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Shuichi Akai (赤井 秀一 Akai Shūichi?) is an FBI agent and a major figure in the battle against the Black Organization. He once assumed the identity of Dai Moroboshi (諸星 大 Moroboshi Dai?) and infiltrated the Organization, where he was given the codename Rye (ライ Rai?). During this time he made enemies with Gin and Bourbon and became romantically involved with Akemi Miyano. Since his exit from the Black Organization, he has become one of their most feared enemies, and has been a key player in several FBI clashes with the Organization, gaining the nickname Silver Bullet. More recently, he faked his own death in order to keep the CIA infiltrator Hidemi Hondou from being uncovered as a spy within the Organization. With Yukiko Kudo's disguise help, he became Subaru Okiya, a friendly engineering graduate student. As Subaru Okiya, he sought to protect Ai Haibara from the Black Organization and Bourbon in accordance with the promise he made with Akemi. He also helped Conan with assorted cases, and kept an eye on his FBI comrades.



Ten year ago Akai as meet Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri, with his family at the beach.

Five years prior to the current time-line, FBI agent Shuichi Akai infiltrated the Black Organization using the alias Dai Moroboshi as a mole and dated Akemi Miyano, a low-ranking members, in order to meet Shiho Miyano and use her influence to get into the Black Organization.[1] Although at first he was simply using Akemi as a tool, they both fell in love with each other. During at least one mission four years ago he was assigned to work with the members Scotch and Bourbon. At one point Scotch was killed, and since then there has been animosity between Bourbon and Akai. Eventually Akai distinguished himself as an agent and two years prior to the current time-line received the codename Rye and was called to work under executive agent Gin. The FBI laid a trap hoping to capture Gin at a warehouse where the meeting was supposed to take place,[1] but the Black Organization discovered Akai's true allegiance and Gin never appeared.[2]

One year ago Akai was spotted in New York City chasing after Vermouth who was disguised as a serial killer. After the death of Akemi Miyano he cut his hair. When the FBI had discovered that Vermouth had returned to Japan, Akai followed suit along with Jodie Starling and James Black. He seems focused on capturing Gin, who he has nicknamed "Koibito-kun" due to his role in Akemi's death.

Shuichi Akai[edit]

Bus Jack (Manga: 287-289, Anime: 230-231)[edit]

Akai's first appearance on the bus

Conan, Agasa, and the Detective Boys board a bus headed to a ski resort. Akai gets on the bus wearing a face mask in order to tail Jodie Starling and Vermouth who is disguised as Dr. Tomoaki Araide. The bus is hijacked by robbers and Conan discovers they must have an accomplice in the back row where Shuichi Akai is sitting. At one point the robbers call Akai and Dr. Araide up to the front to put on the hijackers' ski jackets. Conan ruins the hijackers' plans by directing the bus driver to slam on the brakes, so the hijackers crash to the floor. Akai attacks one of the hijackers but is confused when the robber faceplants before he could strike: Conan's tranquilizer dart got him first. The police move in to apprehend the hijackers and Akai watches as Araide accosts Conan for wanting to leave before having the gash on his arm tended. Before moving out, Akai records a message saying he couldn't find Vermouth's target, Shiho Miyano.[3]

After the bus jacking, Haibara tells Conan there was definitely someone from the Organization on the bus. Conan's first suspect is Shuichi Akai whose behavior seemed suspicious.[4]

James Black Kidnapping (Manga: 325-327, Anime: 258-259)[edit]

Akai leers at the kidnappers.

James Black plans to meet with Akai in a stadium lobby after the Paul & Annie animal circus show. Akai and James probably haven't met in a while because James doesn't know Akai cut his previously waist length hair. He was unable to meet with Akai at first because he was accosted by reporters but is saved by the Detective Boys. James is then mistakenly kidnapped by criminals who plan to ransom him. Akai, who was looking for him, drives past the Detective Boys. As a former member of the Black Organization, Akai's gaze triggers Haibara's senses, and she whips around asking if Conan saw who was driving the Chevrolet truck.

Somehow, Akai figures out where James is and catches up to the kidnappers and begins following it. Akai quickly zooms ahead when Conan and the police force the kidnappers' car to stop. Akai drives by Agasa's car and looks in, and Conan notices and shields Haibara from his view. In the confusion of the aftermath, James leaves with Akai before he could be questioned by the police. He points out that Akai has cut his hair. Then he retells the events of the kidnapping and asks if Akai brought him to Japan to "make (Akai's) lover come back to (Akai)" Akai affirms this and says that he wants "his lover (koibito-san) to regret they ever left me with tears of blood."[5]. Akai's "lover" is a reference to the ironic codename he gave Gin: "koibito" meaning lover.

Sato's Matchup (Manga: 328-330, Anime: 253-254)[edit]

Ran notices Akai leave the restaurant where Miwako Sato was having her Omiai with officer Shiratori. Akai had come to check on on Dr. Araide who is really Vermouth in disguise. Ran realizes she met him somewhere once before, but she cannot remember where.[6]

Bloody Valentine (Manga: 331-334, Anime: 266-268)[edit]

Later, at a chocolate-making cottage, one of the suspects says he shot at a tall man wearing a black beanie thinking he was a bear. Ran says she might know the person in the black knitted hat and Conan wonders if she means Akai.[7] He later starts to ask her about it, but changes his mind mid-sentence.[8]

The Life of a Flower (Manga: 335-337, Anime: 269-270)[edit]

Takagi informs Conan all the records of Kogoro's cases were stolen from the police station on the day of the bus hijack incident and later returned.[9] Conan begins to wonder who the target is and first suspects Akai may be behind the incident because of the timing. He wonders if Akai is a Black Organization member. He tries calling the Mouri Detective Agency, but nobody picks up. When Conan rushes back, he finds the items in the kitchen left unsupervised and the television on. Just when Conan begins to fear that Akai has taken care of Ran and Kogoro, he is relieved to find out that Ran had only gone out to buy meat. He again tries to ask Ran whether she she knows Akai, but changes his mind by shifting his sentence, thinking there is no way Ran would know a guy like Akai. Unknown to Conan, Akai is staking out the Mouri Detective Agency.[10]

The Rotten Apple Case (Manga: 350-354, Anime: 286-288)[edit]

Shuichi Akai in New York with his longer hair.

