Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 2

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Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 2

Kurozukume Complete 2.jpg

Author: Gosho Aoyama
Release date: December 18, 2015
Original Cost: 850円
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091266866
Publisher: Shogakukan
Cases taken from Volumes 60, 61, 65, 67, 73, 74, 75, and 76

Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 2 (名探偵コナンvs.黒ずくめの男達 Meitantei Konan vs. Kurozukume no Otokotachi?) is a 2015 compilation book of manga cases in which Conan battles the suspects of the Black Organization's newest member Bourbon.

The collection covers many of the confrontations with these suspects from the Volume 60 to Volume 76. Between the cases, there are information pages, which give the reader an overview about characters in each section, as well as events that happened outside of the compiled chapters


VS. First Plant[edit]

BO 2 ExF 1 P 1.jpg
BO 2 ExF 1 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 60, Volume 61

File 622 - Red, White, and Yellow[edit]

File 623 - Kuroshiro-kun[edit]

File 624 - A New Neighbor[edit]

File 638 - Paper Airplane[edit]

File 639 - Message[edit]

File 640 - Rescue[edit]

Extra File 1: First Plant Okiya Subaru[edit]

  • 1-1 Haibara's Reaction info
  • 1-2 Okiya helping with a case info
  • 1-3 Ikakku Rock Case info
  • 1-4 Conan and Haibara info
  • 1-5 Okiya Visiting Agasa info

VS. Black Plant[edit]

BO 2 ExF 2 P 1.jpg
BO 2 ExF 2 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 65, Volume 67

File 677 - The Fated Individual[edit]

File 678 - Trap[edit]

File 679 - A Shaky Heart[edit]

File 700 - The Dangerous Area[edit]

File 701 - Hint of Red and 13[edit]

File 702 - The Bomber's Aim[edit]

File 703 - The Truth Within the Snowstorm[edit]

File 704 - Silent Clash[edit]

Extra File 2: Black Plant ?????[edit]

  • 2-1 Shuichi's Death info
  • 2-2 Jodie's Reaction info
  • 2-3 Bus Jacking Case info
  • 2-4 Message to Jodie info
  • 2-5 Okiya Sees Scar Akai info
  • 2-6 Gin Sees Scar Akai info

VS. Second Plant[edit]

BO 2 ExF 3 P 1.jpg
BO 2 ExF 3 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 73, Volume 74

File 768 - Jeet Kune Do[edit]

File 769 - A Detective Just Like You, Little Boy[edit]

File 770 - Sera’s Careless Deduction[edit]

File 775 - Video Site[edit]

File 776 - A Vase and a Cat[edit]

File 777 - Traces of Ayumi[edit]

File 778 - Which One is the Great(er) Detective?[edit]

File 779 - Abe-chan[edit]

File 780 - The Magical Food[edit]

Extra File 3: Second Plant Sera Masumi[edit]

  • 3-1 Masumi's Computer info
  • 3-2 Masumi Asking About Conan info
  • 3-3 Bomber's Request Case info
  • 3-4 Masumi Noticing Okiya info
  • 3-5 FBI Reaction info
  • 3-6 Heiji Noticing Masumi info

VS. Third Plant[edit]

BO 2 ExF 4 P 1.jpg
BO 2 ExF 4 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 75, Volume 76

File 793 - Private Eye[edit]

File 794 - Genome[edit]

File 795 - Destined to Re-enter the Flames[edit]

File 796 - The Meeting At Columbo[edit]

File 797 - Intertwined Lies and Mysteries[edit]

File 798 - Detectives' Nocturne[edit]

File 799 - A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Spirit of Inquiry[edit]

File 800 - When Objects Collide[edit]

Extra File 4: Third Plant Amuro Tooru[edit]

  • 4-1 Kogoro's Apprentice info
  • 4-2 Detective's Nocture info

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