Beika Aquarium

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The Beika Aquarium in the manga.
The Beika Aquarium in the anime.

The Beika Aquarium (米花水族館 Beika Suizokukan?) is a marine theme park in the Beika Town district of Beika Ward in Tokyo.[1] They own dolphins, sharks, manta rays and an assortment of fish species. It's located in a street full of fast food restaurants.[2]

Places of interest

Underwater tunnel


Yasobuns (焼そバンズ Yasobanzu?) is a fast food restaurant selling Yakisoba buns right next to the parking lot of the Beika Aquarium. Professor Hiroshi Agasa kind of gets stuck there while the Detective Boys are already inside, getting reprimanded by Ai Haibara for it.[3]

Plot overview

Aquarium Murder Case (Manga: 882-884, Anime: 772-773)


The Toba Aquarium served as model for the Beika Aquarium.

The Beika Aquarium is directly modeled after the Toba Aquarium in the City of Toba in Mie Prefecture (3 Chome-3-6 Toba, Mie 517-8517, Japan (34°28'54"N 136°50'45"E)) in the manga, as well as in the anime, where it's replicated right down to the colors.


  • The sea slug Namako-Otoko, one of Yaiba Kurogane's friends from Yaiba, is a mascot of Beika Aquarium and sold as mobile phone straps at the local gift shop. Shinichi Kudo buys a new mobile phone with the one Ran Mouri has attached to it after her previous model gets lost in front of the building.


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    Its name and the fact that inspector Juzo Megure is in charge of the crime scene, who still worked at the Beika Police Station back during the time of the flashback, imply as much.
  2. ^ Volume 83, File 10 (File 882)
    Shinichi Kudo: "There's a lot of fastfood restaurants on that street, so you might've skipped breakfast and had a burger on the way..."
    Translation by Korn Scans
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