One year prior to the current timeline, Shinichi, Ran, Yukiko, Akai, and Vermouth are in America. After leaving Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran at the theater, Sharon Vineyard, aka, Vermouth, disguises as a silver haired serial killer to lure out Shuichi Akai and kill him. Vermouth underestimates Akai and he shoots her in the side. Vermouth escapes, but Akai continues to look for her. During the search, Akai encounters a crying Ran who is waiting in the rain by a taxi for Shinichi to return. The taxi driver and Ran both initially mistake Akai for the serial killer, and the taxi drives off leaving Ran behind. Akai asks Ran if she saw a man with long silver hair. One of Akai's colleagues comes up to ask Akai if he found the serial killer and Ran sees the FBI logo on his jacket. Akai grabs her elbow to take her from the area, but she resists because Shinichi is still around. Akai harshly orders Ran to leave the area as it is dangerous.[11]

Meeting with Ran (Manga: 379-380, Anime: 308-309)[edit]

Ran and Akai meet coincidentally in the street.

Conan and Ran are walking home from the Itakura case. Ran talks to Conan about how it is hard waiting for Shinichi to return and begins to cry. They approach a phone booth and Akai steps out. Ran and Akai recognize one another.

Akai: You are crying again... You are always crying.
Ran: Is it wrong?
Akai: No. ... I was just remembering. You remind me of a woman... One who was always crying in the dark trying to sound casual, a stupid woman.

— The conversation between Akai and Ran at the phonebooth, Manga Chapter 380: "White Snow, Black Shadow"

Conan is surprised Ran and Akai seem to know each other and asks Ran who Akai is. Ran replies with the story of her meeting with Akai in New York. She mentions she saw him with a man with in an FBI jacket. Akai has walked away in the meanwhile and Conan loses sight of him. Conan is surprised at this new information and wonders what the FBI could be doing in Japan. He also considers the possibility that Shuichi Akai is a Black Organization spy in the FBI and killed the serial killer in New York and might be involved with Haibara's past.

Contact with the Black Organization (Manga: 383, Anime: 311)[edit]

Haibara finds Conan passed out in a locker at Kenbashi Station. As they leave, Akai sees Haibara close up and immediately recognizes her. Akai's focus caused Haibara to sense his presence and she spins around in fear, but he has already retreated and she doesn't catch sight of him.

Following Yukiko (Manga: 417-419, Anime: 335-336)[edit]

Shuichi Akai, suspicious that Haibara is Shiho, asks two subordinates to follow Yukiko who is driving the Detective Boys to a film studio to see a preview showing of Kamen Yaiba. The two people take several pictures, one of which Akai keeps in his truck after this. Conan and Yukiko notice the two are following. They continue to wait in the film developer's parking lot until Takagi asks them if they have been drinking at Conan's request. They report to Akai that they are unable to follow any more. Akai looks at the newly developed pictures they gave to him and he thinks Haibara's resemblance to Shiho Miyano is too similar to ignore.

Four Porsches (Manga: 420-422, Anime: 338-339)[edit]

While driving, Akai sees Conan on TV broadcast waiting in line to get porridge. He quickly heads towards the direction of the shopping center where Conan is. When he arrives, a murder had already been committed in the underground parking lot and the police have arrived. Agasa calls Araide to pick up Haibara, and Akai overhears the conversation through the bugs planted in Araide's office. He follows Jodie and Araide to Agasa's house and waits out front listening in to the bugs Jodie just planted at Agasa's.

Showdown with Vermouth (Manga: 429-434, Anime: 345)[edit]

Akai shoots Vermouth to protect himself and Jodie

Conan and Jodie confront Vermouth and reveal her disguise. During the confrontation, Jodie is shot by Calvados, a sniper who was hidden on some shipping crates. Calvados also attempts to shoot Ran who rushed to Haibara in order to shield her from the gunfire. Akai, unseen, sneaks from behind and disables Calvados, silently breaking both his legs and taking his rifle, shotgun, and three pistols. Akai walks around the shipping crates towards Jodie and Vermouth's location. Vermouth mistakes the incoming footsteps for Calvados and orders him to kill Jodie. Vermouth is shocked when it is Akai who walks into view. Akai then begins provoking Vermouth:

Akai: Well, Calvados is a distilled liquor of apples... where he goes perfectly for the accomplice of the rotten apple.
Vermouth: Rotten apple?
Akai: That's our codename for you. The famous actress who bathed in the limelight was the golden apple of the stage. Your beauty is the same as before but... inside your heart has become a wilted rotten apple

— Akai insulting Vermouth, Manga Volume 42, File 10 , pg 10

Provoked by his remark, Vermouth attempts to shoot him, but Akai fires the shotgun first into her flak jacket, breaking several of her ribs and tearing Vermouth's face slightly which proves that she isn't wearing a mask. To escape, Vermouth grabs the unconscious Conan as a hostage and roars away in Jodie's car. To prevent them from following, she aims with the side mirror and shoots Araide's car's gas tank, causing it to explode

Akai: To shoot the gasoline tank using the mirror and with that body is... not bad.
Jodie: What are you being impressed for!? She just got away with a hostage!

— Jodie and Akai's conversation about Vermouth's getaway with Conan as a hostage, Manga Volume 42 , File 10 , pg 12

Akai comments that they at least have her accomplice Calvados, but at that moment, Calvados commits suicide with a pocket pistol that Akai overlooked. Akai hears the police sirens and tells Jodie to make up a story about randomly getting involved in a kidnapping case. Akai's parting words to Jodie are that he still isn't ready to face Haibara, likely referring to his use of Haibara's sister, Akemi Miyano, to infiltrate the Black Organization which resulted in her being killed when they uncovered that he was a spy.

Black Impact (Manga: 499-504, Anime: 425)[edit]

Akai with a sniper rifle aiming at the Black Organization 700 yards away.

Kogoro Mouri, Ran, and Conan help newscaster Rena Mizunashi with a door bell prank case. In order to catch the prankster, Conan sticks a bug and microphone wrapped in gum outside the door. The case is solved, but Conan forgets the bug and it gets stuck on Rena's shoe. Unfortunately Conan discovers Rena is a member of the Black Organization, Kir, and she is participating in an assassination mission. Conan has to retrieve the tracker before the Black Organization notices and suspects that Kogoro planted it. Jodie Starling contacts Akai and tells him about the predicament, but doesn't say what he will do to help. James Black comments that Akai was always the reticent type, but has closed up even more since the death of his girlfriend (later revealed to be Akemi Miyano).

After hearing a lot of static on their radios, Gin looks for the cause of the interference and finds Conan's tracker on Kir's shoe which had been left in his car when she changed clothes. With the boss's approval, Gin abandons the original assassination plans and heads towards the Mouri Detective Agency to kill Kogoro. Conan stops Kogoro from being assassinated, but Gin still has Conan's tracker which has his fingerprints on it. As Gin holds it up for a closer look, it is shot out from between his fingers by Akai who had set up with a sniper rifle on a building 700 yards away.

