Kuroba Residence

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The Kuroba residence in the Manga of Magic Kaito.
The Kuroba residence in Episode 1 of the Magic Kaito TV Specials.
The Kuroba residence in Magic Kaito 1412.

The Kuroba Residence is a single-family house inhabited by Kaito Kuroba and his mother Chikage Kuroba at times, located in the Toshima Ward of Tokyo, probably in or somewhere close to Ikebukuro. It also contains the base of operations of Kaitou Kid in the form of a secret room behind a painting.[1][2] It's in the catchment area of Ekoda High School, a fictional building somewhere in the Ekoda Area of Tokyo.

Rooms of interest


Kaitou Kid's secret room

This room is hidden behind a portrait of Toichi Kuroba in the living room on the second floor.

Kaito Kuroba's room


Aoko Nakamori meets with Chikage Kuroba in here to ask her about her son Kaito Kuroba's biggest weakness, which she tells her: Fish. Kaito's also having a discussion with his mother during Midnight Crow about Harry Nezu and Kaitou Corbeau.

Living room

Plot overview

Magic Kaito plot overview

The Revived Phantom Thief (Manga: 1, MKS: 1, MK1412: 1)

Japan's Most Irresponsible Prime Minister (Manga: 8)

The Boy Who Bet on the Ball (Manga: 11)

Blue Birthday (Manga: 19, MKS: 5, MK1412: 2)

The Phantom Lady (Manga: 30, MK1412: 9-10)

Midnight Crow Part 2 (Manga: 32, MK1412: 23-24)

Sun Halo Part 3 (Manga: 36)

Non-canon Magic Kaito plot overview

Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief (TV Specials)

Kaitou Kid's Busy Date (MKS: 2)

The Splendid Rivals (MKS: 7)

Magic Kaito 1412

WHITE of CRIME (MK1412 ED: 1)

A Temptation in Scarlet (MK1412: 5)

Kaito Kuroba's Busy Holiday (MK1412: 7)

The Adult's Charm (MK1412: 8)

The Phantom Lady and Ryoma's Treasure (MK1412: 10)

Kid Vs Conan, Miraculous Midair Walk (MK1412: 16)

Kid vs Conan: Teleportation Under the Moonlight (MK1412: 21)


  • Similar to the Blue Parrot Pool Bar and the character design of Chikage Kuroba, the design of the house changed significantly between chapter 19 and 30. Gosho Aoyama took over the design of the house that debuted in Episode 1 of the Magic Kaito TV Specials since the latter. In Magic Kaito 1412, the setting designers came up with a completely new design, with its architecture having almost nothing in common with the house from the Manga or the TV Specials. It's also directly neighbouring the Nakamori residence, which doesn't seem to be the case in the two previous incarnations.
  • While firmly being somewhere inside the Toshima Ward of Tokyo in the Manga, the house seems to be in or close to the Minato Ward in the TV Specials and somewhere around the Shinjuku Ward in Magic Kaito 1412.

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  1. ^ Magic Kaito, Chapter 8 (Magic Kaito Volume 2, Chapter 2)
    Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori exit the train at Ikebukuro Station on their way from school, which is in the Ikebukuro District of Toshima.
  2. ^ Magic Kaito, Chapter 9 (Magic Kaito Volume 2, Chapter 3)
    The police, thinking they are following Kaitou Kid, geolocate Aoko Nakamori "in Toshima" when she's entering her home. She usually got the same way to and from school as Kaito Kuroba.
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