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Episode 1
(Int. Episode 1)

TV Episode 1.jpg

Title: Roller Coaster Murder Case
Japanese title: ジェットコースター殺人事件
(Jetto Kōsutā Satsujin Jiken)
Original airdate: January 8, 1996
April 4, 2009 (Remastered version)
Broadcast rating: 8.5%
Remastered rating: 6.9%
Manga case: #1
Season: 1
Manga source: Volume 1: File 1 (001)
English version
English title: The Big Shrink
Dubbed episode: Episode 1
English airdate: May 24, 2004
Cast: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Juzo Megure
Detective Boys
Hiroshi Agasa
Cases solved by: Shinichi Kudo (x2)
Next Conan's Hint: N/A
Tropical Land (Remastered version)
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Storyboard: Kenji Kodama
Episode director: Kenji Kodama
Animation Director: Masatomo Sudo
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Opening song: Mune ga Dokidoki
Closing song: STEP BY STEP
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Roller Coaster Murder Case (ジェットコースター殺人事件 Jetto Kōsutā Satsujin Jiken?) is the pilot episode of the series, and aired on January 8, 1996 in Japan. It begins in the middle of a case where a murder was committed during a party at a private mansion. This opening scene introduces both Inspector Megure and Shinichi Kudo for the very first time, as well as showcasing Shinichi's impressive deduction and soccer skills when he reveals the killer.

Characters introduced

Most of the main characters are introduced throughout the episode. It is interesting to note the presence of Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta, as their first manga appearance was not until volume 2.

Case 1: Crime at the Private Mansion


The episode starts in a mansion where a party has been interrupted by a murder: one of the guests, President Yamazaki of Yatsubishi Bank, was found dead with a bullet in his heart. The police, led by Inspector Megure, have been investigating the crime scene, but have no conclusive evidence as to who the killer is. However, Shinichi makes his grand entrance and claims that he has figured out the case.


EP1 Case 1.jpg

Location: Private Mansion
Victim: Tetsu Yamazaki
Cause of death: Gunshot wound
Suspects: Owner/host, and guests
President Yamazaki of Yatsubishi Bank is found dead in a locked room with a bullet through his chest.


  • Resolution

    Case 2: Roller Coaster Murder Case


    Ran Mouri meets up with her friend Shinichi Kudo on their way to Teitan High School. After Shinichi explains to Ran why he quit the soccer team and tells her that he wants to become a detective like the fictional Sherlock Holmes, Ran reminds Shinichi of a promise he made with her: if Ran won the regional karate championship, Shinichi would go with her to the amusement park, Tropical Land. Shinichi had forgotten, however, and Ran tries to kick him as punishment.

    After school, Shinichi fulfill his promise by going with Ran to Tropical Land. As they're in line for the Mystery Coaster, Shinichi demonstrates his deductive reasoning to Ran when he correctly deduces that a girl standing in line in front of them is a gymnast, since the wind accidentally raised her flowing skirt and, alongside her frilly panties, he could see some marks on her upper thighs that are typical of gym practitioners. Shinichi and Ran's date is cut short when a murder occurs while they're riding the roller coaster. Who is responsible for killing Kishida, and how did they do it?


    EP1 Case 2.jpg

    Location: Tropical Land
    Victim: Kishida
    Cause of death: Decapitation
    Suspects: Aiko, Hitomi, Reiko, and Men in black
    Kishida was beheaded while riding the Mystery Coaster as the coaster came out of a darkened tunnel.


  • Resolution

    Episode Resolution: Chasing the Men in Black

    Manga to anime changes

    • The first episode of the anime includes Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko (the future Detective Boys) trying to sneak into the Tropical Land rides without paying. They actually don't appear until many chapters later in the manga.
    • Hiroshi Agasa and Kogoro Mouri also appear in this episode, whereas in the manga they make their debut in the Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case.
    • The mansion owner kills his wife in the manga. In the anime the owner kills his friend and business partner, Yamazaki.
    • In the manga, Shinichi is asked for the football by a group of small children. In the anime, the ball is from his school's soccer team; Shinichi also scores a goal with the ball, instead of merely kicking it back.
    • In the manga, when Ran is trying to kick Shinichi, he leaps out of the way instead of getting his face under her skirt and then being hit for that.
    • In the manga, Reiko points out that Gin and Vodka could have committed the murder as they were behind the victim. Shinichi acknowledges that they look suspicious, but if they pulled off the murder, they would have anticipated the arrival of the police (which they don't, as they are in a hurry to pull off their transaction).
    • In the manga, Shinichi uses a camera when spying on Vodka. In the anime, he simply eavesdrops on the deal going on.
    • When Shinichi is found out by the Security Guards, a loadful of them discover him in the manga while in the anime, only two of them show up.

