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The romantic relationship between Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki.

Kogoro and Eri

Relationship analysis[edit]

Kogoro and Eri in school

Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki are a married couple, who have been living separately from each other for ten years because of a personality clash. Despite being separated, they still love each other, although they will sometimes put on a show of disdain for the other. They were known to be a couple even in elementary school, making them childhood friends. It is a running gag that over the course of a case, one of the pair will come close to asking the other if they could move back in together, but then somehow Kogoro ruins the situation by doing something inappropriate or drunkenly flirting with another woman. Their daughter, Ran, tries to get them to hook up with each other by planning out ways for them to see each other out of the blue.[1]

Kogoro and Eri moments[edit]


Volume 11: Files 105-107/Episode 32: Coffee Shop Murder Case[edit]

  • Eri mentions that she would go back to Kogoro if he would just be a little bit nicer and not act immaturely to her.[2]

Volume 14: Files 131-138/Episode 96: The Cornered Famous Detective! Two Big Murder Cases[edit]

  • Ran tries getting Eri to help give Kogoro clients.[3]

Volume 17: Files 163-165/Episodes 114-115: Scuba Diving Murder Case[edit]

  • In the two-part episode, Scuba Diving Murder Case, Eri accidentally loses her wedding ring on the beach, but pretends to have left it at home to see if Kogoro noticed.[1] She gets angry when Kogoro doesn't appear to notice it, especially when he leaves their lunch early to go back to the beach.[1] Later, it is discovered that Kogoro had always known that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, and had gone back to the beach to look for it.[1] This left a visibly shocked Eri to drive home speechless, but pleased.[1]

Volume 27: Files 264-266/Episodes 199-200: Kogoro Mouri, Suspect[edit]

  • In another episode, Eri actually captures a confession from Kogoro saying that he misses her and wishes she would come back to him on a minidisc, replaying it over and over again afterwards. However, even though they both miss each other, both of them still pretend not to care, and even become incredibly nasty to each other.[1]
  • Kogoro encounters his wife Eri once again at a vacation spot, where he eventually becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her colleague and rival, Ritsuko Usui.
Kogoro asks Eri to come back with him.
  • The events take place when Kogoro, along with Ran and Conan, unexpectedly finds Eri shopping with a fellow lawyer, Norifumi Saku. He suspects that his wife is going out with Saku, not knowing that she's actually trying to pick a present for himself as the next day will be their wedding anniversary. They agree to have a drink together with Eri's other acquainted lawyers, but the detective's old bad habits while drunk once again enrages her.
  • Later, Kogoro accompanies the lawyers back to the hotel, where he, while unconscious, is instead brought to Usui's room as one of her tactics to ruin Eri's career by having "the queen" suspect that her husband has been cheating on her. An unexpected turn of events occurs when Usui is strangled by an unknown culprit with Kogoro being the only one found sleeping inside the locked crime scene. He is then suspected to have committed the murder.
  • Much to everyone's surprise, Eri refuses to defend her husband in court, while openly declaring her accusation of Kogoro. However, her real intention is to remain at the crime scene in order to find a way to prove his innocence, but Kogoro misunderstands this and angrily walks away after replying with some sarcastic comments.
  • Eri, with Conan's help, eventually manages to unmask the true murderer and clear Kogoro's name. The next day morning, after learning of his wife's deeds, Kogoro walks to where Eri is sitting and apologizes to her. He also sincerely asks her to come back with him, only to find out that she's just listening to Ran's MD without actually hearing anything that he said. Kogoro gets angry at Eri again as she leaves, not knowing that she has recorded all of his nice words into the disk.

TV Original/Episodes 264-265: Courtroom Confrontation: Kisaki vs. Kogoro[edit]

  • Kogoro even goes on the opposing side of a case that Eri is working on, in a plan done by her professional rival Reiko Kujo to try and get under Eri's skin.[4] However, his plan fails, as Kogoro's testimony is able to help out Eri's case instead of Reiko's.[4]

Volume 37: Files 374-376/Episodes 305-306: The Unseen Suspect[edit]

  • Both Kogoro and Eri find that grey looks warmer than black.
    Kogoro and Eri share the same Opinion
  • Ruri - a former classmate of Kogoro and Eri - reveals that the pair used to bicker over which sauce to be served with fried eggs.

