Akako Koizumi's Residence

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Akako Koizumi's mansion in the Magic Kaito manga.
Akako's mansion in the Magic Kaito TV Specials.
Akako's mansion in Magic Kaito 1412.

Akako Koizumi's residence is a seemingly decrepit mansion in the style of the Tudor and Tudor Revival architecture, located in some non-descript forest or park area which has to be somewhere in or close to the Ekoda Area, since Akako Koizumi - one of the so far only two known residents of the house, besides her servant - attends Ekoda High School, implying for the building to be in its catchment area.

It's a recurring location in the Magic Kaito franchise and appears in Hanzawa the Criminal once, now suddenly located in the middle of Beika.

Magic Kaito plot overview

The Scarlet Temptress (MK Manga: 6, MKS: 4, MK1412: 5)

In the beginning, Akako Koizumi talks with the magic mirror at her home, who explains that only Kaitou Kid can resist her. She later on finds out that her fellow classmate Kaito Kuroba indeed is that very kid and somehow brews some Valentine's chocolate in her personal witches' kitchen which will make him her slave.

Later, after torturing Kaitou Kid by impaling a voodoo doll version of his likeness while he's active with a theft, she teleports him in front of her residence, catching him in a circle of black magic drawn on the ground and urging him to eat her chocolate, which he declines.

Would You Grow Up? (MK Manga: 10, MKS: 4, MK1412: 8)

Akako's Delivery Service (MK Manga: 17, MKS: 9)

Sun Halo (MK Manga: 34-36)

Omake Manga (MK Manga: Volume 5 Omake)

Gosho Aoyama remodeled Akako's house for use as the Kudo residence.

Gosho Aoyama as director finishes the shooting of "Sun Halo" and tells his assistants to get "the gate for the other series" for a remodeling of Akako Koizumi's residence into the Kudo residence. Kaito Kuroba is flabbergasted that Gosho's just recycling settings.

Non-canon Magic Kaito plot overview

Magic Kaito TV Specials

The Splendid Rivals (MKS: 7)

Hanzawa the Criminal plot overview

Taboo (Hanzawa Manga: 24)


Magic Kaito 1412

The Bansui-sō.

Akako Koizumi's mansion is based on the Bansui-sō in this adaption, a real mansion in the Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku. The same building was later used as a model for a one-off location in a case of Detective Conan too (Kogoro in a Dilemma), as a villa in Karuizawa Yoko Okino tells about.


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