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The English Manga is published by Viz Media since September 2004 under the name Case Closed, after the company bought the rights for it in June 2004[1]. Its release keeps the names used by the FUNimation english dub, but new characters keep their Japanese names[2]. The Viz Media English manga is sold in English North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as New Zealand and Australia[3].

In 2014, Shogakukan Asia announced its own serialization of the series in English, but kept the original character names and series name. It was noted by some that the two English versions were the same, except for the name changes[4].

Volumes 21-82 are translated by Tetsuichiro Miyaki[5], while volumes 12-20 are translated by Naoko Amemiya[6] and volumes 1-11 by Joe Yamazaki[7].


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