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Haido Town (杯戸町 Haido-chō?) is a town in the Beika Ward (Beika City in the extended canon), adjacent to Beika Town, and is named after London's Hyde Park.


View from the roof of the fictional Haido City Hotel to the real Shiroyama Trust and Tokyo Tower.

Although this town is fictional, some buildings and places in it are based on existing structures, which are mixed with fictional locations, and canon statements about its relative position are repeatedly made in the manga.[1]

Conan Edogawa's and Kaitou Kid's first meeting on the roof of the Haido City Hotel is shown to be right next to the real Shiroyama Trust Tower, with Tokyo Tower right behind it, placing the hotel on the location of the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo Hotel in the Akasaka District of Minato Ward, close to the border of its neighboring ward Chiyoda.[2] The 4th block of Haido is firmly located between the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (Chiyoda) and Yotsuya Station (Shinjuku Ward, close to the borders it shares with Minato and Chiyoda).[3] The Haido Port and its surroundings, on the other hand, seem to be identical to Minato's Hinode Pier.[4] Shinagawa Station (which, despite its name, is also located in Minato) seems to be close to Haido, too.[3]

This would locate Haido Town roughly somewhere along or between the borders of the wards of Minato and Chiyoda, as well as encompassing some of the sea ports of the former.


1st Block[edit]

Didn't appear and wasn't even mentioned so far, but since Haido Town has a 3rd and 4th Block, a 1st Block has to exist, too.

2nd Block[edit]

Didn't appear and wasn't even mentioned so far, but since Haido Town has a 3rd and 4th Block, a 2nd Block has to exist, too.

3rd Block[edit]

Alley next to an apartment building[edit]

A murder happened in an alley in the 3rd block of Haido

One of the crime scenes from the Policewomen Serial Murder Case.

4th Block[edit]

An intersection located in this block is where the father of Miwako Sato died 18 years ago. The block is located somehwere on a route between the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and Yotsuya Station.

Unknown block[edit]

Haido Art Museum[edit]

Takagi and the Detective Boys at the abandoned Haido Art Museum

Haido Art Museum (杯戸美術館 Haido Bijutsukan?) was demolished by Hiroshi Agasa's Tropical Rainbow bomb in Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2.

Haido Mall[edit]

It appeared in Ep 304.

Haido Department Store[edit]

A murder happened at the parking lot of Haido Department Store

It appeared in ep 217.

Nail Snake[edit]

A tattoo shop that appeared in File 551.

Haido Central Hospital[edit]

Haido Central Hospital

Haido Central Hospital (杯戸中央病院 Haido Chūōbyōin?) was the location where the FBI held Kir while she was unconscious and the site of a showdown between the Black Organization and the FBI. Eri was operated for appendicitis there. Later, Jodie's friend, Natsuko Shibuya, was attacked in a case and stayed there a few days. The Haido Cinema building is nearby.

Haido Cinema[edit]

Ayumi, Conan and Ai at Haido Cinema

Haido Central Building[edit]

It appeared in File 1039.

Haido City Hotel[edit]

Haido City Hotel, as seen in Magic Kaito 1412

Haido City Hotel (杯戸シティホテル Haido Shiti Hoteru?) was first introduced when Kaitou Kid landed on its roof before the Black Star Heist. It appeared again in Reunion with the Black Organization where Pisco assassinated a politician and Gin and Shiho Miyano had a confrontation on the roof. The dying mystery writer spent his finals days there in The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case. The White Day party for a candy company in White Day of Betrayal was held at the hotel. In The Reminiscent Golden Eye, a cat's eye gem targeted by both Kaito Kid and a rival thief, Chat Noir, was displayed in the Haido City Hotel on the night of the heist.

Its position is identical with that of the real ANA Intercontinental Tokyo Hotel in the manga continuity.

Haido Elementary School[edit]

Haido Elementary School in the manga

While no main characters attend Haido Elementary School (杯戸小学校 Haido Shōgakkō?), this school plays a key role in Episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case. Keita Onoda and Chiaki from The Secret Played by the Diary are currently enrolled as first grade students there.


  • Natsuko Shibuya
  • Yoshiharu Sugamoto
  • Akiko Yonehara (under Judicial Custody)
  • Kohei Shimoda (deceased)
  • Ryuichi Sakai (P.E. teacher)
  • Minori Nakamura (Haido Elementary School nurse)
  • Sugiyama (deceased)

Haido Department Store[edit]

It appeared in Episode 338.

Haido Detective Agency[edit]

It appeared in Episode 323-324.

Haido High School[edit]

Haido High School (杯戸高校 Haido Kōkō?) is the high school of Makoto Kyogoku and Hina Wada

Haido Hotel[edit]

Haido Hotel in the manga

It was shown in File 768.

Haido Pancake Cafe[edit]

It appeared in File 1040.

Haido Park[edit]

Haido Park (杯戸公園 Haido Kōen?) is a park in Haido Town where the Black Organization attempted to assassinate the politician Yasuteru Domon.

Haido Port[edit]

Haido Port in the manga

The Haido Port and its surroundings are modeled after the Hinode Pier in Minato. It appeared in File 1040.

Haido Shrine[edit]

Haido Shrine in the manga

It first appeared in File 1067.

Haido Station[edit]

The Detective Boys at Haido Station

Haido Station (杯戸駅 Haido-eki?) appears several times in a minor capacity during the manga and the extended canon. The Detective Boys left a train coming from the Shinjuku Ward there in the Soccer Supporter Case. The Black Organization also assaulted the station with an irritant gas in the Kir Transport Case. It seems to be subsequent to Beika Station, which probably places it on the Shōnan-Shinjuku Line in the manga continuity, too. It doesn't seem to be part of the Loop Line in the extended canon.

Haido Town Shopping Mall[edit]

Jinpei Matsuda entering the ferris wheel of Haido Town Shopping Mall

Haido Town Shopping Mall (杯戸町のショッピングモール Haido-chō no Shoppingu Mōru?) has the largest ferris wheel in Japan, over 125m tall, with 72 seats. For the ferris wheel to make one full rotation, it takes over 18 minutes (30cm per second, according to Haibara). The ferris wheel itself is better known as the place where Jinpei Matsuda died trying to defuse a bomb left by a crazed bomber.

Haido University[edit]

Haido University in the anime

Haido University (杯戸大学 Haido Daigaku?) is the fictional counterpart of Rikkyo University. It was shown on a picture in episode 834, The Man Who Died Twice, and reappeared in The Shifting Mystery of Beika City. Its existence is therefore not confirmed in the canon plot as it appeared in filler episodes.

Hotel Haido Pride[edit]

Hotel Haido Pride in the manga

Hotel Haido Pride, also transcribed as Hotel Hyde Pride, is a hotel Masumi Sera and mother stay at for a while. It first appeared in episode 785.

South Haido Station[edit]

Located somewhere on the Tōto Line.

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