Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 3

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Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 3

Kurozukume Complete 3.jpg

Author: Gosho Aoyama
Release date: April 15, 2016
Original Cost: 850円
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091271907
Publisher: Shogakukan
Cases taken from Volumes 76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 83, 84, and 85

Detective Conan vs The Black Organization 3 (名探偵コナンvs.黒ずくめの男達 Meitantei Konan vs. Kurozukume no Otokotachi?) is a 2016 compilation book of manga cases in which Conan continues to battle the suspects of the Black Organization's newest member Bourbon. Once revealed, the story focuses on the identity of the other two suspects. Also who is this mysterious little girl?

The collection covers many of the confrontations with these suspects from the Volume 76 to Volume 85. Between the cases, there are information pages, which give the reader an overview about characters in each section, as well as events that happened outside of the compiled chapters


VS. Bourbon[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 76, Volume 77, Volume 78, Volume 80, Volume 81

File 801 - The Person Who Never Smiled[edit]

File 802 - Don't Make That Kind Of Face...[edit]

File 803 - A Misconstrued Conclusion[edit]

BO 3 ExF 1 P 1.jpg
BO 3 ExF 1 P 2.jpg

Extra File 1[edit]

  • 1-1 Masumi knowing Conan info
  • 1-2 Ran talking to Masumi info
  • Akai Shuichi profile
  • 1-3 Akai and Akemi's relationship info
  • Akeimi Miyano profile
  • 1-4 Takagi and Amuro know Date info
  • 1-5 Haibara checking Subaru's neck info

File 812 - Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case[edit]

File 813 - Kinichi-kun[edit]

File 814 - Conan-kun, Right?[edit]

File 815 - One's Own Territory[edit]

File 816 - Smoke Signals From a Dire Situation[edit]

File 817 - A Lonely Figure in the Lamplight[edit]

File 818 - Mystery Train ("All Aboard!")[edit]

File 819 - Mystery Train (Tunnel)[edit]

File 820 - Mystery Train (First Class)[edit]

File 821 - Mystery Train (Junction)[edit]

File 822 - Mystery Train (Interception)[edit]

File 823 - Mystery Train (Releasing Smoke)[edit]

File 824 - Mystery Train (Final Destination)[edit]

BO 3 ExF 2 P 1.jpg
BO 3 ExF 2 P 2.jpg

Extra File 2[edit]

  • 2-1 Subaru's connection with Masumi info
  • 2-2 Haibara suspecting Subaru info
  • Kaitou Kid profile
  • 2-3 Amuro suspecting Conan info
  • Yukiko Kudo profile
  • 2-4 Ice Truck case (Subaru) info
  • 2-5 Ice Truck case (Amuro) info

File 850 - Bourbon's Objective[edit]

File 851 - Jodie Remembers[edit]

File 852 - Whereabouts of Shuichi Akai[edit]

BO 3 ExF 3 P 1.jpg
BO 3 ExF 3 P 2.jpg

Extra File 3[edit]

  • 3-1 Amuro suspecting Conan info 2
  • 3-2 Amuro suspecting Conan info 3
  • 3-3 Conan recognizing Masumi info
  • 3-4 Bourbon Arc love cases info
  • Shinichi and Ran
  • Chiba and Naeko
  • Shukichi and Yumi
  • 3-5 Conan recognizing Masumi info 2
  • 3-6 Middle Brother info
  • 3-7 The Wizard text message info
  • 3-8 Masumi has two siblings info

VS. Other Sister[edit]

BO 3 ExF 4 P 1.jpg
BO 3 ExF 4 P 2.jpg

Chapters taken from Volume 83

File 876 - Romance Novelist[edit]

File 877 - The Girl Who Resembles Sera[edit]

File 878 - The Phone, the Sea, and I[edit]

Extra File 4[edit]

  • 4-1 The person that Conan likes info
  • 4-2 Sister from outside the domain text message info
  • Sister from outside the domain profile info
  • 4-3 Amuro asking about Rikumichi info
  • 4-4 Amuro's nickname "Zero" info info
  • Elena Miyano profile
  • 4-5 Amuro and Elena info
  • 4-6 Takagi giving Amuro information info

Truth in Scarlet[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 84, Volume 85

File 891 - The Last Piece[edit]

File 892 - Out of My Japan...[edit]

File 893 - Bourbon's Pursuit, Scarlet Prologue[edit]

BO 3 ExF 5 P 1.jpg
BO 3 ExF 5 P 2.jpg
BO 3 ExF 5 P 3.jpg

File 894 - Scarlet Suspicion[edit]

File 895 - Scarlet Interrogation[edit]

File 896 - Scarlet Return[edit]

File 897 - Scarlet Truth[edit]

File 898 - Scarlet Epilogue[edit]

Extra File 5[edit]

  • 5-1 Shuichi Akai is alive info
  • 5-2 Amuro's nickname and real name info
  • Rei Furuya profile
  • 5-3 Subaru and Sister outside the domain reacting to Shukichi's win info
  • 5-4 Ran remembering Masumi info
  • RUM profile
  • 5-5 Haibara's descriptions of Rum info
  • 5-6 Hyoue Kuroda info
  • 5-7 "Mary" info
  • 5-8 Scotch info
  • 5-9 Scotch info 2
  • 5-10 Haibara resembling Mary info
  • 5-11 Kohji Haneda APTX list info
  • 5-12 Rum was involved in Kohji's death info

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