The Antique Tray Can't Be Hidden

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Episode 1018-1020
(Int. Episode 1075-1077)

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Title: The Antique Tray Can't Be Hidden
Japanese title: 骨董盆は隠せない
(Kottō Bon wa Kakusenai)
Original airdate: September 11, 2021 (Part 1)
September 18, 2021 (Part 2)
September 25, 2021 (Part 3)
Broadcast rating: 6.9% (Part 1)
7.7% (Part 2)
7.6% (Part 3)
Manga case: #298
Season: 31
Manga source: Volume 97: Files 10-11 (1035-1036) ~ Volume 98: Files 1-2 (1037-1038)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Hiroshi Agasa
Ai Haibara
Masumi Sera
Subaru Okiya
Shuichi Akai
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Mary Sera
Shukichi Akai
Tsutomu Akai
Detective Boys
Ran Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Kogoro Mouri
Shinichi Kudo
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Masumi Sera
Subaru Okiya
Next Conan's Hint: Black Lacquer Tray (Part 1)
Crane (Part 2)
Hearing Aid (Part 3)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Nobuharu Kamanaka
Organizer: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Storyboard: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Episode director: 1018: Tazumi Mukaiyama
1019: Minoru Tozawa
1020: Akira Yoshimura
Animation director: Seiji Muta (supervisor)
Kenichi Otomo
Yui Ushinohama
Marie Nagano (asst.)
Ken Araya (asst.)
Rei Masunaga (asst.)
Ayu Imoto (asst.)
Keiko Sasaki
Asuka Tsubuki
Miho Tanaka
Ken Araya (asst.)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Akiko Motoyoshi (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Opening song: ZERO kara Hajimete
Closing song: Veronica
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The Antique Tray Can't Be Hidden (骨董盆は隠せない Kottō Bon wa Kakusenai?) is the 1018th, 1019th, and 1020th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Part 1

Agasa tells Conan that he hired an antique appraiser to appraise an antique tray that he got from the treasure hunt back then. Meanwhile, Haibara is disturbed by Sera who is observing the house. Conan then explain how Sera was suspicious about her. Subaru then visits the professor, allowing Sera to come inside. Before Sera can ask anything, Subaru interrupts her by asking Agasa about the appraisal. Agasa says that he is just on the way to get the result. Agasa also mentions that the appraiser wants to show the Chinese black lacquer tray which is said to be worth 100 million yen. Three people own the same tray, and they hire the same appraiser. At first, Sera doesn't want to come along, so that she can talk to Haibara who seems not interested too. However, when Haibara also wants to come along, Sera suddenly wants to. They decide to go to the appraiser's house using Agasa's car.

Upon arriving, Agasa tries to call the appraiser, Hogen Nishitsu, but there is no response, so he goes inside to search for Nishitsu.

Meanwhile, Nishitsu is showing the real antique tray to someone and telling the person that the tray is not theirs. Hearing that, the person knock out Nishitsu using a spear. Before they manage to retrieve the tray, they hear Agasa's voice.

Agasa then found Nishitsu bleeding. Nishitsu then tells him about the real tray. Agasa flips the tray and realizes that it is the antique tray Nishitsu mentioned. Agasa plans to call the ambulance and police, but his phone is in the car, so he goes back to get the phone. After some time, the culprit reappears from the wardrobe and kill Nishitsu.


EP1018 Case1.jpg

Location: Nishitsu residence
Victim: Hogen Nishitsu
Age: 71 years old
Time: 2:00 pm
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma and stab wound on the back
Suspects: Motoyuki Tojima, Kinji Chono, and Suzue Sakamaki
Nishitsu was found lying dead from getting struck on the head and then fatally stabbed by spear through his back of the chest.

The police then come and investigate the crime scene. They also interrogate the antique trays owner, who did not have an alibi when the murder took place.

Part 2

During the investigation, Sera remarks that Haibara uses a difficult expression for a first-year grade school student. She begins to ask if Haibara also took the same thing Conan did. Subaru then interrupts her, saying that nowadays grade school students have smartphones to look up anything. He also mentioned that Agasa often uses complicated words, so that it wouldn't be odd if Haibara uses some of his words.

Later, Agasa tells the police about the bloody fingerprints at the back of the real tray. However, it turns out that the culprit has put the same bloody mark on the other two trays. Agasa then mentions that when the tray was flipped sideways, the crane's beak is at the same spot as the blood. However, after flipping the trays with the blood at the top, none of the crane's beak is at the same spot as the blood.