Volume 40: Files 413-416/Episodes 333-334: The Similar Princesses[edit]

  • It is found that the last ballot for the Miss Teitan competition was in Kogoro's clothes. Kogoro reveals he voted for Eri since he thought "Miss Teitan" meant "mistake" and that it was a mistake for Eri to have entered the competition. However, he would vote for Yukiko instead of Eri over beauty. In the midst of her anger and disappointment, Eri confiscated money that she earned doing a detective job for him for Yukiko, Ran and herself.

Volume 51: Files 528-529/Episode 445: Secret of the Russian Blue[edit]

  • Eri named her cat 'goro' after Kogoro.

Volume 55: Files 574-575/Episode 474: Love of Lawyer Eri Kisaki[edit]

  • Kogoro and Eri remember many very important dates in their relationship, and it is found out that she and Kogoro share many things in their minds, including the idea of wearing the outfits both wore on their first date on its anniversary (each of them made this decision independently).[5]

Volume 62: Files 643-645/Episodes 528-529: Might Over Mystery[edit]

  • Kogoro figured out to break an alibi by playing pre-recorded background noises using a tape player because he used this trick to fool his wife into thinking he was working. Kogoro tries to help Eri by demonstrating the trick. Unfortunately, he ruins the goodwill when his cassette tape plays a part where a woman flirts with him and Eri misunderstands. [6]

Volume 68: Files 2-4 (708-710)/Episodes 589-590: The Worst Birthday[edit]

  • Kogoro gives Eri her birthday present, but remembers the actual day wrongly. Although he was disappointed in his failed plan of lowering Eri's expectation and surprising her with her present, Eri happily accepts her gift and kisses him. However, it turns out the next day that he gave the wrong present(prayer beads) to her instead.

Volume 69: Files 725-727/Episodes 608-609: White Day of Betrayal[edit]

  • Kogoro gives Ran a wrapped gift, saying in a feigned nonchalant manner to pass it to Eri when Ran sees her. Ran is happy and asks if it's for white day, and Kogoro exclaims that it isn't, he just doesn't want the chocolates he was going to give to the actress Yoko Okino to go to waste, but Conan notes that the wrapping is completely different, showing that in fact Kogoro had prepared chocolates especially for Eri beforehand.

TV Original/Episode 689: The Client's Message[edit]

  • Kogoro (inspired by the case) makes his own art out the of the shadows of beer cans, although he doesn't know what the shadow will look like, when the lights close, the shadow is in the shape of Eri.

Volume 93: File 984-986/Episodes 901-902: Lawyer Kisaki's SOS[edit]

  • For the first time, Kogoro was not interested in a Yoko Okino's movie because she played as a female lawyer, and even worse, the case resembled one of Kogoro's own situation in Kogoro Mouri, Suspect, where Kogoro was a suspect of a murder case and Eri refused to protect him, but instead secretly find evidence to prove him innocent.
  • Eri was kidnapped by some husbands who lost their cases against her. They wanted to strip her naked and force her apologizing. Upon them announcing their intention while holding Eri hostage, Kogoro, climbing a four-story building using the water pipes, said only he had the permission to see Eri naked while wrapping his hand around Eri's shoulder. He then knocked out the kidnappers.
  • Eri and Kogoro held hands after the case finished and walked together to the cinema for their date. Their happy moment was short lived. However, as Eri complained about the inaccuracies of the movie while Kogoro remarked the female character acted exactly like Eri, which was somewhat true.


Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target[edit]

Conan mentions that although Kogoro did shoot Eri, he questions if that was the whole truth, and hangs up.
  • In The Fourteenth Target, Eri and Kogoro are shown having a great time eating dinner, but it ends when Kogoro looks out the window and sees the very attractive owner of the bar that he visits.[7] This makes Eri turn angry and act how she normally acts to Kogoro.

Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes[edit]

  • Eri is blushing as she recalls that Kogoro's words when he proposed were, "I love you. More than anyone else in the world."


  • Kogoro and Eri are also part of the "childhood friends" couples.


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