Jirokichi Suzuki's Residence

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Jirokichi Suzuki's residence in the manga.
Jirokichi Suzuki's residence in the anime.

Jirokichi Suzuki's residence is a Taishō era styled mansion in Tokyo, with Jirokichi Suzuki, general advisor of the Suzuki Fincial Group, and his dog Lupin seemingly being the only inhabitants. It's a recurring in the manga and anime of Detective Conan.

Plot overview[edit]

Detective Conan plot overview[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Ocean's Miracle (Manga: 453, Anime: 356)[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Purple Nail (Manga: 631-632, 634, Anime: 515)[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Iron Tanuki (Manga: 674-676, Anime: 537-538)[edit]

Kirin's Horn Case (Manga: 712)[edit]

Twin Bets (Manga: 862)[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Luna Memoria (Manga: 963, Anime: 887)[edit]

Non-canon Detective Conan plot overview[edit]

Sunflowers of Inferno (Movie: 19)[edit]


Yamagata University's Kyoiku Shiryokan, which Jirokichi's mansion is partly based on.

Jirokichi's mansion is based on a combination of two buildings from Yamagata University in the manga, located the eponymous prefecture, taking the bulk of the main building, including the porch, and basing the central part of it on the middle of the Kyoiku Shiryokan.

The mansion in the anime is directly based on the one from the manga and hence is based on the same buildings.


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