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Educational institutions found within Detective Conan include, but are not limited to: Teitan Elementary, Teitan High, Haido Elementary and Ekoda High School. Each school within the series has their own specific uniforms or dress code for their male and female students.

Elementary schools

Haido Elementary School

Haido Elementary School

While no main characters attend Haido Elementary School (杯戸小学校 Haido Shōgakkō?), this school plays a key role in Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case. Keita Onoda and Chiaki from The Secret Played by the Diary are currently enrolled as first grade students there. As its name says, it is located in Haido Town, Tokyo.

Teitan Elementary School

Teitan Elementary school

Teitan Elementary School (帝丹小学校 Teitan Shōgakkō?) is the elementary school of Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, and the Detective Boys, located in Beika Town, Tokyo. Teitan Elementary currently does not require a uniform. "Teitan" is a play-on word of "tantei"(探偵) meaning "detective".

Middle/Junior High schools

Futatsubashi Middle School

It appeared in Volume 1 Company President's Daughter Case.

Okuho Middle School

Okuho is Hiroshi Agasa's middle school, somewhere in Okuho Town, Tokyo. It is probably located near Teitan Elementary in Beika Town, as Agasa walked Fusae Campbell to Teitan Elementary on his way to Okuho Middle School in the morning. It was first mentioned in Shinichi Kudo’s Childhood Adventure.

Teitan Middle School

Teitan Middle School

Shinichi Kudo, Ran Mouri, and Sonoko Suzuki are enrolled at Teitan Middle School (帝丹中学 Teitan Chūgaku?) in Beika Town, Tokyo. The winter uniform consists of a black gakuran and slacks for the boys and a navy blue collared white sailor outfit with a green ribbon and a navy blue skirt for the girls. The summer uniform consists of a white short-sleeve button-up shirt and black slacks for the boys and a white short sleeve shirt, yellow vest with a green ribbon and navy blue skirt for the girls.


Current students

  • Naomi Sawamura

Previous students

Unnamed middle school from Yaiba

The middle school from Yaiba

A so far unnamed middle/junior high school (中学 Chūgaku?) featured in Yaiba, attended by Sayaka Mine, Takeshi Onimaru, Keiko Momoi and, briefly, Yaiba Kurogane until three years ago (the time Yaiba happens in as whole, except the epilogue). Past students were Kenjuro Kurogane and Raizo Mine. It is located in or close to Yaoya Town in Tokyo, since its citizens are part of its catchment area. The school also seems to be associated with Ekoda High School, since Sayaka and Keiko attend it in their second year of high school later on.

High schools

Busamaru High School

It appeared in Company President's Daughter Case.

Ekoda High School

Ekoda High School

Ekoda High School (江古田高校 Ekoda Kōkō?) in the Ekoda Area of Tokyo is the high school of Kaito Kuroba, Aoko Nakamori, Akako Koizumi, Saguru Hakuba, Sayaka Mine and Momoko Aoyama. Ekoda High's winter uniform consists of a midnight blue gakuran for the boys and a navy blue sailor outfit with a red ribbon for the girls.

Haido High School

Haido High School (杯戸高校 Haido Kōkō?) is the high school of Makoto Kyogoku and Hina Wada, located in Haido Town, Tokyo.

Jikogenba High School

This school is mentioned by Conan Edogawa in episode 393 and is said to be near Beika Park. This location is non-canon.

Kaihou Academy

Kaihou Academy

Kaihou Academy (改方学園 Kaihō Gakuen?) is Heiji Hattori's and Kazuha Toyama's high school, located in Osaka. The summer uniforms are a sailor outfit with a white shirt, slate-blue skirt, and red ribbon for the girls and grey slacks with a white short-sleeve button-up shirt for the boys. It is seen in the non-canon movie The Raven Chaser.

Kohnan High School

Aerial view of Kohnan High School

Kohnan High School (港南高校 Kōnan Kōkō?) is a high school in the Kohnan Area of Tokyo that pop idol Yoko Okino and her ex-boyfriend Akiyoshi Fujie from Detective Conan attended in the past. Shigeo Nagashima, the protagonist of 3rd Base 4th, currently still is enrolled as a student there. Kohnan battled Ohgane High School for the Baseball Koshien title in Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon.

According to Higo, Teiya was the first celebrity of the school.[1]

Current students

Previous students

Ohgane High School

Senkawa High School

Senkawa High School (千川高校 Senkawa Kōkō?) is the educational facility Keisuke Hara from The Santa Claus of Summer attends in his second year. It is also used as a recurring setting in H2, a Manga by Gosho Aoyama's friend and colleague Mitsuru Adachi. It could also be the school Yutaka Takai and Mamiko Abe attend in Wait For Me, albeit this in never confirmed. It is located in the Senkawa district of Tokyo, where Gosho himself has lived in the past, too.