Gin is shot by Akai.

Gin, perhaps anticipating who would be responsible, grabs Korn's rifle and uses it to locate Shuichi Akai. At this time, Akai fires a bullet that passes through Gin's scope and grazes his left cheek causing it to bleed. At this time Akai says "we finally meet, my lovely, lovely koibito-san".[12] Gosho Aoyama uses a Japanese literary device to give the word "koibito" a double meaning. Japanese in Detective Conan includes the pronunciation, called "furigana", in hiragana next to the kanji. Normally the furigana matches the word in the kanji; however, Gosho Aoyama used the kanji for "old enemy" (宿敵), but the furigana for "koibito" (こいびと), giving Akai's word a double meaning. The true meaning of what Akai meant is "old enemy", but what he said out loud was the furigana "koibito". Akai had ironically nicknamed Gin "loved one" despite thinking of him as his arch enemy. By grazing Gin's cheek, Akai fulfilled his promise he made at the end of the James Black Kidnapping to make his "lover" bleed tears of blood.

Akai then fired twice into Gin's bullet proof vest to encourage him to leave quietly, purposefully avoiding killing Gin although he was capable of finishing him. Akai's stated reason for letting Gin and the rest of the Black Organization members go was to avoid having a gunfight erupt in the middle of Beika city where innocent people might be injured.[13] Despite Gin's reservations, Akai also successfully made the Black Organization think that the FBI was behind the tracker, and that Kogoro had been the bait to draw them into Akai's range.

Kir in the hospital (Manga: 550, Anime: 462)[edit]

The FBI discuss what to do with Mizunashi Rena. Akai wants to use her as bait to trap the Black Organization and points out her her name is a pun on "007", James Bond's code number. [14]

Red vs. Black (Manga: 595-609, Anime: 495-504)[edit]

Eventually, following the capture of Organization member Rena Mizunashi, Akai was introduced to Conan, and the two worked on a plan to re-introduce Rena, who was in fact a CIA mole, back into the ranks of the Organization. One condition of her reintegration, however, was that she should personally kill Akai, who had been declared the Organization's most dangerous enemy. Mizunashi lured him to an isolated spot for a meeting and shot him at point-blank range before incinerating his truck with a bomb.

The Fake Patient (Manga: 595-598, Anime: 495-497)[edit]

After hearing that Eisuke has zeroed in on Haido Central Hospital after finding a clue, Conan and Jodie discuss Ethan Hondou. Jodie says Akai verified Ethan Hondou was a CIA agent. Conan asks Ran more about the clue Eisuke found and discovers that it was someone dialing the Black Organization's boss's phone number. Jodie reports to Akai that a member of the Black Organization has infiltrated the hospital. Akai takes the news in stride and goes to Rena's room. He already suspects Rena is a member of the CIA as well, and wants to use her to gain more leverage against the Organization.

Conan asks one of the nurses about Eisuke and she tells Conan about a different patient, a member of the Black Organization, who had asked about Rena Mizunashi. Akai seems pleased to hear the news, and thinks it is a good opportunity to add a second lead. The FBI gets profiles of three patients most likely to be the Black Organization member and Conan films them. Akai and Conan both correctly deduce the member of the Black Organization hiding in the hospital is Kusuda Rikumichi. The FBI watch Kusuda, but get caught and he threatens to blow up a bomb. Kusuda escapes in a car with Akai and Conan in hot pursuit. After realizing it is Akai who is chasing him, Kusuda commits suicide. Akai knows that now Kusuda's reports have stopped, the Black Organization will know Rena is at the Haido Central Hospital and plan a counter-attack.

The Black Organization's counterattack (Manga: 599-605, Anime: 498-503)[edit]

The FBI hold a meeting and decide that they have to move Kir now that the Black Organization knows she is at Haido Central Hospital. Akai proposes that the best idea is to set a trap for the Organization by allowing them to come after Kir and then ambushing them. Akai heads to the roof alone to think of a plan. Conan takes the opportunity to ask James Black about Akai's past. James reveals that Akai wants revenge for his girlfriend who was killed by the Organization. Akai had infiltrated the Organization under the name Dai Moroboshi by dating Miyano Akemi in order to get close to a high ranking scientist, feed information to the FBI, and hopefully learn the identity of the boss.[15] Dai earned the codename "Rye" and was called to work for Gin, but the FBI bungled the plan to capture Gin, so Akai was discovered and expelled from the Organization. James Black further explains that the Organization wanted to get rid of Akemi too, but couldn't because her sister was too valuable to them. The Organization came up with a plan to have Akemi perform a billion yen bank heist as an excuse to kill her when she failed. Contrary to the Org's expectations, Akemi succeeded but was killed by Gin regardless. Akai has kept the last text message from Akemi asking if Akai will date her for real if she leaves the Organization. There is a further P.S. that has not been revealed.

Conan and Akai meet on the roof and exchange plans. Their first move is to get Kir's cooperation. Akai and Conan trick the FBI officers on guard to leave Kir's room which provides an opportunity for Eisuke to sneak in and "wake the sleeping princess". With Eisuke's provocation, Kir stops pretending that she is unconscious. Conan and Akai enter the room, and Akai escorts Eisuke out so that they can convince Kir to return to Organization. Akai and Conan answer Kir's questions about how they found out she was a CIA agent and she fills them in on her past. Kir agrees to their plan to trick the Organization and promises to funnel information back to the FBI as well. Akai calls Andre Camel to help with their secret plan which requires also fooling the FBI who don't yet know Kir is a CIA agent.

The FBI plans to put Rena in one of three vans and trick the Organization into chasing one of the decoys while the van with Kir in it is driven by Camel back to hospital. Meanwhile, the Organization launches their counterattack. They cause three separate accidents nearby to flood the hospital with people and then give them gifts with small bombs hidden inside. Akai suspects they may be trying to kill Kir by detonating the bombs and collapsing the hospital. Akai and the FBI collect the bombs from the innocent patients, but are startled when the TV starts airing an announcement from Mizunashi Rena in the hospital. Akai and Conan realize the bombs have tracking devices embedded in them, but they aren't fast enough to stop the rest of the FBI agents from going to Kir's room.

With the location of Kir's room exposed, the FBI launch the three van plan without delay. Akai in his Chevrolet follows one of the vans from a distance and he is eventually found by Vermouth who had been assigned by the boss to look for him. Gin correctly deduces which van Kir is in and recaptures her all according to Conan and Akai's plan. The FBI are at first very dismayed they failed, but then Akai explains the plan to them and that they were left out of the loop in order to make the Organization believe they were not set up. Gin, however, is suspicious that Akai didn't interfere more strongly when they recaptured Kir and that Akai may have something else up his sleeve.