    Translation changes


    • The names of the characters in the Funimation Dub are:
    • Shinichi Kudo - Jimmy Kudo
    • Ran Mouri - Rachel Moore
    • Kogoro Mouri - Richard Moore
    • Juzo Megure - Inspector Joseph Meguire
    • Professor Hiroshi Agasa - Dr. Hershel Agasa
    • Ayumi Yoshida - Amy Yeager
    • Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya - Mitch Tennison
    • Genta Kojima - George Kaminski
    • Hitomi - Haley
    • Aiko - Ashley
    • Kishida - Kenneth
    • Reiko - Rikki
    • In the English Dub, Agasa reactivates his rocket pack on purpose, whereas in the Japanese Version he does so unknowingly.
    • In the English Dub, Kogoro takes offense to Ran's compliment of Shinichi, whereas the Japanese Version has him stating that he needs to make a living.
    • In the English Dub, Ran sarcastically states that Shinichi looked at Hitomi's legs for the purpose of making a deduction, whereas in the Japanese Version she critiques him for knowing that Hitomi is a gymnast before shaking her hand.
    • In the English Dub, Gin's reason for using the APTX 4869 was fear of leaving a bullet trail behind, whereas in the Japanese Version it was due to the cops still being around after the murder on the roller coaster.

    Remastered version

    On April 4, 2009, a remastered version of the case was aired. A few modifications were made in this new version: the victim's head doesn't land next to the Detective Boys and the scene where the viewer could see blood on the roller-coaster was cut.

    TV Special

    On December 9, 2016, a 20th anniversary two-hour special complete remake of the first episode aired. It retold the events of the first episode and added in numerous backstory scenes for characters that would appear much later in the anime including Sherry, the FBI and Black Organization, Ran's schoolmates at Teitan high, the Suzuki family, and many others. It also included remakes of important scenes for later episodes


    • In Shinichi's deduction about the roller coaster murder case, he said that he felt a drop of liquid, the culprit's tear, hit his forehead as she leaned over him to place the loop around the victim's neck. However, Shinichi neglected to mention any change in the feeling or sound of the wind rushing past his face as the culprit leaned over him.

    BGM listing

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    00:00 胸がドキドキ Mune ga Dokidoki The Pounding of My Heart Mune ga Dokidoki
    02:12 事件現場 (謎ver.) Jiken Genba (Nazo ver.) Scene of the Case (Mystery ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    03:06 事件現場 (オリジナルver.) Jiken Genba (Orijinaru ver.) Scene of the Case (Original ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    04:06 名探偵コナン・メインテーマ Meitantei Konan・Mein Tēma Detective Conan Main Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
    04:50 名探偵コナン・メインテーマ (タイトルver.) Meitantei Konan・Mein Tēma (Taitoru ver.) Detective Conan Main Theme (Title ver.) Unreleased
    05:20 阿笠博士のテーマ Agasa Hakase no Tēma Professor Agasa's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
    07:15 蘭のテーマ Ran no Tēma Ran's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
    09:07 事件解決 (意気揚々ver.) Jiken Kaiketsu (Ikiyōyō ver.) Case Resolution (Triumphant ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    10:14 蘭のテーマ Ran no Tēma Ran's Theme Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
    13:08 脅迫 (パート2) Kyōhaku (Pāto 2) Threat (Part 2) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    14:03 事件現場 (オリジナルver.) Jiken Genba (Orijinaru ver.) Scene of the Case (Original ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    14:31 事件現場 (ショートver.) Jiken Genba (Shōto ver.) Scene of the Case (Short ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    15:56 対決のテーマ (落ち着きver.) Taiketsu no Tēma (Ochitsuki ver.) Showdown Theme (Calm ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    17:32 コナンのテーマ (バラード・ヴァージョン) Konan no Tēma (Barādo・Vājon) Conan's Theme (Ballad Version) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1
    21:14 推理 (オリジナルver.) Suiri (Orijinaru ver.) Deduction (Original ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Arabic Arabic أشهر متحرٍّ في هذا العصر The Most Famous Detective in This Age
    Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Kasus Pembunuhan di Roller Coaster Roller Coaster Murder Case
    Flag of Malaysia Bahasa Melayu Kes Pembunuhan Roller Coaster Roller Coaster Murder Case
    Flag of Basque Country Basque Mende honetako detektiberik ospetsuena The Most Famous Detective of This Century
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) El detectiu més famós d'aquest segle The Most Famous Detective of This Century
    Flag of Valencia Catalan (Valencian dub) El detectiu més famós del segle The Most Famous Detective of the Century
    Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 云霄飞车杀人事件 Roller Coaster Murder Case
    Flag of Philippines Filipino Ang Pinaka-tanyag na Detective sa Panahong ito The Most Famous Detective in This Century
    Flag of France French Le Plus grand détective du siècle The Most Famous Detective of This Century
    Flag of Galicia Galician O detective máis célebre deste século The Most Famous Detective of This Century
    Flag of Germany German Die tödliche Perlenkette The Deadly Pearl Necklace
    Flag of India Hindi इस सेंचुरी का मोस्ट फेमस डिटेक्टिव The Most Famous Detective of This Century
    Flag of Italy Italian Un piccolo grande detective A Great Little Detective
    Flag of South Korea Korean 눈물의 진주목걸이 The Pearl Necklace of The Tears
    Flag of Poland Polish Najsłynniejszy detektyw stulecia The Most Famous Detective of the Century
    Flag of Iran Persian پرونده قتل در شهربازی Roller Coaster Murder Case
    Flag of Portugal Portuguese Assassinato na montanha russa Murder in roller coaster
    Flag of US Spanish (American dub) El detective más famoso del siglo The most famous detective of the century
    Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian dub) Asesinato en la montaña rusa Murder in the roller coaster
    Flag of Thailand Thai คดีฆาตกรรมบนรถไฟเหาะ The Murder Case on the Roller Coster
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Vụ án mạng trên tàu lượn siêu tốc Roller Coaster Murder Case

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