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Taka'aki Morofushi

Taka'aki Morofushi Profile.png

Japanese name: 諸伏 高明
(Morofushi Takaaki)
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Mr. Morofushi (father, deceased)
Mrs. Morofushi (mother, deceased)
Hiromitsu Morofushi (younger brother, deceased)
Occupation: Nagano Prefecture Police Inspector
Nicknames: Komei (高明)
First appearance: Manga: File 682
Anime: Episode 558
Appearances: Chapters: 25
Chapters: 1
Episodes: 15
Openings: 2
Closings: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 65
Japanese voice: Sho Hayami

Taka'aki Morofushi (諸伏 高明 Morofushi Takaaki?), more commonly known as Komei (高明 Kōmei?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Morofushi's parents died and his younger brother Hiromitsu was taken in by relatives in Tokyo. Morofushi and Kansuke Yamato were both students at the same elementary school, which is where the two met.[1] Morofushi's exploits were so well known that a book about a child who solved a case in a elementary school, titled "Komei-kun from Second Grade Class A!" was based off of him, while another character in the book was based off of Yamato.[1] Morofushi cherishes the book, keeping it in the glove compartment of his car, as the author was a friend of his who died.[1] He was originally a high ranking inspector in Nagano, until he abandoned his job briefly to try and find Yamato when he was left for dead in the snow during a case.[1] After Morofushi found the suspect, and helped save Yamato, he was demoted as an inspector in a local force in Nagano.[1] In episode 653, it is revealed that he has effectively returned to the main headquarters.


Komei is generally shown to be calm and well-mannered, in contrast to the quick-tempered Yamato. According to Yamato, Komei tends to ignore others completely while investigating, and sometimes goes out of his jurisdiction to try and solve a case. He will even put his life on the line if he has to. The rivalry between Yamato and Morofushi is mostly a friendly one, in which they see who can solve the case first, and Yamato has tried to get Morofushi back onto the regular force. Also, Yamato has been willing to go into a burning building to save his life.

He also thanks Yamato for allowing him to see Conan Edogawa at work, also understanding Conan's intelligence after the Red Wall case.[1] He even believes, and confides this to Yamato, that if it weren't for Conan's observations, they would have never even come close to solving the case.[1] He even compares Conan to a young version of Zhuge Liang.[1]


Plot overview[edit]

Red Wall Case (Manga: 682-686, Anime: 558-561)[edit]

Morofushi was the 1st one who realized that by observing the red wall for a long period of time then looking at the white wall, one sees Green in the after image before both Kansuke & Conan did too afterwards. This was meant to denote the Italian Flag, a vital clue to uncovering the culprit. Right after Morofushi noticed the secret message, he immediately text Kansuke a sentence "The late Koumei" but unfortunately, before the text was sent, he has his head smacked by the culprit. Fortunately enough, the message was successfully sent at a second before his consciousness lost.

Eye for an Eye (Manga: 783-784, Anime: 653-654)[edit]

The Red Woman (Manga: 874-875, Anime: 754-756)[edit]

Kawanakajima Murder Case (Manga: 913-917, Anime: 810-812)[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Fairy's Lips (Manga: 1018-1021, Anime: 983-984)[edit]

Morofushi arrived at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Headquarters to retrieve an envelope addressed to him, stumbled upon a case involving Kaitou Kid after meeting Jirokichi Suzuki. While talking on the phone with Kansuke Yamato, Yui Uehara says that he had an younger brother who had moved to Tokyo after their parents' deaths and working in MPD. Morofushi said that he hasn't been in touch with his younger brother, and doesn't know where he is or what he is doing.

After the case is solved, he meets up with Sato and Takagi to receive the envelope. Inside is a destroyed phone with a hole on it. He realized that his brother, Hiromitsu Morofushi, has been working for the Public Security Bureau and died while undercover.

Nagano Snowy Mountains Case (Manga: 1027-1031, Anime: 1003-1005)[edit]

Morofushi appears with Kansuke Yamato and Yui Uehara for the investigation of the crime scene which is shown from the video footage. During the investigation, he saw Amuro and realizes he met him somewhere once before. In his flashback, he remembers that Amuro is his brother Hiromitsu's friend whom he met in the café during his study in the collage, which has a nickname "Zero". He suspect that the envelope could be send by Amuro. After that, he talks to Kuroda privately.

After Kogoro, Conan, Amuro, and Wakita exit the church, Morofushi welcomes them back after a long night. He pretended he didn't know Amuro by greeting with Kogoro only, asking him the identity of Amuro and Wakita were. And as he was called away to continue his work, he passes through Amuro and says "Every moment is precious. Not a moment should be wasted." With a inner monologues that "Time is money, as the saying goes."

Nagano-Gunma Prefectural Border Murder Case (Manga: 1082-1084, Anime: TBD)[edit]

Relationships analysis[edit]

Hiromitsu Morofushi[edit]

Komei and Hiromitsu are siblings. Hiromitsu was taken in by relatives in Tokyo after their parents' deaths and went on to work for the MPD. The two kept in contact until he heard that Hiromitsu quit the MPD and went on another assignment. Later on, he realized that Hiromitsu had been assigned to the Public Security Bureau and died during an undercover mission.

Name origin[edit]

The Komei nickname in kanji with a katakana reading.

The nickname "Komei" (高明) comes from the Japanese reading of "Kong-ming" (孔明), the courtesy name of Three Kingdoms era Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang (諸葛 亮). Komei got this nickname most probably because the on'yomi (Sino-Japanese reading) of the name 諸伏 高明 is Shofuku Kōmei, somewhat similar to Shokatsu Kōmei, the Japanese reading of Zhuge Kongming.


Make no intrusion into others' affairs. When it comes to relationships between close people, outsiders must never interfere.[citation needed]


  • During Taka'aki's first appearance, after hearing him noting about the case being under his department's jurisdiction and learning his name, Conan inwardly commented "Shokatsu no Kōmei" (Komei's jurisdiction). This is a pun on the Japanese reading of Zhuge Kongming.

Different looks[edit]

Episode 558
Episode 653
Episode 810

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