Death at Raiha Pass (Manga: 605-609, Anime: 501-504)[edit]

Gin is suspicious of how ineffective the FBI's plan was and that Shuichi didn't make a strong move. Gin thinks Shuichi is still hiding something and that doubt is relayed to the boss who plans a test of Kir's loyalty. Meanwhile, Andre Camel becomes a suspect in a coincidental murder case. Shuichi is somewhat amused at the predicament, and Jodie plans to go to Andre Camel and bail him out. As Jodie leaves, Shuichi calls out to her and says he has a bad feeling about today, and that she should be careful. Jodie notes it is Friday the thirteenth.

The Black Organization takes advantage of the distraction provided by Andre Camel's murder case, and Gin meets with Kir and conveys the boss's ultimatum: Kir must kill Shuichi in order to regain the Organization's trust. Gin explains that Kir will call out Shuichi with the excuse that she wants to flee the country because the Organization is pressuring her after she was caught by the FBI. Shuichi will take the bait if Kir says she will give him good information. When she meets with him alone, Kir will kill Shuichi while wearing a camera and bug. Gin will be watching out of range of Shuichi's acute sense for traps. With Gin's gun at her back, Kir calls Shuichi.

At the murder case, Jodie meets up with Camel and their discussion turns to Camel's mistake which caused Shuichi to be rejected from the Organization two years ago. Camel explains that Shuichi had just been promoted, and the FBI planned to capture Gin who was set to meet with Shuichi. The FBI hid in the warehouse waiting for Gin, but instead an old man walked in and sat down. Shuichi ignored the old man, but Camel came out from hiding and told the old man to leave. The old man turned out to be a member of the Organization, and Gin never showed. This lead to a chain of events leading to Shuichi's girlfriend Akemi Miyano's death almost two years later. Camel, who felt most responsible, felt obligated to take the role of driver for the plan to return Kir.

Meanwhile Shuichi, sitting in his truck, remembers some of the last moments he had with Akemi. Shuichi revealed to her that he was an FBI agent. She seemed to already know, prompting Shuichi to desperately ask her why she didn't get away from him. Akemi's simple tearful reply was, "Can't you tell without asking?" Shuichi is brought back to present by James Black telling him that his phone is ringing. Kir is on the other end, and relays Gin's concocted story and asks to meet Shuichi alone. James's impression is that the meeting with Rena is likely a trap and that Shuichi shouldn't go. Shuichi confidently says that he is sure his sixth sense will work and that he will trust Rena to have some way out of the situation. James starts to call Jodie as support but, the confidently grinning Shuichi stops James from dialing and asks for his trust. The meeting location is set at 19:00 at the seventh left curve of Raiha falls and Shuichi heads out.

Kir kills the 'Silver-bullet'.

Shuichi arrives at the meeting place where Kir is waiting from the other side after scouting out ahead. Kir shoots Shuichi in the lung as Gin and Vodka watch from across the gorge via Kir's collar camera. Blood trickling from his mouth, Shuichi turns and sees their Porsche and smirks to himself. Kir tells Gin he will die soon from the lung shot, but Gin orders that Kir makes his death certain by shooting Shuichi in the head. As Kir walks up to him, Shuichi seems to accept his impending doom with great calm.[16] He calmly remarks that he didn't think that she would go this far, to which she agrees. Kir shoots Shuichi in the forehead, with blood cascading from both sides of his head. Shuichi collapses in the front seat of his truck. At that moment the police on the way to an accident begin to approach and Gin orders Kir to place a bomb and blow Shuichi's truck up with the body. Kir plants the bomb and leaves. It detonates just as the police pass by. The ensuing explosion and fire destroys most of the body but the right hand fingerprints survive.

Jodie and Camel leave the murder case as the police finish wrapping it up return the the hospital where the FBI meet. James announces that Kir set up a meeting alone with Shuichi and the a news program begins reporting on a truck that exploded with a body inside whose right hand fingerprints remain intact. Jodie wonders if it is Shuichi, and takes Conan's phone which Shuichi had touched earlier with his right hand to the police. The fingerprint results are a match, Jodie reports the news to James and then breaks down crying. James remarks that they can't blame Rena Mizunashi for this as she had warned them. He sadly comments that with Shuichi, they managed to drive a wedge of steel in the Black Organization, but his death was a price far too big.

Faked Death[edit]

Akai fakes his death with Conan and Rena Mizunashi's help. Blank cartridges and blood packets with small detonators are used to simulate gunshots. When Kir moves to the front of Akai's truck to prepare the bomb, it creates a gap of time where Gin and Vodka cannot see Akai's body with Kir's camera. At this time, Akai switches places with Rikumichi Kusuda's body which had been dressed up beforehand to look like Akai. Akai escapes the truck before it explodes. Meanwhile, Conan loans Jodie Starling one of his identical cellphones which has Rikumichi's fingerprints on it. She will think they are Akai's because Akai had touched Conan's phone earlier with fingertips protected by glue to avoid leaving any prints. When she goes to validate the identity of the body with the police, the fingerprints will match Rikumichi's and she will be fooled into thinking Akai died.

Subaru Okiya[edit]

Subaru Okiya.jpg

After Akai faked his death, he developed a disguised persona with Yukiko Kudo's help. As Subaru Okiya, he sought to protect Haibara from the Black Organization and the new threat from Bourbon in accordance with the promise he made with Akemi. He also helped Conan with assorted cases, and kept an eye on his FBI comrades.

Red, white, and yellow arson case (Manga: 622-624, Anime: 509-510)[edit]

Subaru Okiya standing in front of the remains of his burnt apartment talking with Inspector Yuminaga.

After school, Conan receives a phone call from Jodie who tells him that the Black Organization has activated a new member codenamed Bourbon. Meanwhile, the Detective Boys receive a request from their classmate, Kaito Suigiura, to investigate the actions of a strange man at his father's apartment building which is close to Shinichi and Agasa's house.[17] The next day the Detective Boys find that the apartment has been burned down. Subaru Okiya first appeared as one of the suspects in this arson case. When Inspector Yuminaga introduces the detective boys to the suspects, Okiya gives Ai Haibara the chills which she only gets from those who have been in the Black Organization, although she isn't sure who is responsible at the time and the feeling of pressure unexpectedly disappears.

