsuda and was his best friend. He died seven years ago when he was killed by the same bomber as the one who killed Jinpei. Among the five, he was the most popular with women.
Hachizo Onizuka.jpg Hachizo Onizuka Hachizo Onizuka Appearances Hachizo Onizuka (鬼塚 八蔵 Onidzuka Hachizō?), aged 48 seven years ago, is an instructor at the Metropolitan Police Academy and was the chief instructor of the five main characters.

Nagano Family Bloodbath Case suspects

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Hajime Tomori.jpg Hajime Tomori Hajime Tomori Appearances Hajime Tomori (外守 一 Tomori Hajime?), age 50, is the owner of a dry cleaning shop and laundry.
Shuzo Monobe.jpg Shuzo Monobe Shuzo Monobe Appearances Shuzo Monobe (物部 周三 Monobe Shūzō?), age 35, is an employee at a motorbike shop.
Sumio Irie.jpg Sumio Irie Sumio Irie Appearances Sumio Irie (入江 角夫 Irie Sumio?), age 46, is the owner of a hardware store.

Family members

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Mr. Morofushi.jpg Mr. Morofushi Mr. Morofushi Appearances Mr. Morofushi was Hiromitsu's father and an elementary school teacher in Nagano. He was killed 15 years ago by an unknown man who thought he was hiding a young girl named Yuri, who in fact died of appendicitis.
Mrs. Morofushi.jpg Mrs. Morofushi Mrs. Morofushi Appearances Hiromitsu's mother was also killed in that same murder case. She was also an elementary school teacher.
Mr. Date.jpg Mr. Date Mr. Date Appearances Mr. Date is Wataru's father, and used to work as a police officer. After being beaten by a gang of thugs, he quit his job and became a janitor. He has a poor relation with his son, who believes he acted as a coward when confronting the gang.
Jotaro Matsuda.jpg Jotaro Matsuda Jotaro Matsuda Appearances Jotaro Matsuda (松田 丈太郎 Matsuda Jōtarō?) is a former professional boxer and Jinpei's father. After being wrongly convicted for manslaughter, he became unemployed. He is the reason for his son's hatred towards the police.
Natalie Kuruma.jpg Natalie Kuruma Natalie Kuruma Appearances Natalie Kuruma (ナタリー・来間 Natarī Kuruma?) was an English teacher living in Hokkaido and Date's girlfriend. After Date's death, she committed suicide, thinking he dumped her. Her mother was American while her father was Japanese, and both died in a car accident while trying to retrieve her body for a proper funeral. Her fellow co-worker Ryusaku Funemoto, whom she looked upon, thought that Date really dumped her and in an act of vengeance, kidnapped Wataru Takagi, thinking he was Wataru Date.
Yuri.jpg Yuri Yuri Appearances Yuri (有里 Yuri?), aged 6-7 around 22 years ago, was an elementary school student in a Nagano school who died from appendicitis. She is closely linked to the murderer behind Morofushi's parents' deaths.
EP1042 Girl.jpg Yoshi Sotsukuri Yoshi Sotsukuri Appearances Yoshi Sotsukuri (祖作 好 Sotsukuri Yoshi?)[1], aged 7 seven years ago, is a young elementary school student living in Fuchu. She looks a lot like the deceased Yuri and is kidnapped in the last arc of the manga by one of the three Nagano Bloodbath Case suspects.


  1. ^ Her name is only revealed in the anime version of the series, in the police report of her kidnapping. The name is chosen to not make references to any real-life children of the same name.

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