Senshin High School

Senshin High School (泉心高校 Senshin Kōkō?) is an educational facility in Kyoto, where Momiji Ooka and Soshi Okita are currently enrolled in. Its name is a play on the special samurai police force, the Shinsengumi, which were led by Sōji Okita, the ancestor of Soshi.

Teitan High School

Teitan High School

Teitan High School (帝丹高校 Teitan Kōkō?) is a "ladder school" associated with Teitan University, located in Beika Town, Tokyo. Students include Shinichi Kudo, Ran Mouri, Sonoko Suzuki, and Masumi Sera. Teitan High's winter uniform consists of a white shirt, green tie, navy blue blazer, and either a pair of navy blue pants (boys) or navy blue skirt (girls). It has a tennis club[4], karate club and a art club.


Current Students

  • Sawako[7] (2nd year Classs C)
  • Keiko Kitao[8](Class A)
  • Atsushi Umemiya (Council President)[9]
  • Eisuke Aizawa
  • Nakamichi
  • Tashiro Tashiro
  • Hidaka
  • Kazumi Tsukamoto
  • Kunishige Seko
  • Masao Monobe
  • Yumi Sekizawa

Previous students


Beika Art School

Beika Art School (米花美術学校 Beika Bijutsu gakkō?) is an art school in Beika Town in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Its existence is only mentionned in The Detective Boys Become Models which makes in still not confirmed in the canon plot.

Beika University

Beika University (米花大学 Beika Daigaku?) is a university in Beika Town, Tokyo. Its drama students occasionally put on performances for the public. The University has appeared very rarely in the series, but its alumni make frequent appearances. A student from the Beika University School of Medecine was once a suspect in The Partner is Santa-san, and students from Beika University School of Agriculture made the Detective Boys visit a lab in Deadly Poisonous Spider Trap. The Valentine Murder Case was about the tensions inside the Tennis club of Beika University. The university has a film club whose members are shown in Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café.


Beika Women's University

Beika Women's University (米花女大学 Beika On'na daigaku?) is a university in Beika Town, Tokyo. It is a women only university, but its existence has only been shown in an anime-original case, so it is not canon. It appeared in A Woman Standing by the Window as one of its teacher, Junnosuke Tachibana, is a suspect and lives in high-rise building where the victim fell. Its students seem to like him for his beauty and handsomeness.

Haido University

Haido University (杯戸大学 Haido Daigaku?) is the fictional counterpart of Rikkyo University. It was shown in The Shifting Mystery of Beika City. Its existence is therefore not confirmed in the canon plot as it appeared in a filler episode.

Jonan University

Jonan University (城南大学 Jounan Daigaku?) is first mentioned in the Night Baron Murder Case, where one of the suspects, Satoru Maeda, was a member of the Electronics department. It appeared in later filler episodes, such as The Kamen Yaiba Murder Case, where it is confirmed that Jonan has a Law school and an Engineering school.
The university appeared more recently in The Raven Chaser. "Jonan University" is the equivalent of "Jane Doe" in English, as "Jonan" is used in Japan as a name for any normal university. The culprit of the Underwater Key in the Locked Room Case is a 4th year Med school student.

Nanyo University

It's the university where Akemi Miyano professor Masami Hirota worked. It appeared in episode 129.

Teitan University

Campus of Teitan University, as seen in episode 573.

Teitan University (帝丹大学 Teitan Daigaku?) is associated with Teitan Elementary School and Teitan High School. Conan Edogawa, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Genta Kojima and Ayumi Yoshida were forced to act in a play at the university in Ayumi-chan Kidnapping Case. Teruaki Kunisue, an acquaintance of Kazuha Toyama, is a student there and is a member of the tennis club.

Teito University

Teito University (帝都大学 Teito Daigaku?) (Lit. Imperial Capital) is a university in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. It is first mentionned in Friendship Washed Away in the Riverbed. This filler episode suggests the university has a school of Humanities, of Philosophy and of Education. This is not confirmed in the canon as the episode was an anime original.

Tohto University

Tohto University (東都大学 Tōto Daigaku?) is the fictional counterpart of the similarly prestigious Tokyo University. It has a mountaineering club, but its leader dies in The Fearful Traversing Murder Case. One of the university's graduate student received the equivalent of the Nobel prize in astronomy in The Suspicious Astronomical Observation. Tohto University's Medical school students are the prime suspects in the Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case. An alumni of the Physical Education department appears in The Kamen Yaiba Murder Case. All the suspects of the Memories of First Love case were Toto University literature students. After having faked his death, Shuichi Akai disguised as Subaru Okiya was admitted to the university's Engineering School to prepare for a doctorate.


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