The revelation that Kaito Suigiura's diary describes a suspicious "yellow" tenant who had argued with the landlord the night the apartment was burnt down leads to the police to question the three suspects about their alibis at the time of the arson as well as their favorite color. Subaru Okiya's alibi was that he was driving alone that night long the verdant Teimuzu river to clear his head after submitting a paper to his professor. Although he likes the greenery of plants, Okiya declared that his favorite is black, "because it covers things inside me that I don't want known", although he hates the color for the same reason.

Conan and Subaru Okiya seem to hit it off when Okiya recognizes Conan quote a line from Sir AC Doyle's "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches". After Conan solves the case, Okiya asks to meet Professor Agasa. After introducing himself, Okiya asks Professor Agasa if he could stay for at his house until he finds another place to live, offering to help Agasa with his research in the spare time. Agasa consents, as long as Haibara also agrees, but Haibara strongly refuses. Conan chimes in offering Shinichi's house, saying that Shinichi has gone missing all of a sudden and Conan will tell Shinichi later that Okiya moved in. Conan overrules Haibara's concerns that the Org may find out through Okiya that Shinichi is still alive by simply saying, "A Holmes fan can't be a bad person!" Conan gives Okiya the key along with the request to take care of the place while he (Shinichi) is gone and Okiya agrees.

Paper airplane case (Manga: 638-640, Anime: 510-511)[edit]

Ran Mouri greets Subaru Okiya with a kick to the face after mistaking him for a robber.

Ran and Sonoko visit Shinichi's house to clean up unaware that Okiya is living there, and they confront him thinking he is a thief. Okiya fails to explain fast enough and winds up on the receiving end of Ran's karate kick. Conan calls Ran to explain that Okiya has been living in the house after the fire and warns her not to talk about Shinichi in front of him. After the two girls apologize, Okiya correctly deduces they had been to "Welcome Burger" earlier. Okiya makes a strong impression on Sonoko, while Ran thinks "he looks like someone" and she had met him before.

Sports Car Arson Case (Manga: 635-637, Anime: 524-525)[edit]

Conan and Agasa are quick to view Okiya as a resource, seen in the Rolls Royce explosion case where Agasa suggests calling Okiya to bring gasoline when his beetle runs out in a remote location, and later in the same case where Conan secretly asks for his help to set up a trap to trick the culprit into confessing. Okiya secretly watches Conan's plan to trick the culprit into confessing in action.

Subaru Okiya figuring out the paper airplane message.

Sonoko then concocts a deduction battle between Okiya and Shinichi to see who can solve the mystery of the paper airplane first. Shinichi and Subaru prove to be equally skilled although neither know they are competing against one another. During the detective showdown, Okiya overhears Sonoko talking about Shinichi's deductions and asks this Shinichi is also the landlord of the house. Ran, thinking of Conan's warning not to talk about Shinichi to Okiya, interrupts Sonoko to say they are consulting one "Kinichi" and that the landlord Shinichi has no special deduction ability. Okiya easily sees through the lie and reveals he had looked around the house but found no personally identifying items. Sonoko and Ran leave to find another paper airplane and Okiya is left to ponder over the landlord.

The deduction battle continues with Okiya and Conan matching each others' deductions perfectly. With the case solved, Okiya suggests that he will leave calling the police up to Ran and Sonoko because they have police acquaintances, revealing he knows something of the backgrounds of the girls and their connections. When the pair leaves, Okiya celebrates the successful resolution of the case with a Sherlock Holmes story and a glass of bourbon.

Ikkaku rock (Manga: 664-666, Anime: 542-543)[edit]

Subaru Okiya stops Ai Haibara from slipping off a dock.

Okiya's next appearance occurs when he comes at the request of Professor Agasa to pick up the Detective Boys who had gone fishing. Haibara is again suspicious of him, but Conan brushes her feelings aside. Okiya stops Haibara from slipping and offers to cook the Detective Boys' fish. When the Detective Boys stop at an island called Ikkaku Rock, Okiya Subaru takes a group photo. The gang stumble into a dead woman who appeared to have gotten lost and died on accident, but Okiya and Conan quickly recognize that she was deliberately abandoned to die. When Inspector Jugo Yokomizo tried to prevent the Detective Boys from questioning the suspects, Okiya stepped in, pointing out that sometimes a child's perspective can be the hint that unlocks the truth and, "Weren't there a number of cases that were solved as a result of some hint from these children?" revealing he knows about the Detective Boys' many prior successes.[18] Indeed, with such a hint from Mitsuhiko and Haibara, Conan and Okiya simultaneously realize who the culprit is. After they took turns explaining the case, the culprit pulled out a knife and grabbed Ayumi Yoshida as a hostage. Conan didn't have any gadgets to help him. At that moment, Haibara felt a menacing aura from Okiya, and he slowly approached the criminal, saying he couldn't escape and even if he did, could he bear the pressure and loneliness of hiding in fear of someone uncovering his identity? The provoked criminal removed the knife from Ayumi's neck and lunged at Okiya. In one effortless movement, Okiya knocked the criminal's knife away and took Ayumi from his grasp. Despite his rescue, the malicious pressure Okiya emitted and his words left a strong impression on Haibara who is certain he is one of the Black Organization members. Note: In the anime version, an extra scene has been added, in which Okiya is seen reading books under the moonlight while drinking a glass of bourbon and smiling. The scene ends with Haibara watching the Kudo House from Agasa´s with a preoccupied expression.

A Dangerous Couple (Manga: 680, Anime: 557)[edit]

Later, Haibara, who had gone with Professor Agasa on a trip because she did not want to be alone while Okiya was around, demanded that Conan find some excuse to kick Okiya out of Shinichi's house. She explained to Conan that she thinks Conan is keeping him around and using her as bait in order to spy on him. Conan replies that he thinks Okiya is a good man and as for using Haibara as bait, "I-Idiot, you think I would do that!?"[19]

Haunted Warehouse (Manga: 691, Anime: 572)[edit]

Conan calls Agasa and finds out he invited Subaru Okiya over to cook because Haibara was out. Agasa says Okiya is a pretty good cook.

Thirteen Red Shirts Case (Manga: 700-704, Anime: 578-581)[edit]

Subaru Okiya knocks Jodie Starling over to prevent her from catching up with Scar Akai.

Jodie Starling visits the Beika Department Store, the origin of Scar Akai's cap, to look for clues about him. Okiya follows her there. Subaru Okiya, along with Scar Akai and Conan, is then trapped on one of the department store floors by a bomber demanding to find the sender of thirteen red shirts. Meanwhile the Black Organization has heard that someone who looks like Akai appeared at the department store. Gin and Vodka park outside the department store with the snipers Chianti and Korn to wait for Scar Akai.