Sera then asks Subaru how he immediately recognized her as a girl despite she was wearing a helmet. Subaru answers her that her bottom is quite feminine. Conan then asks Subaru why he doesn't tell Sera about him. Subaru says that he wants to keep Sera out as much as possible.

Subaru then recalls the moment 17 years ago, when he, along with Shukichi and his mother, Mary, was on a plane from England to Japan. Mary mentioned that while Tsutomu was investigating Kohji Haneda's death, he found out that an organization is involved, so he requested his family to go to Japan to seek refuge. She said that Tsutomu will return after he get rid of the organization, and mentioned that she was pregnant.

Chiba later comes and brings Nishitsu's hearing aid. All the suspects admitted that they didn't know it is a hearing aid until recently. Chiba then mentions that there is a message from Agasa on Nishitsu's phone, but it was never opened despite the notification sound is on. Haibara then deduces that by the time the message is received, the hearing aid has already malfunctioned.

Sera suddenly remarks that Haibara's behavior is hardly fitting for a child. She then asks about the antidote. Subaru interrupts her, but she reacts aggressively and was ready to beat Subaru. Subaru successfully avoid it, says the phrase "50-50", and that she better act less violent if she wants to look more feminine. Sera then mentions that she doesn't have to because her mother's chest used to be huge. Hearing "used to be", Subaru asks if her mother has passed away, but Sera refuse to answer.

Conan then recalls the moments he encountered Mary. While he is thinking that she is from England, he realizes the meaning of "sister outside the domain".

Part 3

Chiba comes back and brings a small box that Nishitsu want to show the clients according to the housekeeper. It is Agasa's box that contains the dish he asked Nishitsu to appraise. Later, Subaru, Conan, and Sera take a look at the dish and noticed that there is a bare crack mark on the dish. Subaru then flips the dish sideways. Suddenly, three of them realized something. Conan then asks Agasa about the crane's beak direction. After asking Chiba about any bloodstain in one of the boxes, Conan, Sera, and Subaru know the culprit's identity and the owner of the real tray.


  • Resolution

    Manga to anime changes

    • Because these three epiosdes were adapted from four manga chapters, there are some additional scenes that were not in the manga:
    • Flashback to Makoto Kyogoku the Understudy, where Sera asked Ran and Sonoko about Haibara. There are also Conan's flashback to The Spirit Detective's Murder and The Wizard of the Ripples.
    • A scene where Sera arriving in front of Agasa's house and Subaru observing her from Kudo residence.
    • A scene where Conan enters the room and checks Nishitsu's body. Sera also enters the room to look for the tray, while none of them entered the room in the manga.
    • In the anime, the suspect interrogation is held in another room, while in the manga it was held directly on the alley in front of the room where the murder happened.
    • In the manga, the housekeepers appeared, but not in the anime. Their roles are replaced by either Takagi or Chiba.
    • Mary's flashback of Kohji Haneda is removed from the anime.
    • In the anime, the hearing aid is discovered by the forensics, then it is brought to the crime scene by Chiba. In the manga, the hearing aid was still on the crime scene, it was discovered by Takagi after he stepped on it.
    • In the manga, after Conan instructed Takagi to flip back the trays, he asked Takagi about the bloodstain in one of the boxes. In the anime, he asks Chiba instead.


    • The events in The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun occur before Haibara appears in the manga, while in the anime, as this case happens after, it was stated that she didn't want to come along. Agasa's statement about the case in the anime instead follows the manga, contradicting how the anime originally changed this detail.
    • The name of the suspects come from traditional crafts:
    • Hōgen Nishitsu (西津 法玄) comes from enamelware (七宝焼, Shippōyaki in Japanese);
    • Motoyuki Tōjima (遠島 基行) comes from pottery (陶磁器, Tōjiki in Japanese);
    • Kinji Chōno (蝶野 欽治) comes from engraving (彫金, Chōkin in Japanese);
    • Suzue Sakamaki (坂巻鈴江) comes from sake cups (盃, Sakazuki in Japanese) and gold lacquering (蒔絵, Makie in Japanese).


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Thailand Thai จานโบราณที่ซ่อนไม่มิด The antique tray that wasn't fully hidden
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Chiếc khay cổ không thể che giấu

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