Mune ga Dokidoki

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Original title: 胸がドキドキ
English title: The Pounding of My Heart
Episodes: Flag of Japan 1~30
Flag of US 1~54
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CD Info
Release date: February 21, 1996
CDs: 1
Tracks: 3
Original Cost: 1,020円
CD Number: KTDR-2150
Record Label: Kitty
Oricon chart peak: #8
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Mune ga Dokidoki is a single by the music group ↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓ released February 21, 1996. The titular song is the 1st opening of the anime and is also the opening theme for Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small.

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Conan's opening speech



("My name's Conan Edogawa! High school student Shinichi was forced to take a drug that shrunk him. Although smaller, my mind remains that of a sharp detective!")



"My name's Conan Edogawa, or it is now thanks to some poison slipped to me by a secret crime organization. Now I've gotta solve crimes as a kid while trying to get my real body back. The clues are many and suspects abound, but I've always believed that with a keen eye for details one truth will prevail."

Catalan (Balear)

Episodes 23, 27, 30
"Me diuen Conan Edogawa. Abans era s'estudiant de secundària Shinichi Kudo, però me varen donar un verí que me va fer tornar petit, encara que som igual d'intel·ligent que abans."

("My name's Conan Edogawa. Formerly I was the high school student Shinichi Kudo, but I was given a poison that turned me a child, despite I'm so smart as before.")



"Chámome Conan Edogawa, antes Shinichi Kudo, alumno de instituto ao que lle deron un bebedizo que o encolleu. Teño a intelixencia dun detective maxistral e non hai caso que se me resista!"

("My name's Conan Edogawa, formerly Shinichi Kudo, high school student who was gave a drink that shrunk him. I have the wisdom of a masterful detective and there's no case that resist me!")



"ผมชื่อเอโดงาวะ โคนัน ซึ่งก็คือ คุโด้ ชินอิจิ นักสืบ ม.ปลายที่กลายเป็นเด็กเพราะยาพิษ ถึงผมจะเป็นเด็ก แต่สมองก็ยังเป็นยอดนักสืบคนเดิม"

("My name is Conan Edogawa. Which is Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who turned into a kid due to a drug. Although I'm a kid, my brain is still the same as the great detective")



"Thám tử trung học lừng danh Kudo Shinichi bị một tổ chức áo đen cho uống thuốc độc khiến cơ thể teo nhỏ và trở thành Edogawa Conan! Mặc dù thân thể bị teo nhỏ, nhưng với trí tuệ của thám tử lừng danh 17 tuổi! Mình sẽ tiếp tục phá được nhiều vụ án mà người lớn phải đau đầu suy nghĩ!"

("Famous high school detective Shinichi Kudo was forced to take a poison by a black organization that shrunk his body and became Conan Edogawa! Although my body has turned small, but with the intellect of a famous 17-year-old detective! I will continue to solve many cases that even adults had a hard time to think!")



  • Performer: ↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓
  • Lyrics / Composer: Hiroto Komoto, Masatoshi Mashima
  • Arrangement: ↑THE HIGH-LOWS↓


International version

In the international version, instead of continue the music from the opening narrative, the song restart from the beginning again. Making the song not sync up with the animation, and finishing earlier than the Japanese version. The first rotating shot of Conan is also slightly cut.

FUNimation version

FUNimation adapted their own version of this song for the English release of the show entitled "The Pounding of My Heart", arranged by Carl Finch. Although the Japanese version appears on their DVDs, the FUNimation version is the longer cut like the international version.

Song info

Chart placement

  • #8


CD info

CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Length
1 胸がドキドキ Mune ga Dokidoki The Pounding of My Heart 4:15
2 そばにいるから Soba ni Iru Kara Because I'm By Your Side 5:29
3 胸がドキドキ (オリジナルカラオケ) Mune ga Dokidoki (Orijinaru Karaoke) The Pounding of My Heart (Original Karaoke) 4:13





Episode 001


  • Conan sings this song at the karaoke box in episode 81.
  • When an episode is the second part of a case, the opening animation consists of footage from the previous episode instead.


  • Lyrics
  1. Japanese, English and Romaji lyrics from Mune ga Dokidoki by Kaze Yagami and Atashi ♡. Retrieved on December 6, 2009.

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