Back on the bombed floor, Subaru Okiya takes an interest in the red shirts case. He solves the flag semaphore message and deduces it has to do with an incident in the mountains. Okiya then sees Scar Akai in the crowd and ducks away before scar Akai could spot him, and smiles mysteriously. Okiya goes to the windows out front and spies Gin's Porsche and Chianti who has set up in a hotel across the street.

Conan tranquilizes Kogoro Mouri to begin his deduction show just as Kogoro receives an anonymous text message containing a mostly complete solution to the case from Scar Akai. After the case is over, Andre Camel reveals to Jodie the Black Organization are waiting outside with a sniper. Jodie rushes after scar Akai to stop him from being killed, but is prevented from reaching him by Okiya who knocks her over.

To prevent Scar Akai from being shot, Conan stirs the crowd up by lying that the store is giving out 10,000 yen gift cards. Okiya confronts Conan, who is surprised to see him, and introduces himself to Kogoro Mouri. He reveals that he was trapped on the bombed floor and tells Conan he was in the area because he visited the Teito bank and followed Conan when he saw Conan enter the Beika Dept store. He leaves Conan with the mysterious quote:

Remember how there was a robbery at that bank? There was someone I knew in the footage from that robbery, so I was trying to find out if they use that bank. If that person uses it, they must live nearby. I was hoping to run into them.... Well, coincidentally they were also on this floor, but it turned out to be a look-alike, so I didn't say anything. I know that person from a long time ago, so there is no way I would mistake them with a look-alike.

— File 704 pg 16, Subaru Okiya

Communications Code (Manga: 755, Anime: 623)[edit]

Subaru Okiya with Conan's tracking glasses.

Okiya comes to rescue Conan and the Detective Boys who had been trapped by kidnappers in a building. Okiya thought they had encountered trouble when he noticed that no lights came on at Agasa's house after dark, and when he went over to inspect, the front door was unlocked, nobody was there, and two suspicious phone calls arrived. Okiya uses a spare pair of Conan's tracking glasses in order to find the Detective Boys, proving he knows about the function of Conan's tracking glasses and that they lock onto the detective badges.[20] Conan has never used the tracking glasses in front of Okiya before. Okiya knocks out one of the kidnappers, but tells the Detective Boys that the robber fell down the stairs. When Haibara questions why he had been paying so much attention to Agasa's house, Okiya tells her he wanted to give them some extra curry he had made for lunch.

Ayumi Kidnapping Case (Manga: 775-776, Anime: 656-657)[edit]

Masumi Sera stops Genta and Mitsuhiko outside of Agasa's house to ask them if they are acquaintances of Professor Agasa's. The topic of Shinichi comes up when she talks to the two detective boys about the prior hostage case. Sera asks who is living in the Kudo house now because she saw the curtains shift slightly. The detective boys tell her that Subaru Okiya has been staying there since his apartment burnt down.

Subaru hearing Conan's conversation.

Sera cryptically comments with a smirk on her face, "And here I thought that someone had just settled in without permission...But it seems I was just getting worked up over nothing..." while looking up at where Okiya Subaru is hiding and secretly observing the conversation.

Later, after Genta ruins Agasa's curry, Okiya secretly follows the detective boys on an errand to buy new ingredients. He tails the detective boys rather closely; Haibara, who is wearing a hat, seems determined not to acknowledge his presence. He stops and looks over his shoulder to watch a car that parked on a side street. The car pulls out of sight and Okiya turns away and continues on, but soon enough car reverses back into its former position. Okiya is later seen in the grocery store, and he worriedly watches Conan and Haibara dash out of the grocery store after hearing that Sera saw Haibara's reflection in Agasa's glasses in an online video. Okiya follows the detective boys back and listens into Conan's conversation at Agasa's via an earpiece while watching on the professor's house from one of the Kudo household's upper story windows.

Murder at Mouri Detective Agency (Manga: 798-800, Anime: 672-674)[edit]

Okiya frightens Haibara as he determines to stop the culprit.

Okiya appears at Haibara and Agasa's house and goes with them in his car to save Conan who had been kidnapped. During the chase, Okiya uses the phrase "Don't make that kind of face", to reassure Haibara that he will definitely catch up to Conan. When he pulls up behind the suspect's car, he leans out the driver's side and puts his hand in his jacket, likely to pull out a handgun to shoot out the suspect's tires. Okiya aborts this plan when Tooru Amuro pulls up alongside him and they look at one another. Amuro and Sera successfully stop the kidnapper and Okiya drives away without lingering at the scene.

Don't make that kind of face (Manga: 802, Anime: 675)[edit]

In chapter 802, Haibara hears the same "Don't make that kind of face" phrase from Conan, causing her to remember both the statement that Okiya made in chapter 800, and Akai making the same statement while under the Dai Moroboshi persona about protecting her sister. After this Haibara begins referring to Okiya using his given name "Subaru".

Ski trip delay (Manga: 809-811, Anime: 684-685)[edit]

Haibara uncovering Subaru's scarf

Haibara and Conan are late for a ski trip with professor Agasa and the detective boys because Haibara forgot something at Agasa's house. Unable to rouse the drunk sleeping Kogoro into getting a rental car, Haibara suggests calling Okiya for a ride. Conan is surprised at Haibara's change of heart regarding Okiya. On the way to the ski site, Okiya suggests he might join in because he feels he has been getting out of shape. Haibara directly questions Okiya about why he needs to stay in shape. Okiya comments, "Well, in a way... I do want to look good for the ladies." A murder case happens, interrupting the trip. After Conan runs off to question the suspects with Takagi, Subaru examines the body and gives his thoughts. Haibara suggests that he is rather knowledgeable about murders. Okiya gently corrects her, saying his interest is derived from his love of Holmes, and that he likes solving puzzles.

While the case suspects are being questioned by the Police, Haibara is waiting outside together with Okiya in front of the Police Headquarters. She mentions that this is "the first time" that she's alone with him. Okiya suggests that they should move to the parking lot and wait inside the car. However, Haibara doesn't seem to like the idea, and sarcastically answers that he can force her to come along with him if that's what he wants. Okiya doesn't do so, because of an unknown promise he made with "her".

The sky has turned dark. Okiya takes a nap inside his car. Haibara decides to take advantage of this moment and secretly tries to remove his scarf. However, Okiya has waken up and stops her from doing so. He explained: "Beyond here is my area... and not your space... Adults get cold... They're not outdoor creatures, after all..."

Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case (Manga: 812-814, Anime: 690-691)[edit]

Subaru finds out that Conan is Shinichi

Ran, Sonoko, and Sera go to Shinichi's house to find pictures of a ten year old crime scene similar to a case they just stumbled upon earlier. Sera enters the bathroom looking for Conan and encounters Subaru brushing his teeth with his neck uncovered. Sera becomes suspicious of him. She also wonders if he has invited a woman over when she finds a woman's hair tie. While the three girls are trying to solve the case, Sera mentions Shinichi Kudo, which reveal to Subaru that the owner of the house was the high school detective. He tells them that there is a rumor that Shinichi got killed during a case. While Sonoko and Ran discuss the rumors, the word Ninja comes up, which brings up a thought in Subaru. They decide to call Shinichi, and Conan is obligated to go to the bathroom and take the call. Subaru notices this and realizes he is going to play the Shinichi Kudo role. Rather than disturbing him, Subaru sends a message to Shinichi via Ran, telling him the name "Kumogakure Saizou", a clue to solve the case. After revealing the truth, Conan runs out from the bathroom, but he does not realize that Subaru had been watching him. Sera points out Conan left his bow tie on his cellphone. Then Subaru teases him by pretending to address Conan as Shinichi Kudo before suddenly switching topics.

Cabin Trap (Manga: 817, Anime: 699-700)[edit]

Okiya hacks Mouri's computer

When Amuro sneaks into the Mouri Detective Agency to illicitly view the material Kogoro's clients have sent him, which includes a video of Shiho Miyano sent by Mitsuhiko, Amuro notices someone hacking Kogoro's computer. After Amuro notices this, there is a cut to Shinichi Kudo's house showing Okiya sitting by three monitors with a glass of bourbon and an ashtray full of cigarettes.

Bell Tree Express Mystery (Manga: 820-824, Anime: 701-704)[edit]

Subaru Okiya's opened eyes are identical to Shuichi Akai's.

It is revealed that Vermouth and Bourbon are on the train, and that they have located Sherry and notified Gin and Vodka about this. Subaru is seen in a room with a woman who looks like Vermouth, but the top part of her face is hidden by her hat. Haibara receives a text message from Vermouth asking, "Are you ready?" Haibara locks herself in her bathroom and prepares to take the drug, presumably to turn herself into Sherry to protect her alternate identity. However, before she can consume the drug, Subaru enters, states "Just as expected of sisters, I can read all your moves." He is holding up a cell phone as he speaks, "Now, can I have you step this way...into our area?" However Haibara quickly runs past him, trying to escape. Later, Subaru is shown setting an unconscious Sera on the sofa of the train, smiling as she unconsciously mutters the words "Shuu-nii". At the end of chapter 824, Subaru is seen putting on his glasses while observing Vermouth and Bourbon. His eyes are open and his eyes are identical to Shuichi Akai's.

Delivery Service (Manga: 843, Anime: 722-723)[edit]

Okiya watches from the window

The Detective Boys become trapped in a refrigerated delivery truck with a cat, a dead body, and two murderous workers. Unable to call for help and out of other options, Conan decides to try to get a message to Amuro using the cat and a doctored receipt. The receipt blew away before he could see the message, delaying Amuro who had to search for it. A while later when it appears like the Black Organization agent won't be coming to rescue them, Conan checks the packages for electronics they could try to use and unexpectedly finds a cake intended for Professor Agasa. He changes the address to direct the parcel to Kudo's house knowing that Okiya will deduce the situation and provide help. Okiya then gives the unwitting murderers a package containing a phone to deliver. Amuro finally locates the truck and comes to the rescue, so Okiya's phone is only used to call the police. Okiya watches the rescue unfold from the Kudo house window.

Scarlet Showdown to current[edit]

Scarlet Showdown (Manga: 894-898, Anime: 781-783)[edit]

Amuro confronts Subaru
Shuichi comes out from hiding in the backseat

Bourbon, claimed to having deduced the trick that Shuichi Akai used to fake his death. Subaru is at the Kudo house while watching the Academy Awards wearing a face mask when he got a delivery service. The delivery man turns out to be Bourbon, who introduces himself and asserts that it's not the first time he meets Subaru. Amuro informs Subaru that the lives of his friends Jodie and Camel are on the line and that he has to be sincere to save them, he asks him to remove the mask and tell the truth and calls hims "the FBI agent, Shuichi Akai ." Subaru removes his mask, but it is normal looking. However, Amuro says that wasn't what he meant, and demands that Subaru remove his disguise to show his real identity as Shuichi. He searches Subaru's neck for a voice changer but finds none. Subaru states he has no idea about the Shuichi person that Amuro is talking about.

While Bourbon confronts Subaru Subaru in Shinichi's house, Shuichi comes out from hiding in the backseat of Jodie and Camel's car and proceeds to foil Bourbon's colleagues' attempt to capture them by shooting out their tires. Amuro then gets a call from his allies at Raiha pass that Shuichi Akai was spotted in the backseat of the FBI's car. Shuichi then gives the gun he was using, which is the Glock 17 pistol that Rikumichi Kusuda used to commit suicide, to Bourbon's colleagues in exchange for him to talk with Bourbon on the phone. Shuichi reveals Bourbon's real name to be Rei Furuya, and deduces that he had been planning to use Shuichi's capture to get a higher position in the Organization. Because of this, Shuichi warns him not to lose sight of their real prey and that he didn't want to have Bourbon as his enemy. Shuichi then expresses his regret to Bourbon about an incident involving a specific person. After finding out that Shuichi is alive and clearly not Subaru, Amuro apologizes and leaves.

Subaru is confirmed to be Shuichi in disguise

It was revealed that it was Yusaku who was disguising as Subaru, but the real Subaru was actually Shuichi in disguise all this time. Conan says at the end of the case that Shuichi will come back as he needs to protect someone.

Shuichi then invites Jodie and Camel to the Kudo house for further explanation about his faked death and informs them about Rum, another member of the Black Organization who seems to be very close to the Boss.

Shogi Tournament (Manga: 902, Anime: 786)[edit]

Shuichi smiled as Shukichi Haneda is announced victorious.

Girls Band Murder Case (Manga: 936-938, Anime: 836-837)[edit]

Shuichi on a train platform 4 years ago with a friend.

Shuichi's sister, Masumi Sera, remembers seeing him on a train platform 4 years ago with a friend. They were both carrying guitar cases. She had followed them until Shuichi noticed. He then left to buy her a ticket and send her home. During that time, the friend pulled out his guitar and taught Masumi a few notes. She notes that even though he was carrying a soft case, it remained standing after the guitar was removed. Conan thinks to himself that it may have had a sniper rifle inside. A third person had walked up to them with a hat down over his face and refereed to the friend as "Scotch". When Masumi says that Rei Furuya looks like the person who was wearing the hat, he dodges the question.

Kohji Haneda's Death Case (Manga: 948-950, Anime: 861-862)[edit]

As Conan, Haibara and Agasa researchs for the circumstance around Kohji Haneda's murder, Subaru shows up with food and asks to come with Conan and Agasa to a crime scene of another murder similar to Haneda's death. He might have listening to the conversation through listening devices. When he, Agasa and Conan leaves he calls Camel, who is at the Kudo house, and asks him to protect Haibara. As he and Conan discuss, Subaru reveals that his father had been involved in the murder seventeen years, and that was the reason Akai joined the FBI. But he won't tell more before Conan reveals his real identity to him.

Bourbon's Mission (Manga: 954-957; Anime: 866-867)[edit]

Akai shoots Scotch

In past, while Akai was in infiltration, Scotch is unmasked. Rei surprises then Rye having shot down this one. It is revealed only later than Shûichi had in reality tried to save the agent of the PSB, in vain, because the latter committed suicide by hearing sounds of footsteps coming from the outside.

In the present, Subaru Okiya participates in the resolution of a murder case. Conan tries to dissuade him from staying, because of the presence of Vermouth and Bourbon, but the discovery of one hung forces him to stay. During the investigations, Amuro discovers that Subaru is left-handed and not right-hander, and pointed out that the man whom he wishes to kill is also skillful of this hand. At the end of the affair, he seems to have discovered his real identity.

Kaitou Kid and the Luna Memoria (Manga: 963-965; Anime: 887-888)[edit]

Subaru puts down a dish at house of professor Agasa, and tells not to be interested by the case. He is photographed by Kaitou Kid and goes finally on the scene of the affair. During this one, he helps Ai Haibara in search of the works. He succeeds in getting back the photo wedging the thief in the toilet, with Conan, because on the latter we saw the necklace modulator of voice there.

A Chance Meeting at the Beach (Manga: 972-974, Anime: 881-882)[edit]

Akai compliments Shinichi

After Conan's memory is triggered, it turns out that Conan and Ran once met the Akai family ten years before.

Haibara's Lost Phone Strap Case (Manga: 997-999, Anime: 925-926)[edit]

When Haibara lost her phone strap on her way home, Conan and the Detective Boys suggested the help of Subaru. However, Subaru suggested instead the help of Amuro who was in the neighborhood, and whom Subaru seems aware that he is monitoring him.

Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1006, Anime: 941)[edit]

Black Bunny Club Murder Case (Manga: 1009-1012, Anime: 952-954)[edit]

9 hours after the current case, Akai confronts Amuro, who was infiltrating the Kudo house to find information about Shinichi. Both are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Yusaku and Yukiko.

Policewomen Serial Murder Case (Manga: 1016, Anime: 973)[edit]

Subaru protected Yumi from dunkards

After the murder of two policewomen, Shukichi sends an email to Akai; asking him to protect Yumi. As Subaru, he protected Yumi from dunkards wondering in the streets. After Yumi drove away, he checks Shukichi's message, and thinks that Yumi isn't a woman who really needs a protection after all.

Antique Facet Case (Manga: 1035-1038, Anime: TBA)[edit]

Akai realize his sister, Sera, is showing suspicious movements around Agasa's house. He shows up as Subaru and follows Conan, Agasa, Ai, and Sera to the house of an appraiser whom Agasa requested to inspect an antique plate he had found at his late uncle and aunt's estate, and also keep an eye on Sera. He realize that Sera was trying to pressure Haibara into revealing her true identity and giving her the drugs that restores " the flow of time". He ended up by interrupting Sera's investigation, which irritated Sera and tried to kick him. He dodged the kick and told Sera that the divison of fault is "50:50"; saying that he might be at fault for irritating her, but she is also at fault for trying to kick him, which surprised her. He also ask her about their mother during this circumstance. After the case, he realize that Sera is hiding something about their mother Mary. He suspect his mother has been shrunken by APTX 4869, but still hard to believe until he sees her mother by himself.

Shogi Player Serial Murder Case (Manga: 1045-1046, Anime: TBA)[edit]

Akai receive a call from Conan, knowing that his brother, Shukichi is kidnapped by the culprit, so Shuichi goes along with Conan without disguise to rescue him. Eventually, Akai and Conan successfully rescued Shukichi from the culprit's captivity. Afterwards, Shuichi learns from his younger brother that he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his mother, but is unable to contact her. Shuichi asked him if he told their mother that he is still alive, which Shukichi didn't told her yet. Shuichi reassures him that he'll meet her eventually, once the mist that covers the truth about the Black Organisation has been cleared up.

Yusaku Kudo's TV Show Case (Manga: 1060, Anime: TBA)[edit]

Akai appears along with Jodie and Camel after the case as they plan with Yusaku and Yukiko to pretend get the symptoms of food poisoning to fool the Black Organization. Yusaku and Shuichi mention the only things left is to prepare the Black Organization's big move.

FBI Serial Murder Case (Manga: 1061-1066, Anime: TBD)[edit]

Akai appears with the FBI agents at the Kudo Residence as the Black Organization hacking the their Communication code. When they decide to plant a fake code to lure the Black Organization, Akai gives Camel a hunter hat and reminds him that his identify cannot be exposed in front of the Black Organization since he is the driver of replanted Rena Mizunashi back to the Black Organization from Clash of Red and Black. He should be considered deceased during that operation. However, Rum was able to detect it and counter trap and attacked the FBI members instead, causing Camel falling into sea at Umibotaru. The Black Organization decide to find Camel due to Korn remembers he has seen Camel before. He hide at Umizarujima and wait for Akai disguise as Subaru and Conan to rescue him with the permission of Yusaku. But the Black Organization are able to find his trail at Umizarujima and head on the island. They withness the Umizarujima was burn on fire. They decide to fake Camel's death in front of the organization using the blood packets inside the hunter hat. Camel successfully head back to Kudo Residence and his hair is shaved by Yukiko and leaving him a shorter hair to prevent his identity exposed. Camel also tell Akai and Conan what he heard from Vodka about Rum changed his appearance and made up a silly name for himself, which concern them

Non-canon timeline[edit]

Dimensional Sniper (Movie 18)[edit]

Shuichi turning off his voice changer device

In this non-canon film, Subaru answers a call from James Black with Shuichi Akai's voice. It is a brief hint showing that Subaru is actually Shuichi Akai, which is proven to be true in volume 85.

The Darkest Nigtmare (Movie 20)[edit]

Shuichi sniping

He is not showed as Subaru in this movie. He tries to stop Curaçao before she spoils all the list of spies to the Black Organization. It is the only case where he and Rei Furuya collaborated together.

The Scarlet Bullet (Movie 24)[edit]


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